Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hurst wrote me!! haha it was way good to hear from him. I love that kid!! I had a ton of emails when I got on today

Wow I can't believe his(Elder Fishers, Chase’s companion from here ) homecoming is already over man I swear we were serving together like yesterday. I miss that kid so much. he is so awesome!! those are some cool stories that he shared, he told me about all that stuff haha he was a sweet missionary! but ya we teach English classes once a week in most areas, sometimes we don't do it, it just depends! so how was everyone's Christmas?? what did everyone get? I'm way excited to play some soccer in my new cleats!! after I called you we just hung out for a while then went to a different church and met up with all the elders serving around us and watched a movie! it was pretty fun! then we just did normal stuff, it really didn't feel like Christmas especially after I talked to you because that was the highlight and that was really early in the morning!! haha oh, did you talk to Scott about my ankle? I want to know what he thinks..   I just talked to you all so I don't really feel like I have to much to say! I had a story I wanted to tell you all about on the phone so I will share it now.. one night we were walking back from talking to people out in the street, we had been working really hard all day but hadn't really found anyone that was that interested! we were almost home and my companion saw a couple of dogs that were tangled up so he went over to them and started helping them. I stood in the road and waited, after he had been gone for about 30 seconds somebody got out of the car in front of me and yelled "elder" (in Korean) I was really shocked because no one calls us that except for members and I knew she wasn't a member!! we started talking and it turns out that she met with missionaries when she was younger!! she wanted us to teach her kids so now we have 3 new investigators!! we tripled the amount we had in the first week!! :) it was awesome!! we don't have a pday today cause we had it on Saturday but we were allowed to email today, so after this we are going to go up to this place about 45 minutes away from our house and try to find some more new people!!! I hope everyone has a great week!

I love you all. 
Love, Elder Frei

We all talked to Chase on Christmas Eve. He sounded so happy. He loves South Korea. He loves the people. He is doing great. He is also learning how to cook Korean food :)! The members love to teach them how to cook. He is eating a lot of interesting food. He has also lost a lot of weight. He is now down thirty five pounds!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh man I had a crazy week.. Remember what I said about me not getting transferred? well.. I was wrong!!

I emailed him back and asked him if I needed to fly out there and take care of these North Koreans!!

I know me too! But it's ok!!

So I got transferred on Wednesday and I'm now out by the west coast! My area goes all the way up to North Korea.. but don't worry were never up there!! My new area is called Gimpo.. it's a lot different then being in the city that is for sure!! and it is super freezing cold out here!! ha it snowed the 2nd day I was here so we got to shovel snow off of the sidewalk for church!! the people out here are sweet they aren't always in a huge hurry like everyone in Seoul so that is good for a change!! So we call on the 25th here and it will be Christmas eve in America so I think we are planning on calling around 8 or 830 here which would be around 5 or 6 in Utah I think? I'm not sure! you will have to tell me if that is ok!! How is the family? What's been going on this week? Is anyone doing anything for Christmas??

It snowed quite a bit I'll send some pictures! My new companion is Elder Neilson! He's sweet I like him a lot!! He's been out a year longer then me.. we will be together for 7 weeks then he will probably transfer he has been here for 6 months already in this area! After him I will probably have companions that are younger than me! Our mission is getting really young!

I asked him how many investigators they are teaching.

A lot less then my last area! We had one when I got here,  we got a new one this week, and we found a family we are going to start meeting this week!

I asked him how big the ward was.

Ha yesterday I gave my introduction talk and there were probably 20 people there! I talked for so long I had so much to say it was weird.

Talk to you on Saturday or Friday for you! I love you!!! have a wonderful 5 days!!

Elder Frei

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Soooooo Many Miracles This Week

