Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hurst wrote me!! haha it was way good to hear from him. I love that kid!! I had a ton of emails when I got on today

Wow I can't believe his(Elder Fishers, Chase’s companion from here ) homecoming is already over man I swear we were serving together like yesterday. I miss that kid so much. he is so awesome!! those are some cool stories that he shared, he told me about all that stuff haha he was a sweet missionary! but ya we teach English classes once a week in most areas, sometimes we don't do it, it just depends! so how was everyone's Christmas?? what did everyone get? I'm way excited to play some soccer in my new cleats!! after I called you we just hung out for a while then went to a different church and met up with all the elders serving around us and watched a movie! it was pretty fun! then we just did normal stuff, it really didn't feel like Christmas especially after I talked to you because that was the highlight and that was really early in the morning!! haha oh, did you talk to Scott about my ankle? I want to know what he thinks..   I just talked to you all so I don't really feel like I have to much to say! I had a story I wanted to tell you all about on the phone so I will share it now.. one night we were walking back from talking to people out in the street, we had been working really hard all day but hadn't really found anyone that was that interested! we were almost home and my companion saw a couple of dogs that were tangled up so he went over to them and started helping them. I stood in the road and waited, after he had been gone for about 30 seconds somebody got out of the car in front of me and yelled "elder" (in Korean) I was really shocked because no one calls us that except for members and I knew she wasn't a member!! we started talking and it turns out that she met with missionaries when she was younger!! she wanted us to teach her kids so now we have 3 new investigators!! we tripled the amount we had in the first week!! :) it was awesome!! we don't have a pday today cause we had it on Saturday but we were allowed to email today, so after this we are going to go up to this place about 45 minutes away from our house and try to find some more new people!!! I hope everyone has a great week!

I love you all. 
Love, Elder Frei

We all talked to Chase on Christmas Eve. He sounded so happy. He loves South Korea. He loves the people. He is doing great. He is also learning how to cook Korean food :)! The members love to teach them how to cook. He is eating a lot of interesting food. He has also lost a lot of weight. He is now down thirty five pounds!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh man I had a crazy week.. Remember what I said about me not getting transferred? well.. I was wrong!!

I emailed him back and asked him if I needed to fly out there and take care of these North Koreans!!

I know me too! But it's ok!!

So I got transferred on Wednesday and I'm now out by the west coast! My area goes all the way up to North Korea.. but don't worry were never up there!! My new area is called Gimpo.. it's a lot different then being in the city that is for sure!! and it is super freezing cold out here!! ha it snowed the 2nd day I was here so we got to shovel snow off of the sidewalk for church!! the people out here are sweet they aren't always in a huge hurry like everyone in Seoul so that is good for a change!! So we call on the 25th here and it will be Christmas eve in America so I think we are planning on calling around 8 or 830 here which would be around 5 or 6 in Utah I think? I'm not sure! you will have to tell me if that is ok!! How is the family? What's been going on this week? Is anyone doing anything for Christmas??

It snowed quite a bit I'll send some pictures! My new companion is Elder Neilson! He's sweet I like him a lot!! He's been out a year longer then me.. we will be together for 7 weeks then he will probably transfer he has been here for 6 months already in this area! After him I will probably have companions that are younger than me! Our mission is getting really young!

I asked him how many investigators they are teaching.

A lot less then my last area! We had one when I got here,  we got a new one this week, and we found a family we are going to start meeting this week!

I asked him how big the ward was.

Ha yesterday I gave my introduction talk and there were probably 20 people there! I talked for so long I had so much to say it was weird.

Talk to you on Saturday or Friday for you! I love you!!! have a wonderful 5 days!!

Elder Frei

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Soooooo Many Miracles This Week

