Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi mom,

We just got back from the temple and now we have an appointment in forty minutes so I don't really get a p day this week, which is ok because Thursday we get to go to a members house from the military, and at 5 we are meeting with an investigator that we gave a baptismal date to last week! It is for Dec 12! :) sweet huh? Everything is going way good right now! and the temple plays sessions in both languages when we go! I'm really excited for my package to get here, I didn't get anything from you in the mail though I haven't since the one when Zack played PV! um I thought of  couple things I want if you can get them and make it work! I need some soccer cleats, I can't find my size over here anywhere!!! And my ankle weights.. they are the 10 pounds each.. I use to run stairs with them, they should be up in my room in one of my dressers, I want to start walking around with them on so I can get a workout! good idea huh? Could you send them with one of those flat rate box things? I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving and I can't believe that Josh and Jace are both home! I miss those guys so much! me and josh were bestfriends before he left! remember when he would come over and play monopoly? that was fun, it feels like yesterday! thanks for the pictures! I'm glad everyone liked that package, there was some cool stuff huh? the box I got you plays a Korean folk song when you wind it up!! it's really popular! did Zack wear the pocket watch to his dance? He better have! when we went to the temple we got mail and all I got was from another missionary and my favorite family from my 1st area.. I was so happy that they wrote me!! I still am!! I love them so much they are the best family ever! Elder Mortensen is about 3 months ahead of me and he served there his 1st transfer, we are in the same district now so we talk about them all the time about how much we love them!! it's so cool! ?? (bong-Chon) is an awesome ward! my ankle still isn't better but my ward mission leader gave me acupuncture on it and it helped out a little bit!! he's super nice, I love their family they feed us every Sunday and really love missionary work!! i can't believe that Boots only has about a month left until he leaves.. Crazy!! I need to write him! tell him I’m going to send him a letter! A couple of people in this area remember Kristy Hunt! they told me she taught them how to dance when she was hear!! haha it's funny how small of a World it is sometimes!! Well, I have to run! I love you all so much and hope you liked everything I sent you!

Love, your favorite son,
Elder Frei

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