Wow mom! I can't believe Boots already had his farewell! That's really exciting! and I can't believe that Kristy is coming back to Korea! she will have to come say hi to me! haha that's sooo cool! And I got both of the packages last Wednesday!! I still haven't got the one with the memory card so you might want to try and track that and I haven't got the last one I'm sure it will be here soon!! The packages are so awesome!!! Thanks so much!! I loved all of it! I have so much candy!!! Tell everyone I said thanks! I really like the calendar that Grandma sent me and the book by the MTC president! it's all awesome thanks! And the cowboys shirt is sweet haha!! Oh tell Tara and Tavie that I said thanks for the tree too that was way sweet!! I can't believe how close Christmas is already!! and I will let you know when I get the other stuff! oh and transfers are this week so Elder Jorgensen is going home and Elder Fisher is too! you will have to find out when his homecoming is and go!! He is awesome I'm going to play soccer with him one last time today! if I see Elder Jorgensens parents I will let you know! I probably wont though I don't know how I would!!   My Sunday was the best!! the baptism happened!!! It was amazing! It went perfect!!! It was so awesome to have a baptism and such a great experience to see someone that I have taught have a new start on life it is such an amazing blessing! I have seen so many miracles this past week, I feel like all the blessings are starting to come from all of the work I have done in the past four months!! this past week we found 4 new investigators on the street!! two of them are Chinese!! they are going to school at the college!! so awesome!! and last night I had the coolest experience ever!! We were going to our ward mission leaders house because we go there every Sunday. We were stopped at a cross walk (there are tons of people on the streets all the time) so I started talking to this older man.. I talked to him for a minute and he told me he wasn't really interested so I said that was ok and just told him why I was in Korea.. when I got done I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone was watching me.. I looked over and realized that he was staring at the Book of Mormon! I said hi to him and started talking to him!!! I told him that I was a missionary and that I serve for free for two years.. he was very shocked and asked me what I did as I served! I told him that I teach about Jesus Christ’s gospel and other types of service, but I especially teach about the Book of Mormon!! we kept talking and I told him how long I had been in Korea for, he was extremely shocked that I could speak Korean to him!! it was funny!! it turns out that he is from North Korea going to school in Seoul!! he is also involved in helping other groups of North Koreans that move here! he told me that he wanted to introduce me to ALL of them so that they could learn about the religion and everything else because they have never had a chance to!!! we exchanged numbers and he said he would call me soon!! I'm so excited!! it was so amazing! after he left i couldn't even believe that it had just happened!!! then, to top things off, later that night Elder Fisher called me and told me that one of the people I found and taught from my first area is going to get baptized on January 9th!!! sooo many miracles this week was so awesome!! I know that the Lord has truly blessed me so much to allow me to do so many great things, I am so lucky to be here and be part of this work! I'm so grateful for my family and for everything that you all do for me! as Christmas still approaches remember what the true meaning of it is! Jesus Christ, our savior! he is the center of our church and I know that he truly does lead it. I love this gospel. as it says on my plaque: I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak... but through the strength of the lord I can do all things, yea many mighty miracles have we wrought in this land. Alma 26:12   I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Frei

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't worry mom I take a lot of pictures!!!! And yes! The baptism will be on the 12th!!! I'm so excited for it!! hmm I'm pretty sure we call on Christmas in America and we call you! But I haven't heard much about North Korea for a while I think it's cooling down though haha yes the family we ate with was a couple they had an awesome family! They both served missions too! Another package mom?? wow! I'm really excited! Ii still haven't gotten them but hopefully soon!!! Ha I really miss Tuscano I haven't seen him in so long!! He is sweet though! Did he take any v-necks? I told you to give him some right? haha basketball was way fun last week!! I had a blast! So public bath houses.. I don't know how to explain them!! ha it's like a high school locker room but like a spa at the same time except for with old Koreans inside haha it's so much fun I love them.. it's way relaxing too! ha so this week was pretty interesting!! Ha I had to go to the emergency room because I got sick and my fever got over 103!! It was insane! I thought I was gong to explode! It turns out that the lady I got medicine from sold me the wrong stuff so it didn't work obviously! it was scary for a little bit though haha but that happened on Wednesday night so I'm better now but it lasted for like three days it was a really weird sickness!!! ha so I didn't get to do very much those three days that I was sick so that was no fun.. But yesterday we had some really good meetings with investigators they were way spiritual and one of the ladies we meet with every week like finally saw how much this could help her life and if it's all true she really needs to act! Ha it was just like wow! you finally get it haha she was like I just want to pray about this! ha which is all we want her to do! so it was way cool! we had a pretty good week though!! i can't believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away now! it's coming up fast! I'm excited to call home!!!! I love you all so much!!
Elder Frei

Chase and I emailed back and forth a couple of times. I was able to ask him a couple of questions.

I asked him if the Emergency Room was anything like the United States.
 Ha not really like America! I didn't have insurance or anything and it cost 50 bucks haha.

I asked him if the Korean that he got medicine from understood his Korean? I am not going to post that answer :) He told me that yes she understood him and that she just gave him the wrong stuff and some other not so nice words:) 

I asked him how much weight he has lost? Most missionaries that serve in Korea lose a lot of weight.
He said that he has lost about twenty five pounds!