Wow mom! I can't believe Boots already had his farewell! That's really exciting! and I can't believe that Kristy is coming back to Korea! she will have to come say hi to me! haha that's sooo cool! And I got both of the packages last Wednesday!! I still haven't got the one with the memory card so you might want to try and track that and I haven't got the last one I'm sure it will be here soon!! The packages are so awesome!!! Thanks so much!! I loved all of it! I have so much candy!!! Tell everyone I said thanks! I really like the calendar that Grandma sent me and the book by the MTC president! it's all awesome thanks! And the cowboys shirt is sweet haha!! Oh tell Tara and Tavie that I said thanks for the tree too that was way sweet!! I can't believe how close Christmas is already!! and I will let you know when I get the other stuff! oh and transfers are this week so Elder Jorgensen is going home and Elder Fisher is too! you will have to find out when his homecoming is and go!! He is awesome I'm going to play soccer with him one last time today! if I see Elder Jorgensens parents I will let you know! I probably wont though I don't know how I would!!   My Sunday was the best!! the baptism happened!!! It was amazing! It went perfect!!! It was so awesome to have a baptism and such a great experience to see someone that I have taught have a new start on life it is such an amazing blessing! I have seen so many miracles this past week, I feel like all the blessings are starting to come from all of the work I have done in the past four months!! this past week we found 4 new investigators on the street!! two of them are Chinese!! they are going to school at the college!! so awesome!! and last night I had the coolest experience ever!! We were going to our ward mission leaders house because we go there every Sunday. We were stopped at a cross walk (there are tons of people on the streets all the time) so I started talking to this older man.. I talked to him for a minute and he told me he wasn't really interested so I said that was ok and just told him why I was in Korea.. when I got done I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone was watching me.. I looked over and realized that he was staring at the Book of Mormon! I said hi to him and started talking to him!!! I told him that I was a missionary and that I serve for free for two years.. he was very shocked and asked me what I did as I served! I told him that I teach about Jesus Christ’s gospel and other types of service, but I especially teach about the Book of Mormon!! we kept talking and I told him how long I had been in Korea for, he was extremely shocked that I could speak Korean to him!! it was funny!! it turns out that he is from North Korea going to school in Seoul!! he is also involved in helping other groups of North Koreans that move here! he told me that he wanted to introduce me to ALL of them so that they could learn about the religion and everything else because they have never had a chance to!!! we exchanged numbers and he said he would call me soon!! I'm so excited!! it was so amazing! after he left i couldn't even believe that it had just happened!!! then, to top things off, later that night Elder Fisher called me and told me that one of the people I found and taught from my first area is going to get baptized on January 9th!!! sooo many miracles this week was so awesome!! I know that the Lord has truly blessed me so much to allow me to do so many great things, I am so lucky to be here and be part of this work! I'm so grateful for my family and for everything that you all do for me! as Christmas still approaches remember what the true meaning of it is! Jesus Christ, our savior! he is the center of our church and I know that he truly does lead it. I love this gospel. as it says on my plaque: I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak... but through the strength of the lord I can do all things, yea many mighty miracles have we wrought in this land. Alma 26:12   I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Frei

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't worry mom I take a lot of pictures!!!! And yes! The baptism will be on the 12th!!! I'm so excited for it!! hmm I'm pretty sure we call on Christmas in America and we call you! But I haven't heard much about North Korea for a while I think it's cooling down though haha yes the family we ate with was a couple they had an awesome family! They both served missions too! Another package mom?? wow! I'm really excited! Ii still haven't gotten them but hopefully soon!!! Ha I really miss Tuscano I haven't seen him in so long!! He is sweet though! Did he take any v-necks? I told you to give him some right? haha basketball was way fun last week!! I had a blast! So public bath houses.. I don't know how to explain them!! ha it's like a high school locker room but like a spa at the same time except for with old Koreans inside haha it's so much fun I love them.. it's way relaxing too! ha so this week was pretty interesting!! Ha I had to go to the emergency room because I got sick and my fever got over 103!! It was insane! I thought I was gong to explode! It turns out that the lady I got medicine from sold me the wrong stuff so it didn't work obviously! it was scary for a little bit though haha but that happened on Wednesday night so I'm better now but it lasted for like three days it was a really weird sickness!!! ha so I didn't get to do very much those three days that I was sick so that was no fun.. But yesterday we had some really good meetings with investigators they were way spiritual and one of the ladies we meet with every week like finally saw how much this could help her life and if it's all true she really needs to act! Ha it was just like wow! you finally get it haha she was like I just want to pray about this! ha which is all we want her to do! so it was way cool! we had a pretty good week though!! i can't believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away now! it's coming up fast! I'm excited to call home!!!! I love you all so much!!
Elder Frei

Chase and I emailed back and forth a couple of times. I was able to ask him a couple of questions.

I asked him if the Emergency Room was anything like the United States.
 Ha not really like America! I didn't have insurance or anything and it cost 50 bucks haha.

I asked him if the Korean that he got medicine from understood his Korean? I am not going to post that answer :) He told me that yes she understood him and that she just gave him the wrong stuff and some other not so nice words:) 

I asked him how much weight he has lost? Most missionaries that serve in Korea lose a lot of weight.
He said that he has lost about twenty five pounds!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm A Senior Now

