Sunday, November 14, 2010

Transferred to Bong Cheon

Hello family! How is everyone?
So where to begin.. This past week a lot has happened! Since mom loves details I'll start from transfer day! So when we transfer we all meet in a subway station and then you meet your new companion and go to your new area! But before that you use a service that ships all of your clothes and belongings to your new house for really cheap.. however, the huge suitcase mom sent me with was to big so I had to pull it along with me through the subway! (not very fun) anyways.. my new companion is Elder Hoffman! He was born in Japan, but then moved to North Carolina. He's awesome! Even more awesome is my new area!! I love it here! It's on the other side of the river and kind of on the outskirts of the city!! It was a Seoul west mission area! In the bottom of the area is the #1 college in all of Korea!! It's way sweet! The work is going really, really good here!!! We have tons of investigators and some of them are super close to being baptized! We found tons of new people just in the week I have been here too! It's awesome I seriously love it here so much! There are about 80 people in this ward so it is way bigger than my last one! I gave my introduction talk in sacrament yesterday! It went way good! I was a little nervous cause I didn't really prepare anything but I ended up talking for a little over 5 minutes! I sat down and was like did I really just do all of that in Korean? Ha it was pretty sweet! Mom, I've taken almost 600 pictures on my mission already so I'm pretty sure you won’t miss out on to much! I haven't taken very many since I got to this area though! I will get some soon though!! I can't believe that Bre and Blake will have a kid in a few months! When is it Hayley's turn??
Sweet I'm way glad you sent me another sd card! Oh when you send that Christmas package just stuff it full of American candy! I realized I miss like all of that stuff ha Elder Hoffman got a package from his mom with candy so I got to eat some!

Mom, I started memorizing a song on the piano! It's a way cool song! When I finish it I'll send it to you or something!! Well, were meeting up with some other Elders and going to a public bath house! Ha have I told you about those yet? I love you all!!!  My pday is next Tuesday cause we go to the temple so just so you know! My new area is Bong Chon.


Elder Frei

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