Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh man I had a crazy week.. Remember what I said about me not getting transferred? well.. I was wrong!!

I emailed him back and asked him if I needed to fly out there and take care of these North Koreans!!

I know me too! But it's ok!!

So I got transferred on Wednesday and I'm now out by the west coast! My area goes all the way up to North Korea.. but don't worry were never up there!! My new area is called Gimpo.. it's a lot different then being in the city that is for sure!! and it is super freezing cold out here!! ha it snowed the 2nd day I was here so we got to shovel snow off of the sidewalk for church!! the people out here are sweet they aren't always in a huge hurry like everyone in Seoul so that is good for a change!! So we call on the 25th here and it will be Christmas eve in America so I think we are planning on calling around 8 or 830 here which would be around 5 or 6 in Utah I think? I'm not sure! you will have to tell me if that is ok!! How is the family? What's been going on this week? Is anyone doing anything for Christmas??

It snowed quite a bit I'll send some pictures! My new companion is Elder Neilson! He's sweet I like him a lot!! He's been out a year longer then me.. we will be together for 7 weeks then he will probably transfer he has been here for 6 months already in this area! After him I will probably have companions that are younger than me! Our mission is getting really young!

I asked him how many investigators they are teaching.

A lot less then my last area! We had one when I got here,  we got a new one this week, and we found a family we are going to start meeting this week!

I asked him how big the ward was.

Ha yesterday I gave my introduction talk and there were probably 20 people there! I talked for so long I had so much to say it was weird.

Talk to you on Saturday or Friday for you! I love you!!! have a wonderful 5 days!!

Elder Frei

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