November 28, 2010

Hey mom! Everything is good still as far as North Korea goes.. I'll be honest we don't hear to much!
Wow Mom! long email!!! so.. good news!!! I was up at the office on Saturday and the package with the cadbury eggs and the Thanksgiving package were here!!! I was so pumped!! I can't believe they make  eggs for Christmas now! Of course right when I leave!! I'm eating good right now that is for sure!! Haha, the one with the thumb drive did not come yet, maybe it got lost on it's way here!!! It sounds like Thanksgiving was pretty good though that is sweet!! The temple is the best! Our church starts at 10 everywhere in Korea!! oh ya and they re built the church here it's super nice now :) it just got finished right before I got here! I'm really excited to get those packages mom! can I open them before Christmas or should I wait?? The TV sounds way sweet I can't wait to be watching football again I miss it a lot!!! It's ok though cause the cowboys are horrible this year anyways! Hurst got his call? that is awesome! he is coming over here by me! haha when does he leave??? he'll feel like a dirtbag when he gets in the MTC and realizes how sweet it is to get mail! (that's how I felt for not writing my friends) ha I'm excited for him though! Chunner told me he saw you that is cool!!! I told him I would send him something in the next package that I send! Dillion emails me sometimes but I haven't heard from Monks at all! I love getting the sports papers they are sweet to read and see what is going on! I can't believe I hit my six month mark. I feel like I got off of the plane yesterday still mom.. It's crazy how fast the time goes by!! 26 days and I'll be talking to you on the phone again!!! I'm so excited!!! I think we can talk to and hour and a half but I'm not sure exactly it might be shorter than that! today we are going up to this way nice church.. it is the nicest church in all of Asia! it has a full court basketball court so were going to play there! It cost 20 million to build this thing it's huge!! Oh we went and ate Thanksgiving dinner with some members in the military it was way cool they are really awesome! In our mission we have a pass off program that test your teaching and Korean and just helps you learn the language.. when you pass that with the aps you become a senior instead of a junior in the mission! I finished mine on Saturday so I'm a senior now! which is cool buy I might have to have a younger companion than me next transfer! which would be cool except for I still don't understand everything! haha maybe I'll get a Korean! I don't really know what else to write about!! I'm learning a lot and I love it so much. I love Korea and I love the people here. Most people don't realize what we have to offer them and it is sad! Everyone is interested in our gospel if you think about it, they just don't know it. because God loves us he wants us to return to him and that is through his restored gospel! If the people would just slow down and take a minute and listen they would realize it! It is awesome when you find a person that is truly prepared by the Lord. I have already learned more on my mission than I ever could have imagined and I'm so grateful for it! I wouldn't trade the time I've had in Korea for anything in the world. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Frei

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Email From Chase!

I had emailed Chase wondering what was happening in Seoul with all of this turmoil with the North Koreans.

One month and you will get to talk to me :) everything is fine though, life goes on as normal when North Korea does stuff, it killed two Korean soldiers though! I'll write you with updates on Monday. I didn't get the letter with the thumb drive yet! I'll let you know when I do!!
Elder Frei

SEOUL — North Korea bombarded a South Korean island with dozens of artillery shells Tuesday in one of the fiercest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War ended in 1953.
South Korea's military said two soldiers were killed, 17 were wounded and three civilians were also hurt after dozens of shells hit Yeonpyeong island.
Most of the shells landed on a South Korean military base there, YTN Television reported.
South Korea returned fire and scrambled F-16 fighter jets, military officials said.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said it was unforgivable for North Korea to fire artillery shells at ordinary people and warned any further North Korean attacks would be met by "enormous retaliation."
"Indiscriminate attacks on civilians are unpardonable, also in a humanitarian sense," he told a military briefing, according to a pool report.

He had ordered officials to "sternly respond" to North Korea's action but also called on officials to make sure that the "situation would not escalate," according to a presidential official. He asked not to be identified, citing the issue's sensitivity.

YTN television said dozens of houses were on fire on Yeonpyeong, about 75 miles west of the capital Seoul.
'Frightened to death'
The station broadcast pictures of thick columns of black smoke rising from the island. Screams and chaotic shouts could be heard on the video. YTN said between 1,200 and 1,300 people live on the island.
"Houses and mountains are on fire and people are evacuating. You can't see very well because of plumes of smoke," a witness on the island told YTN before the shelling ended after about an hour. "People are frightened to death."

YTN quoted a witness as saying fires were burning out of control.

North Korea bombarded a South Korean island with dozens of artillery shells Tuesday in one of the fiercest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War ended in 1953.

Yeonpyeong, which houses military installations and a small civilian population, is located off the west coast of the divided peninsula near a disputed maritime border. The area has been the focus of two previous deadly battles between the Koreas.
South Korea responded by firing K-9 155 mm self-propelled howitzers, but a South Korean official declined to say whether North Korean territory was hit.
"This is an intentional and planned attack," Lee Hong Ki, a South Korean defense ministry official, told reporters.
North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency claimed that South Korea fired first, Reuters reported.
North Korea later threatened to continue launching "merciless" strikes against South Korea if it violates their disputed sea border by "even 0.001 millimeter."

The clash came amid South Korean military drills in the area.

North Korea's military had sent a message to South Korea's armed forces early Tuesday to demand that the drills stop, but the South continued them, according to an official at South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff.
During the drills, South Korean marines on the island shot artillery toward southern waters, away from North Korea, the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of military rules.
U.S. 'strongly condemns' attack
The White House said it "strongly condemns the attack" and called on Pyongyang to "halt its belligerent action."
In a statement, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the U.S. "is firmly committed to the defense of our ally, the Republic of Korea, and to the maintenance of regional peace and stability."
U.S. military officials told NBC News that American forces were not involved in the clash. However, the Pentagon was monitoring the situation closely.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi mom,

