Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 4 MTC :D

hi! i love gabe {Gabe is our dog}! i miss him so much!! you better train him right so when i get back he's awesome! haha i got the package you sent it was my favorite!! and i share everything i get! im losing weight because i'm losing some of my muscle.... there aren't heavey weights here so hopefull i don't get to small! the older district leaves on monday! it's sad! i don't want them to leave.. but i was looking at there flight plans and they have a two hour lay over in la so i'll get to call you then! six weeks from monday i'm out of here! crazy!! The new mission presidents were here this week as you know, it was so awesome!! on friday Elder Oaks talked to us at a special fireside!! and there were 7 other apostles on the stand with him!! it was the coolest thing every i enjoyed every second of it!! also i saw mr jensen (the girls basketball coach from sc) parents and they asked me where i was from cause of my name then they told me all of that and stuff!! a couple more people came in last wednesday that i knew so that was pretty cool! i get to host my last two wednesdays here{"Host" is the missionaries that pick up the new incoming Missionaries on the curb}! i'm pretty excited for that!! it looks way fun! oh and when we cleaned the temple we were ripping up carpet cause the are renovating the whole thing!! it was for almost four hours! it was pretty fun though! Answers to your other questions are elders flake and mccorsitin leave a week before us because the transfers are a little different so they got lucky!! and i'll send another email for that newsletter thing! when it comes out email it to me and i'll print it off so i can read it! this week was great it went by so fast! I learn so much every week it's amazing! i have a huge chain of vocab words that i'm memorizing, i'll have to send a picture of it home it's pretty cool! we taught the 2nd lesson this week at the trc! it went so good we tore it up! i'm in helaman now in the book of moromon i love it! and i'm almost done with the pearl of great price cause i never read all the way through it before!! ha so the 2 native korean elders are so funny! i've gotten to know them a lot more this past week! they love me! they say that we have jung now! haha :) i taught them some slang it was so funny!! they are ok at englsih but koreans can't pronounce some of our letters! it's so funny! since everyone in korea is skinny they are fascinated with fat peoples belly's! they call it jelly and they'll just start grabbing it and squeezing it like it's no problem!! it was the funniest thing i've ever seen!! can't wait to hear back from everyone! i love you all!   Elder Frei

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pix from Elder Frei!

Elder Frei's District

Elder Frei, Elder Bishoff, some random Elder :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MTC Update from Elder Frei!

{For a little background, Chase hurt his ankle and both his wrists between the time he got his call and left to the MTC}

hello everyone!!! i have a lot to tell you this week so i'm sure you'll be happy mom :) first of all i would like to say happy fathers day to dad and tell him how much i apprecitate all the sacrifices and time and effort he has put forth for me to be able to have this opportunity. that story you told me about is crazy! i can't beleive you and pud master went and hauled that thing out! i can't wait to see pictures of it. that's sweet! ha i'm sure the hay hauling isn't quite as good as when i'm there but someone is going to have to step up i guess!!! i love you dad! thanks for everything :) .... i learned so much this week! it's so crazy! i memorized joseph smiths first vision! (all of it in english and almost half of it in korean!) it's awesome! i can read so much better now! everything gets better everyday! earlier this week we taught a lesson to one of the teachers at the mtc.. they pretend to be investigators it's pretty funny! anways we gave him an awesome lesson and he asked me some hard questions and i totally dominated them.. like how could god appear to joseph smith and some other stuff like that it was funy! then at the end we taugth him about prayer and i went to say the closing prayer! when i bowed my head to start to pray i realized that he was just sitting there! we forgot to tell him to fold his arms and bow his head!!!!! i couldn't stop because i had already said a couple of words when i realized it! it was so funny afterwards!! the older distric that came in six weeks before us leaves in about 12 days!! i don't want them to leave! i like them way better than mine haha! but i'm sure i'll be friends with them when we get back and some of them are going to seoul! my hands are pretty much back to normal now, which is awesome!! and i'm trying really hard to get my ankle better.... i do drills every morning and night and try not to run at all! ha so my district did a musical number in sacrament on sunday! we sand nearer my god to thee in korean!! it was awesome! we sound way good! Elder Johnson has a way good voice! I call him Elder Fergie becuase he sings so good! everyone else calls him that now too! haha i make up nicknames for a lot of them! all of the new mission presidents are coming in today and tommorrow!! which means that the apostles will be here all week to teach them and stuff!! and they eat in the cafeteria with us so i'm pretty pumped for that!!!! and also, the temple closed on saturday but my district got asked to help clean it!! so were going up there at about 12!! it should be pretty fun! ha since my ankle is still hurt i stopped playing as much basketball and i just play volleyball instead! me and elder bishoff always team up and kill everyone! it's funny! i love it.. there aren't very many ahtletic people here! oh ya and the older distirc has determined that i am there favorite so when they leave i get the district tie!! haha it's supposed to be pretty sweet and your only allowed to wear it once! and thanks for the package!! that one is the best! it has so much good food in it! so while i was wiating for my laundry to get done, this sister came up to me and asked me if was related to mitch! i said yes.. she said oh! i'm Cardin's cousin!! ha it was crazy because there are like 2,000 people here so the odds of that aren't very good! she had just got here on wednesday and she said cardin told her to look for me! ha so you'll have to tell them that! and tell mitch i love his tie! i get a lot of compliments when i wear it! tell him he has some ties coming his way when i get to korea! well that's about all for this week! the gospel true! the mtc is sweet! i'm almost done with alma! the gift of tounges is real! and teaching with the spirit is one of the best feelings ever!!! i love you all!!! have everyone write me! Love, Chase

