Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's up with Dixie losing to SC?

Wow I feel like so much has happened since I last emailed! Wow! Life is sounding pretty good back at home! Prime I'm happy for you :) your the best! mom I haven't got anymore mail from you yet but maybe I will on Wednesday! ha that's cool about Jonathan's call and I finally heard about boots! What does he think about that? Does his mission border Alex's? I just thought about that.. Spanish will be good. The last two days we have got to watch conference! it was so amazing! I hope everyone watched it! If you didn't, do! there were some super good talks I learned so much from them! mom our investigator ? ? ? came to conference with us and he really liked it! he is ready to get baptized I think we will really get a date with him this Friday!  what up with dixie losing to sc?? they better smash them next year! sounds like Zack had a pretty good play though! when does Jonathan leave for his mission?? I'm excited for him that's awesome! it's crazy that when boots leaves I'll have been out for 7 months! Can you believe that? that will be insane haha! I still feel like I just got to Korea I don't know if that feeling will ever leave ha I'll let you know when it does! time flies out here! Every time  that a weeks over I can't believe it! today we are going to go to Costco and then a museum! I'm way excited I'll let you know how it goes! oh mom tell Hurst to email me! have Zack call him for me or something?? and tell Chunner to email me too when you see him or Jamie I want to keep in touch with both of them!!! in the next package you send me can you send me under armour for when it gets cold?? like the cold gear stuff that you wear for sports?? and the leggings of them too? I've heard it's going to be a pretty nasty winter this year! ha oh last week one of our appointments canceled so we went up to a college and there were these guys playing basketball so we walked over to them and they passed me the ball so I shot it and made it from pretty far away haha they were all shocked so I backed up and shot it and made it again ha I did it one more time and then they were like ok let's play! ha we were in our church clothes of course but we  still said ok! ha the first game we won 10-1 so they called one of their friends that was better and made him come to the school! we played again and won 10-2! ha it was funny! they play make it take it so we always had the ball haha! by the time the 2nd game had finished we had like 15 people watching our game! it was way funny! afterwards we gave them our numbers and talked about why we were here and stuff so it was pretty sweet! well that's all i have for this week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei

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