We just got back from the temple and now we have an appointment in forty minutes so I don't really get a p day this week, which is ok because Thursday we get to go to a members house from the military, and at 5 we are meeting with an investigator that we gave a baptismal date to last week! It is for Dec 12! :) sweet huh? Everything is going way good right now! and the temple plays sessions in both languages when we go! I'm really excited for my package to get here, I didn't get anything from you in the mail though I haven't since the one when Zack played PV! um I thought of  couple things I want if you can get them and make it work! I need some soccer cleats, I can't find my size over here anywhere!!! And my ankle weights.. they are the 10 pounds each.. I use to run stairs with them, they should be up in my room in one of my dressers, I want to start walking around with them on so I can get a workout! good idea huh? Could you send them with one of those flat rate box things? I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving and I can't believe that Josh and Jace are both home! I miss those guys so much! me and josh were bestfriends before he left! remember when he would come over and play monopoly? that was fun, it feels like yesterday! thanks for the pictures! I'm glad everyone liked that package, there was some cool stuff huh? the box I got you plays a Korean folk song when you wind it up!! it's really popular! did Zack wear the pocket watch to his dance? He better have! when we went to the temple we got mail and all I got was from another missionary and my favorite family from my 1st area.. I was so happy that they wrote me!! I still am!! I love them so much they are the best family ever! Elder Mortensen is about 3 months ahead of me and he served there his 1st transfer, we are in the same district now so we talk about them all the time about how much we love them!! it's so cool! ?? (bong-Chon) is an awesome ward! my ankle still isn't better but my ward mission leader gave me acupuncture on it and it helped out a little bit!! he's super nice, I love their family they feed us every Sunday and really love missionary work!! i can't believe that Boots only has about a month left until he leaves.. Crazy!! I need to write him! tell him I’m going to send him a letter! A couple of people in this area remember Kristy Hunt! they told me she taught them how to dance when she was hear!! haha it's funny how small of a World it is sometimes!! Well, I have to run! I love you all so much and hope you liked everything I sent you!

Love, your favorite son,
Elder Frei

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Package From Korea Arrived !

This is the man that stopped Chase in the subway and demanded that Chase give him money.

 Families that he was teaching.

This is the Bishop's Family that Chase is so close with.



This is sweat! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Picture From Chase !!!!

View of Seoul

Seoul Tower

Chase found this in his bed! They call it Satan.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Transferred to Bong Cheon

Hello family! How is everyone?
So where to begin.. This past week a lot has happened! Since mom loves details I'll start from transfer day! So when we transfer we all meet in a subway station and then you meet your new companion and go to your new area! But before that you use a service that ships all of your clothes and belongings to your new house for really cheap.. however, the huge suitcase mom sent me with was to big so I had to pull it along with me through the subway! (not very fun) anyways.. my new companion is Elder Hoffman! He was born in Japan, but then moved to North Carolina. He's awesome! Even more awesome is my new area!! I love it here! It's on the other side of the river and kind of on the outskirts of the city!! It was a Seoul west mission area! In the bottom of the area is the #1 college in all of Korea!! It's way sweet! The work is going really, really good here!!! We have tons of investigators and some of them are super close to being baptized! We found tons of new people just in the week I have been here too! It's awesome I seriously love it here so much! There are about 80 people in this ward so it is way bigger than my last one! I gave my introduction talk in sacrament yesterday! It went way good! I was a little nervous cause I didn't really prepare anything but I ended up talking for a little over 5 minutes! I sat down and was like did I really just do all of that in Korean? Ha it was pretty sweet! Mom, I've taken almost 600 pictures on my mission already so I'm pretty sure you won’t miss out on to much! I haven't taken very many since I got to this area though! I will get some soon though!! I can't believe that Bre and Blake will have a kid in a few months! When is it Hayley's turn??
Sweet I'm way glad you sent me another sd card! Oh when you send that Christmas package just stuff it full of American candy! I realized I miss like all of that stuff ha Elder Hoffman got a package from his mom with candy so I got to eat some!

Mom, I started memorizing a song on the piano! It's a way cool song! When I finish it I'll send it to you or something!! Well, were meeting up with some other Elders and going to a public bath house! Ha have I told you about those yet? I love you all!!!  My pday is next Tuesday cause we go to the temple so just so you know! My new area is Bong Chon.


Elder Frei

Chase in the subway when the typhoon hit Seoul.

The soccer team.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What's up with the elk?? Why did we shoot an elk from the ranch? I'm confused! I didn't even know about it! And for that package I don't really know what I miss! I miss so much stuff that I don't even realize it until I think about it! Some reeses puffs would be way sweet! A real football, some of those chunky soup things with beef in them, a cake mix and icing, I'll keep thinking! Pretty much anything American I miss haha.. I definately don't keep up on politics at all but that's way cool! I learned the Korean word for politics a few days ago haha it's 정 치 I remember weird words sometimes! Ha one of my investigators that we just met with for the first time taught me a sweet Korean saying, it's kind of like no pain no gain!! It's sweet! He taught me the Chinese characters for it to but those are way hard to draw! I might be getting transferred to a new area because this transfer is over! Crazy!! I find out tonight so I'll let you know when I find out! I'm going to back up all my pictures today! Oh another thing you could send me is a memory card with more space if you can find a cheap one on Black Friday! Like 8g or more then I can store all my pics on that card and send my other one home! I can't believe Tuscano is home! Ha tell him he can take 2 of my shirts because he gave me two of his when he left! I'm excited to hear that elk story it sounds pretty sweet! Who shot it? and why? Yesterday we had no appointments so we found all day and we ended up walking all the way around our area! We figured out it was over 15 miles!!! We were tired after haha it was cool though! Plus it was fast Sunday so it was pretty epic! Ha were going bowling today for Pday and I need to buy a few more things for the package then I'm going to send it Tuesday I think! Well that's all I have for this week!

