Sunday, September 12, 2010

20 Questions

Mom! Thanks for the email ha it was good to get one from you this week!  I'm excited for Haden’s baptism! One thing I would really stress is scripture study! and not just reading the scriptures. It's totally different! I've learned that already since I've been here! I always study with a purpose and my studying has improved like 20 times since I was in the MTC! I love it. Liken all scriptures unto ourselves! I'll write another one today. I got the letter from you two Wednesdays ago but I’m not sure when it got here because I only get mail when we see the office elders cause they receive it all! so right now I see them at least once a week because I'm in their zone! When I get transferred I might only get it once a transfer! anyways.. that's awesome that hunter is loving football! tell him to work hard!!!
In my email to Chase I asked him 20 questions. Here are his answers.

Will You send pictures of your apartment? Any anything else that is interesting?
I'll attach some pictures and stuff .I see interesting stuff every day haha my apartment is so ghetto though.. Next week I'll send you a pic of the bathroom! It's so small.

Did the tree fall down Yet?
Ha the tree got cut down! They had workers come cut it down and a bunch of other trees! It was crazy though

Will you get me some Korean ties for the boys?

I only wear Korean ties because the American ties are silk and the humidity destroys them!

Do Koreans use tooth paste or sell it? (Chase has asked me in every letter to send tooth paste.)

Koreans use toothpaste but it's like this nasty sugar paste stuff it's gross! They don't sell American toothpaste.

Do the Koreans use deodorant? (This is another thing Chase keeps asking me to send.)
Koreans have adapted so much that they don't stink when they sweat as long as they eat Korean food! Ha it is so weird. So they don't sell it over here!

What is your apartment address in Korea, so that we can Google Earth you?

I'll look up my houses address and tell you next week!

How often do you see your Mission Presidents?
I see president about once a week.. Because I'm in the zone where he lives! So that's awesome. I love him he is the best man in the world!

How is your toe? Is it healing? Another one of Chase’s injuries before he left.

I cut my nail way short in the MTC and now it is growing back fine! I'll get a picture next week.

How is your ankle? Chase’s second injury before the mission
My ankle is ok. Not normal yet though, it's frustrating!

Are your wrist’s completely healed? Chase’s third injury before leaving.

 my wrists are normal.

Are you getting exercise?

I exercise every morning! We've been running stairs every morning that isn't pouring rain! I'll send a pic of the stair case it's huge!

Have you given any of the English CTR rings away? Grandma Winn said that you sent a picture of some children. I haven't seen those yet.

I thought I sent you a picture of those little girls?? I love them!! Their mom got baptized recently, I gave all three of them rings! They love them! They are so cute! I can finally communicate with them a little bit now!

ill you let me know how a typical day In Seoul, Korea goes?
ha there is no such thing as a typical day in Korea! So the typical day is: you expect that something crazy is going to happen to you every day. Ha we see drunk people just passed out on the sidewalk all over the place. We want to make a documentary of it! When we go out at like 11am people are already drunk it's so crazy! let's see.. typical day we go out and talk to people and it's just insane!! we went to this really really poor neighborhood that was built right after the war yesterday.. I'll send you some pictures of it, it was insane!
When I get time I'll go print some pictures.

Any new interesting foods that you have eaten?

Always new foods! haha two days ago I ate oyster soup! It was good! I'll send a picture of it! I'm pretty good with chop sticks now!

Did the pig intestines give you the stamina that you needed to get through the summer?

ha so much stamina from the intestines you have no idea ;)

How is the humidity? Are you always wet? Do you have any idea what I was talking about when I was always fine with it being warmer that most. Anything dry seems fine to us. :)

 I never stop sweating. It's cooling down a little.. I would give anything for Santa Clara dry heat! It's rough!

Can't wait for next Sunday! I love hearing about your week and love seeing your pictures. Have an awesome week. And a great  ???? Ha I hope that google translator works.

ha thanks. the translator works it says chu suk day! good job!
 ? ? ?.


  1. Lisa, maybe I should send Chase a package. I have about a 2 year supply of toothpaste and men's deoderant from all my couponing. Scott has run out of places to put it. :0)

  2. hahaha I'm still giggling about his intestine stamina!

  3. wa.. you LDS missionaries after work in home distort what Seoul is like as they please and report it to their friends in the US, I've found it just now, really astonishing.
    I'm korean live in Seoul, please tell your friend Chase that we're very grateful for his concerning if we use tooth paste, and i question to you, how does our economy works fine if we drink from 11:00 am as you say ?.

  4. I am currently attending the lds church of Imun dong, studying Bible with the missionaries serving in there, am curious to know if they also do the same thing as above.