Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of two Taco Bells in Korea

Pigs Feet!!!

Hello everyone! This week was a pretty good week!! Yesterday we had an investigator come to church for the 1st time since we have been here so that was cool and also we got a lady that was baptized a year and a half ago by one of my MTC teachers to come back to our church!! She had been going to a protestant church!! But we've been working with her throughout this transfer and it was so awesome to see her come to church!! I didn't get a package from you this week but maybe I will on Wednesday (that is when we will get mail) everything is still gong great!! There are only two weeks left in the transfer already and it feels like it just started!! plus this one is a week longer than usual!!! Time goes so fast!!  What else is gong on back at home? Aw it's almost wakeboarding season again!! When is the boat coming out?? This will be the last full season that I will miss!! That is pretty weird!! People that came a year before me now only have about 2 months left on their missions!!! Weird!! This week will be a way fun week!! We are going hiking with the ward tomorrow and then on Wednesday I think I'm going on splits with Elder Hafen! He is one of my mission buddies he goes home the end of April!! Actually he is from Kaysville and he knows who Nicole is!! It will be a super fun split!! This past week I had a chance to eat some pretty interesting foods that I hadn't tried yet!! One of them was pig feet, and the other one was raw fish!! They were both interesting ha, pig foot is super fatty though and I don't really like fatty meats but other than that is was good! I can't wait until you and Dad come here you will get to try so many foods haha!! Hope you will be ready!! Boots left the MTC this week then? Wow I can't believe he is already out!! Ha time goes by was faster when your out of the MTC that is for sure!! My companion was in the MTC with Boots! that's pretty weird huh? haha were not doing anything to serious for p day today we just want to relax! Some other missionaries are going to come hangout with us for a little bit so it should be pretty fun! I hope everyone has a good week!! I love you all!

Elder Frei

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Visit From Elder Cook

February 20, 2011

Here is my long email mom!!! I'll try to make it long! Haha, well this week was another great week!! We were pretty busy all week though!! On Tuesday we got to go to the temple! Always great of course!! Then after that we got to go to the DMZ! we got to see the tunnels that North Korea tried to dig to Seoul they are pretty intense those guys are crazy!! Then we drove up to this hill and you can see the divider of north and south and you can see into North Korea!! It was pretty cool!! It was a really cool sight!! You could pay money to look through binoculars and I did it and I could see some people out and people driving cars and stuff, it was super cool! It really made me think about how no one in that country has had a chance to hear the gospel and I really hope it gets opened!!! Then on Wednesday we had a special training! It was on planning! It was really good!! Ha it's really nice to be able to understand President now because I get exactly what he is saying instead of hearing it translated!! I always learn so much every time. Then on Friday Elder Cook came to Korea and we got to go listen to him talk!! He talked a lot about finding peace and happiness through the gospel it was really great I really enjoyed it a lot!! He is aging though it was weird to see him cause I haven't for a long time now haha!! Also this week someone called me and I talked to her and thought she was going to be a golden investigator!! Haha, then the next time I talked to her I found out that she got baptized a year and a half ago but then joined a different church!! But now she wants to come back so we will be working with her! It was crazy though cause the missionary that taught her was one of my teachers in the MTC!!!! So weird!! I will have to write her!!! we are starting to get to know the ward here a lot better!! They really like us a lot now! And are starting to want to help out with missionary work!!! Ha yesterday we were waiting for someone and this really drunk guy came up to me and shook my hand like 10 times! Then he pulls out a huge piece of paper and it has the English alphabet on the back!! He tried to find a couple of English words he knew to say to us and after a minute he couldn't and just said,  “I drank so much last night" in Korean then I was just like ha, I know I can tell! It was pretty funny though!! Other than that though we have been trying really hard to find new investigators and get the ward involved in the work with us!! It was a pretty good week though!! This Wednesday it will have been 1 year since I got my call! Can you believe that? I remember opening it like it was yesterday still!! So unreal.. Pretty soon I'll be on the downhill!! That is really weird to think about cause I have just always had the mindset that I am just always going to be a missionary and that I will never go home!! That is the best I think then you just always work hard and don't worry about time or home!! I do miss our family so much though. I loved the pictures they were great! I hope that everyone has a great week, I love you all! 

Love,Elder Frei

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) According to the Armistice Agreement, the Military Demarcation Line divides North and South Korea. The Demilitarized Zone surrounds the Armistice Line. The Armistice Line stretches 248 km (155 miles) across the Korea Peninsula from the Yeseong River and Gyodongdo of the Han River in the west to Myeongho-ri in Goseong-gun in the east. It winds through Panmunjeom, Cheorwon, and Geumhwa. The DMZ extends 2 km north and south on each side of the Armistice Line, covering a vast region of 64 million sq. ft. About one million armed soldiers of North and South Korea face each other each day along the Military Demarcation Line

North Korea began digging tunnels under the DMZ at the same time that the South and the North first launched peace talks in 1974. According to intelligence analysis, it is believed that North Korea began digging the tunnels after Kim Il-sung (North Korea's President) issued the September 25 Combat Readiness Order in 1971. In this order, he stressed the need to dig tunnels under the Demilitarized Zone, saying that one tunnel would be more effective than 10 atomic bombs and would thus be the best means to overwhelm the heavily fortified front.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another short but sweet email from Elder Free :)

Elder Frei & Elder Murdock with a family from the ward.

Hi mom!

We're going to the temple tomorrow but after our zone is going to the DMZ! So we got permission to email today!!! This week was a pretty good week!! We found two new investigators so that is really good! I'm excited!! ha people keep telling me I'm super good at Korean now!! I got told I sounded like I had been in Korea 5 years and 6 years in one week! haha it was pretty sweet! ha then yesterday a recent convert from my greenie area called me and he always tries to talk in English to me, I answered in Korean and he didn't think it was missionaries, then I told him we were missionaries and he said will you give the phone to Elder Free? (that was all in korean) then I answered in English and said this is Elder Free!! ha he was so shocked it was super funny!! The new area is great I love it!! I hope I get to stay here way longer than one transfer!! The girl from my last area still hasn't got baptized but a different investigator did so that is cool! The other one should soon though!! My companion is doing good! It's still really weird that I'm training everyone ask me tons of questions in classes at church and my ward always makes me talk and teach and stuff! ha it's pretty funny but I like it!! Who is Zack going down to Phoenix to play with? That is cool. Is he playing tight end then or what? That is sweet that Haden is tearing it up this year!! I can't wait to see how good he is when I get back!! So far I am just going to send Mike and Adam some ties and a couple other things that are different in Korea! Boots emailed me! He sounds like he is doing good! He leaves pretty soon right? That is so weird. I hit my six months in Korea mark  on Wednesday. Can you believe that? Insane!!! It's been a while now! So weird!! Ovard is way close to his year mark now too that is super weird too haha it goes by so fast!! Well I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all!

Elder Frei