I love you all!!

Elder Frei

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures from Korea

Hey mom!
Sorry to disappoint you on Monday and just a few days after your birthday!!!! How was your birthday?? I forgot to tell you my pday was on Tuesday this week!!! So sorry! And happy birthday last week!

I bought a translator about a month ago, I think! I love it so much! It's a must have I carry it with me everywhere I go! That would be way sweet if you had interns live at our house for a while if you do it! That's sweet I could communicate with them in Korean! haha

My week was ok! We worked really hard but we didnt see the success we hoped for! That's ok though!! Missionary work is hard! So this week we have been doing different stuff and we have two new investigators! They are pretty sweet and way nice to us! Oh have you tried to contact Elder Christensen yet?? You need to get him down to the house!! hmm this is probably my last week in my greenie area and then I'll be transfered out next wednesday! I'm kinda sad and kinda excited because it's just another step!!! By the time I leave my next area I'll have been a missionary for a long time! haha but I hope my next comp is as sweet as my first two!!I've gotten super lucky! I think getting a native would be sweet especially becuase I could learn so much Korean from them now! The halloween party was way fun haha everyone told me I would be a pretty girl! It was so funny!! ha what was Haden for Halloween? Oh I'm almost done with that package now! I'll probably be shipping it next week sometime!!! I saw the deer pictures they looked pretty sweet!! That's awesome! We have zone conference tomorrow so that should be way fun! ha mom I talked to Elder Jorgensen a lot today cause we all went to lunch after the temple! It's crazy he only has 5 weeks left now.. remember when we saw his mom and he had barely been out for a year????? what the?? where did that time go? I couldn't believe him when he told me he was going home that soon. Also one of my new missionary friends is elder Hier! He has like 7 months left so he will actually be here for a while!! haha has anyone else got their calls yet or anything??? I heard the cowboys are doing terrible this year! that's to bad.. well were going to that museum so I gotta hurry!!! I love you! Hhope everyone has a good week!!


Elder Frei
 Chase and Elder Fisher
 Crying repentance from the rooftops!
 View from the camping trip. The Sea of Japan. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Elder Ovard !
Gotta love the shirt!
Chase with some Korean friends.

Sunday, October 24, 2010



This past week was way fun!!! Oh I got the package last Tuesday!!! That was by far the fastest anything has ever gotten here!!! It only took like 12 days or something like that!!! I was so pumped! It was perfect I took all that stuff on the "campout" and didn't have to buy anything! Except for these sweet Korean pants that were ten bucks that are so warm ha they're so cool! But everything was perfect in the package and I already made French toast and peaches and cream! It was way good!!! I usually make a shake every morning so its way nice to be able to mix it up a little bit!! Oh I have a favor! Ha I couldn't remember the English word for favor for a second there! Cause in Korean it's like a request ?? Ha that was funny I stared at the screen for a while trying to figure out what it was called! Anyways I want a picture of all of our guns! Koreans think it's crazy cause they don't have any cause it's against the law! Oh and could you also send some of the four wheelers and the other toys and stuff?? So this weekend we went on what we thought was camping haha it's a little bit different in Korea though! We thought we were going out to the woods and like really go camping and we were super pumped for it! That's not what happened but it was still way fun! Ha so we left Friday night and drove for like 3 hours to where we were sleeping, it turned out to be a bunch of apartment things! ha we were so shocked!!! but the bathroom in it was like 5 times the size of ours and I was way shocked then I thought about it and realized it was still a way small bathroom compared to any of ours!! haha so we woke up the next morning and drove to this ranch! We went to the top of this sweet mountain and we could see the east sea(Sea of Japan )or whatever it is called! I got some sweet pictures I'll try to send them! It was way fun then we hiked down the mountain and drove back that took a long time to get back once we hit the city cause traffic was horrible! I can't believe it's the last week of October already! what the? months zoom by! 2 more and I'll be calling home! crazy!!!!!! hmm we have a Halloween party this weekend! ha it should be pretty cool! I'm dressing up as a girl! I'll send you a picture maybe :) I hope everything is going good at home and I hope someone could actually hit something on the deer hunt besides dad ( I've seen you all shoot) I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei


TELL ME ABOUT WHO YOU ARE TEACHING?  We found two new investigators, we have two that could get baptized anytime they just don't think they are ready yet! It's hard.. It takes a lot of faith!! Ha what else do you want to know?

HOW IS THE LANGUAGE COMING? It's hard but I've learned a lot! Everyone here thinks I'm great at Korean. I'm pretty close with the people that started their missions in January.. but they can understand more than me! I'm trying to be humble though so forget I said that first part.

WHO DID YOU GO CAMPING WITH?  We went camping with our whole stake.

