Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Letter From Chase

I finally got a letter from Chase since he has been in Seoul. Here are a few things that Chase wrote about:

Today it has been raining non-stop, like crazy!! The streets are all flooded! They had to sand bag all of the subway entrances so that water wouldn't go down them! This transfer has gone by so fast! The weeks come and go like they never happened! In our mission we have this thing called "Pass Off" that you have to finish before you can become a senior companion! I have been working on it super hard this whole transfer and I have caught up to most of the people who got here one transfer before ( 6 weeks) me! I was pretty shocked when I found that out! Tomorrow is our big soccer game. If it doesn't get canceled because of the rain! I'm very excited for that.I have been playing a lot of ping pong, I use a Korean style paddle. They are legit. I am getting way good at it! Korea has awesome fruit! It is all Huge! I love all of it! Today was the first day off for the holiday. Here is what happened to us  in one night! First we had to take off our shoes and wade through water to get through a hallway in the subway station because it was flooded! Then, on the subway a bum was sitting on the floor playing his guitar! He kept yelling at me to give him money! Everyone on the subway was laughing! It was hilarious! Then, we were walking to meet up with some Elders for dinner and we turned around a dark corner and this girl was just sitting in a chair in the dark! We both noticed that she was a prostitute so we ran away as fast as we could! Ha pretty crazy Huh? Today was Che-suk (Thanksgiving). We had a sports day and our zone worked everybody. Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee! It was super fun and I got to see my buddies from the MTC!! We are going to our bishops house to eat with their family. They are so nice. I love them! Tomorrow we have training from 9-4! So long! That is OK it will be good. We just got back from our Bishops house. It was amazing. We ate this really good meat, it is a kind of beef. I seriously Love Koreans they are the best. I think it is because they are all so humble. A random stranger would give you his shirt off of his back! Or his umbrella so that you could stay dry. In one day we had four umbrella's given to us! Tell Haden how proud I am of him and that I love him!

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