Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures from Elder Frei in Korea!

Chase's new name tag.

Chase's tiny, tiny bathroom/shower.

Chase in his South Korea Soccer Jersey !

Elder Christensen and Elder Frei

Elder Frei's $70 Rolex :)

Elder Frei and Sister Lee

Hello mom! and everyone else!

Ha that's sweet that elder Beasely's dad called you! They took us out to eat and stuff! It was way fun but it was awkward for me to talk to people that were American I didn't know what to say.. It was so weird!!! That was right after I got here though so it's better now I think ha! I want you guys to come pick me up, I'm not sure how it works I'm sure I'll find out around next September or October and we will start planning it! I'm glad you decided to write me letters with pictures every week! That will be nice! Ha it's about time Zack started playing! What is Dixie's record so far this year?? What about sc??? Ha maybe one day Zack will be almost as good as me! Probably not though.. I could run so fast right now! I've lost some weight I'm getting pretty skinny! I got my soccer jersey! It's awesome! I'll attach a picture of it! I took a bunch of pictures for you!

That's sweet that Voran got his call! Germany will be sweet! But hard to baptize! So is Korea though! But the Lord still prepares people everywhere!! That's for sure! When will boots get his call?? I’ll have been out for like 9 months by the time he leaves! Crazy!!!
So anyways, right now we’re teaching 3 people that are serious about joining the church! One of them tells us to call him Michael Choi! His real name is 최 하 섭! He is awesome! He took us out to eat the other night and bought us both gifts! He bought me a stamp box (everyone gets stamps with their name on it to use at banks and stuff) he has committed to be baptized but, he doesn't want to until December! So right now we are teaching him the importance of baptism! Hopefully he will change his mind! One time he brought a friend with him and he introduced me like this " this is Elder Frei, he is my teacher for MY church" he already considers himself a member of our church! It's awesome!!! He is way nice!! I love him!! Everyone is going to be gone this week because of the holiday so we just have to do different stuff this week, yes mom I will have time to write you a detailed letter this week!!! I will try to find somewhere to print off some pictures! It's hard to navigate in Korea though! Especially when your not fluent in Korean!! Sorry I ended up emailing today, we thought it was Wednesday but then they told us to do it today!!! on Wednesday we have a huge soccer tournament! I'm pumped!! Ha we bought wax so we could do our hair like were European!! I'll send you a picture with my whole zone in them next week!

Well that's about all!!! I love you all!!! Be gratefull to have to gospel in your life everyday! And to live in a place that is not corrupt and wicked!!! I hope everyone has a good week!!!


프라이 장로


Elder Frei

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