WHAT ARE YOU AND YOUR COMPANION DOING ON YOUR P*DAY? We have to go clean a church right now then after we might go bowling if we have time left.. P-day is short ahah.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

That text thing is through the lds mail email!(I received a text from Chase last Sunday evening!! It freaked me out! I wasn't sure if it was Zack hacking one of his accounts or if it was really Chase) I guess it only works to verizon so I was seeing if it worked! It's like you getting on at the same time as me! I can't believe I get to talk to you in two months! That's aweseome! The past two months have flown by for sure! Can you believe I'll have been out 7 months on Christmas? Wow. I got the letter from you the had the week of sept 20-27 in it! It was awesome! Except for Dixie played CV in the article so it wasn't that good but the other teams were sweet to look at! Thanks I really enjoyed it! Anyways I'll try to answer most of your questions real fast!(I asked him what they were going to do all day today) I'm going to go buy everyone Christmas presents and get it all sent home!(I told him that I had just sent a package and what was in it) I'm so excited for that package to get here I can't wait!!!!(I asked him what they did all day(
So lets see here, what do i do all day? Missionary work of course! If we're not teaching were either trying to find less active members or new investigators!! it's fun :) right now we have like 7 investigators! there doing good! the language is coming fast! I've learned sooo much I can't even begin to tell you! I'll just show you on Christmas! haha we meet with members a lot especially recent converts! I'm really close with two of them and I'm really close to Bishops family, our ward mission leader, and one of the ward missionaries! she is awesome she just got engaged actually! ha we have zone conference once every other transfer! they are the best but sometimes long!(I asked him to tell me more about his companion and this was all I got, at least I know that he has an awesome one) I love my comp! He will come over for sure when he gets back haha he lives so close! Have you contacted Elder Christensen??(I asked him what Sundays were like for him) Sundays are just a normal day for us! We try to find as much as possible because everyone is home! and yes I got picutres printed for you! it cost so much money I was so mad! but o well!(I asked him where they had to go to use computers so that they could email home) we just email from libraries usually! ha ok! have a great week! I love you all!I have the best family!

Love, Elder Frei

Chase & Elder Fisher with some new converts. Chase said that he and Elder Fisher Love this family!
And that the family loves having them over.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's up with Dixie losing to SC?

Wow I feel like so much has happened since I last emailed! Wow! Life is sounding pretty good back at home! Prime I'm happy for you :) your the best! mom I haven't got anymore mail from you yet but maybe I will on Wednesday! ha that's cool about Jonathan's call and I finally heard about boots! What does he think about that? Does his mission border Alex's? I just thought about that.. Spanish will be good. The last two days we have got to watch conference! it was so amazing! I hope everyone watched it! If you didn't, do! there were some super good talks I learned so much from them! mom our investigator ? ? ? came to conference with us and he really liked it! he is ready to get baptized I think we will really get a date with him this Friday!  what up with dixie losing to sc?? they better smash them next year! sounds like Zack had a pretty good play though! when does Jonathan leave for his mission?? I'm excited for him that's awesome! it's crazy that when boots leaves I'll have been out for 7 months! Can you believe that? that will be insane haha! I still feel like I just got to Korea I don't know if that feeling will ever leave ha I'll let you know when it does! time flies out here! Every time  that a weeks over I can't believe it! today we are going to go to Costco and then a museum! I'm way excited I'll let you know how it goes! oh mom tell Hurst to email me! have Zack call him for me or something?? and tell Chunner to email me too when you see him or Jamie I want to keep in touch with both of them!!! in the next package you send me can you send me under armour for when it gets cold?? like the cold gear stuff that you wear for sports?? and the leggings of them too? I've heard it's going to be a pretty nasty winter this year! ha oh last week one of our appointments canceled so we went up to a college and there were these guys playing basketball so we walked over to them and they passed me the ball so I shot it and made it from pretty far away haha they were all shocked so I backed up and shot it and made it again ha I did it one more time and then they were like ok let's play! ha we were in our church clothes of course but we  still said ok! ha the first game we won 10-1 so they called one of their friends that was better and made him come to the school! we played again and won 10-2! ha it was funny! they play make it take it so we always had the ball haha! by the time the 2nd game had finished we had like 15 people watching our game! it was way funny! afterwards we gave them our numbers and talked about why we were here and stuff so it was pretty sweet! well that's all i have for this week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei

My First Letter From Chase

I finally got a letter from Chase since he has been in Seoul. Here are a few things that Chase wrote about:

Today it has been raining non-stop, like crazy!! The streets are all flooded! They had to sand bag all of the subway entrances so that water wouldn't go down them! This transfer has gone by so fast! The weeks come and go like they never happened! In our mission we have this thing called "Pass Off" that you have to finish before you can become a senior companion! I have been working on it super hard this whole transfer and I have caught up to most of the people who got here one transfer before ( 6 weeks) me! I was pretty shocked when I found that out! Tomorrow is our big soccer game. If it doesn't get canceled because of the rain! I'm very excited for that.I have been playing a lot of ping pong, I use a Korean style paddle. They are legit. I am getting way good at it! Korea has awesome fruit! It is all Huge! I love all of it! Today was the first day off for the holiday. Here is what happened to us  in one night! First we had to take off our shoes and wade through water to get through a hallway in the subway station because it was flooded! Then, on the subway a bum was sitting on the floor playing his guitar! He kept yelling at me to give him money! Everyone on the subway was laughing! It was hilarious! Then, we were walking to meet up with some Elders for dinner and we turned around a dark corner and this girl was just sitting in a chair in the dark! We both noticed that she was a prostitute so we ran away as fast as we could! Ha pretty crazy Huh? Today was Che-suk (Thanksgiving). We had a sports day and our zone worked everybody. Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee! It was super fun and I got to see my buddies from the MTC!! We are going to our bishops house to eat with their family. They are so nice. I love them! Tomorrow we have training from 9-4! So long! That is OK it will be good. We just got back from our Bishops house. It was amazing. We ate this really good meat, it is a kind of beef. I seriously Love Koreans they are the best. I think it is because they are all so humble. A random stranger would give you his shirt off of his back! Or his umbrella so that you could stay dry. In one day we had four umbrella's given to us! Tell Haden how proud I am of him and that I love him!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Companion From Snow Canyon !


 Hello! Um where is Boots going on his mission? Is anyone going to tell me??? I got the package you sent last Tuesday!!! It was awesome! I've never like candy corn so much in my life! It was way good! I'm probably good on toothpaste and deodorant for a while so don't worry about it, I'll let you know when I start running low! How was the cabin? How is everything going at home?? How is Pud liking football? There weren't any pics of him playing? I liked the sequence you sent me of Zack haha that's good he's playing though I heard he had a good game against Cedar? Oh next time you send me a package can you send me a couple of things?? I need: mapaline, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg and the recipe for peaches and cream because the peaches over here are SO good!!!! Tell Prime Time I got his note and that he better talk to me on Christmas! ha I can't believe he is getting baptized this Saturday! WOW! I'm happy for him! haha so, this is pretty crazy, I'm still in the same area but my new comp is Elder Fisher!!!! from Kayenta!!! he graduated from SC one year before me!!!!! I played baseball with his brother Alex on the giants!!! dad will remember him! haha it's insane!!!! he's way tight we like a lot of the same stuff and we get along way good!! Lotte world was pretty sweet last week! ha it was weird to go to an amusement park as a missionary! It was super fun but I don't how much I want to go back ha plus the rides weren't near as good as American theme parks ha! Oh mom, call Elder Christensen and he will come down to the house sometime! He promised me he would so make sure that he does! He is awesome. I can't believe someone that I served with is home right now. So crazy!! Well that's it for this week! I'll try to attach some pics in another email! Love you guys!!!!

Love, Elder Frei

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Short But Sweet

Mom!!! and Family!!!

 The holiday was fun but it's been good to get back to work now!! This email will be a little short because were going to Lotte World for Elder Christensen’s last p-day!! Time flies. This transfer is already over. Wow!! Did Boots get his call?? Mom, I wrote you a 3 page letter that I will be sending tomorrow I think! You will like it! I've still only got one letter from home, the very very first one! Nothing else has came yet. I heard packages can take a month but it's only a few weeks for letters like 10 days or 14. I don't know haha.. We had a bunch of crazy stuff happen to us this week but I wrote about it in the letter home so I don't want to spoil it all!! I get a new companion on Wednesday which is insane but it will be good! I'm pretty excited!!! Elder Christensen will get home on October 1st I think so I will give you his info next week and you can call him! He's just going to be working until January when he starts school! I'm almost done with the New Testament as well! I love it!! Well, we have to run , sorry this is super short! I'll write a really long one next week!! And you'll get to find out about  my new comp! We took two of our investigators to a baptismal service yesterday! they really liked it, tonight we are going to set a date for our other investigator that is ready to be baptized!!!! I will let you know how it goes!! I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures from Elder Frei in Korea!

Chase's new name tag.

Chase's tiny, tiny bathroom/shower.

Chase in his South Korea Soccer Jersey !

Elder Christensen and Elder Frei

Elder Frei's $70 Rolex :)

Elder Frei and Sister Lee

Hello mom! and everyone else!

Ha that's sweet that elder Beasely's dad called you! They took us out to eat and stuff! It was way fun but it was awkward for me to talk to people that were American I didn't know what to say.. It was so weird!!! That was right after I got here though so it's better now I think ha! I want you guys to come pick me up, I'm not sure how it works I'm sure I'll find out around next September or October and we will start planning it! I'm glad you decided to write me letters with pictures every week! That will be nice! Ha it's about time Zack started playing! What is Dixie's record so far this year?? What about sc??? Ha maybe one day Zack will be almost as good as me! Probably not though.. I could run so fast right now! I've lost some weight I'm getting pretty skinny! I got my soccer jersey! It's awesome! I'll attach a picture of it! I took a bunch of pictures for you!

That's sweet that Voran got his call! Germany will be sweet! But hard to baptize! So is Korea though! But the Lord still prepares people everywhere!! That's for sure! When will boots get his call?? I’ll have been out for like 9 months by the time he leaves! Crazy!!!
So anyways, right now we’re teaching 3 people that are serious about joining the church! One of them tells us to call him Michael Choi! His real name is 최 하 섭! He is awesome! He took us out to eat the other night and bought us both gifts! He bought me a stamp box (everyone gets stamps with their name on it to use at banks and stuff) he has committed to be baptized but, he doesn't want to until December! So right now we are teaching him the importance of baptism! Hopefully he will change his mind! One time he brought a friend with him and he introduced me like this " this is Elder Frei, he is my teacher for MY church" he already considers himself a member of our church! It's awesome!!! He is way nice!! I love him!! Everyone is going to be gone this week because of the holiday so we just have to do different stuff this week, yes mom I will have time to write you a detailed letter this week!!! I will try to find somewhere to print off some pictures! It's hard to navigate in Korea though! Especially when your not fluent in Korean!! Sorry I ended up emailing today, we thought it was Wednesday but then they told us to do it today!!! on Wednesday we have a huge soccer tournament! I'm pumped!! Ha we bought wax so we could do our hair like were European!! I'll send you a picture with my whole zone in them next week!

Well that's about all!!! I love you all!!! Be gratefull to have to gospel in your life everyday! And to live in a place that is not corrupt and wicked!!! I hope everyone has a good week!!!


프라이 장로


Elder Frei

Sunday, September 12, 2010

20 Questions

Mom! Thanks for the email ha it was good to get one from you this week!  I'm excited for Haden’s baptism! One thing I would really stress is scripture study! and not just reading the scriptures. It's totally different! I've learned that already since I've been here! I always study with a purpose and my studying has improved like 20 times since I was in the MTC! I love it. Liken all scriptures unto ourselves! I'll write another one today. I got the letter from you two Wednesdays ago but I’m not sure when it got here because I only get mail when we see the office elders cause they receive it all! so right now I see them at least once a week because I'm in their zone! When I get transferred I might only get it once a transfer! anyways.. that's awesome that hunter is loving football! tell him to work hard!!!
In my email to Chase I asked him 20 questions. Here are his answers.

Will You send pictures of your apartment? Any anything else that is interesting?
I'll attach some pictures and stuff .I see interesting stuff every day haha my apartment is so ghetto though.. Next week I'll send you a pic of the bathroom! It's so small.

Did the tree fall down Yet?
Ha the tree got cut down! They had workers come cut it down and a bunch of other trees! It was crazy though

Will you get me some Korean ties for the boys?

I only wear Korean ties because the American ties are silk and the humidity destroys them!

Do Koreans use tooth paste or sell it? (Chase has asked me in every letter to send tooth paste.)

Koreans use toothpaste but it's like this nasty sugar paste stuff it's gross! They don't sell American toothpaste.

Do the Koreans use deodorant? (This is another thing Chase keeps asking me to send.)
Koreans have adapted so much that they don't stink when they sweat as long as they eat Korean food! Ha it is so weird. So they don't sell it over here!

What is your apartment address in Korea, so that we can Google Earth you?

I'll look up my houses address and tell you next week!

How often do you see your Mission Presidents?
I see president about once a week.. Because I'm in the zone where he lives! So that's awesome. I love him he is the best man in the world!

How is your toe? Is it healing? Another one of Chase’s injuries before he left.

I cut my nail way short in the MTC and now it is growing back fine! I'll get a picture next week.

How is your ankle? Chase’s second injury before the mission
My ankle is ok. Not normal yet though, it's frustrating!

Are your wrist’s completely healed? Chase’s third injury before leaving.

 my wrists are normal.

Are you getting exercise?

I exercise every morning! We've been running stairs every morning that isn't pouring rain! I'll send a pic of the stair case it's huge!

Have you given any of the English CTR rings away? Grandma Winn said that you sent a picture of some children. I haven't seen those yet.

I thought I sent you a picture of those little girls?? I love them!! Their mom got baptized recently, I gave all three of them rings! They love them! They are so cute! I can finally communicate with them a little bit now!

ill you let me know how a typical day In Seoul, Korea goes?
ha there is no such thing as a typical day in Korea! So the typical day is: you expect that something crazy is going to happen to you every day. Ha we see drunk people just passed out on the sidewalk all over the place. We want to make a documentary of it! When we go out at like 11am people are already drunk it's so crazy! let's see.. typical day we go out and talk to people and it's just insane!! we went to this really really poor neighborhood that was built right after the war yesterday.. I'll send you some pictures of it, it was insane!
When I get time I'll go print some pictures.

Any new interesting foods that you have eaten?

Always new foods! haha two days ago I ate oyster soup! It was good! I'll send a picture of it! I'm pretty good with chop sticks now!

Did the pig intestines give you the stamina that you needed to get through the summer?

ha so much stamina from the intestines you have no idea ;)

How is the humidity? Are you always wet? Do you have any idea what I was talking about when I was always fine with it being warmer that most. Anything dry seems fine to us. :)

 I never stop sweating. It's cooling down a little.. I would give anything for Santa Clara dry heat! It's rough!

Can't wait for next Sunday! I love hearing about your week and love seeing your pictures. Have an awesome week. And a great  ???? Ha I hope that google translator works.

ha thanks. the translator works it says chu suk day! good job!
 ? ? ?.

New Photo's From Chase

          South Korean girls learning English.  Chase and Elder Christensen at the Seoul Temple.