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elder Frei's second week in the MTC

family! what a great week this has been! thank you for the packages and letters and pens! it is so nice to have tons of support!!! if your sending me a package i could use another pair of my jordan shorts.. any of them work and some pictures would be sweet.. just like of the bear hunt and anything else!!!
this week i learned so much! i restarted the book of mormon when i got here and i'm halfway through mosiah. i can't put it down! Kyler and trevor leave today! i was sad to see them go but it's sweet at the same time! i would see kyler everynight though! this week i learned how to say this is korean "we have a message about jesus christs gospel, god is our heavenly father, the gospel has been restored, a prophet exsits, and jesus christ lives. i can also introduce myself and ask simple questions like "how does your family become? or name or hometown or things like that! it sounds weird to translate to english! we get so many opportuities to teach here, i'm getting really good at the lessons! that's awesome that Dan Frei got called as the stake pres! sweet! ha and that made me laugh what haden said about me being gone!! the temple closes next week so today was our last time going for over a month! it's ok though!
Elder Bodily is from boise idaho, i've gotten to know him very well. the other two Elders in my room are Elder Flake and Elder Mccoristin. they are both serving in california korean speaking!! elder flake is from horse shoe bend idaho and elder mccoristin is from eagle mountain utah! i love them!
I've gotten to know Elder Stephenson way good, he went to pv and played against me.. he was the kicker! he's so good!! and his companion is Elder Bishoff from richfield!!! i love him too! he's way nice and he gave me a huge ring of notecards with vocabulalry words on it that is so good!!
i don't know how but i've lost like 5 pounds since i've been here! it's pretty weird cause i don't eat very good!! the bookstore here is way awesome and missionaries get 40 percent off so i can get alot of stuff i need there! i hope you all have a great week!! i can't wait to hear from everyone! i love you all!! and i'm so greatfull for this opportunity! thank you Mom and Dad! i love you both so much!
Elder Frei

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our first letter from Elder Frei

family! i can't remember our home email address so i decided to write to zack because i only get thirty minutes. the mtc is awesome! the first two days were the hardest days of my life and i honestly just wanted to go homel. but it is getting so much better now! my companion is elder bodily and he is awesome!! he's like six six and weighs like two seventy five. thanks so much for all the packages and letters you guys sent me!! it makes every day so much better when i get a letter or package! i love it. keep dear eldering me because it makes it so much easier to use all my time when i get on the computer!! i love you guys and i miss you all so much!! the first two days seemed like they were two months but every since then it has gotten better every single day! the spirit is so strong here! its unbelievable! i have never prayed so much in my life! but god truly does here all of our prayers and answers them.
a typical day for me goes like this: i get up around 6:15 so that i can shower and do everything else that i need to do, then and 7 we go to our classroom and do personal study for an hour then go to breakfast. after that we usually have a three hour class until lunch! then we go to lunch and come back to another class until dinnner! finally after that we have MDT or missionary directed time when we do compainion studay and language study! we have gym five times a week and there are also other meetings to break things up. sunday was an awesome day! we had a really good fireside about music it was great! but they are also way relaxed because we don't ahve teachers on sundays!! i loved it! today is my p-day and i'm only aloud to email and write letters today! that is why gettting dear elders throughout the week is so much better so i can use all the time i have writing!
one of the hardest things for me this past week was to realize how humble you must be. so that is the christ like attribute i strived to attain. you must be humble if you want to learn anything while you are at the mtc because everyting we learn here comes thorugh him! i have honestly learned so much already! i love it! the first two days i felt like my head was going to explode but now it's getting way better! i can pray and bear my testiomony in korean already! this is how i know that the gift of tounges is real!! last night me and elder bodily were doing language study and i made about 40 flash cards with words and phrases on them and out of nowhere i knew everysingle one of them!! then, right after that i was able to give my testiomony in korean which is pretty hard and then i said the prayer and i could do it all!!! i couldn't believe it. we both felt the spirit so strongly. it was one of the best experiences i have ever had!! zack, keep workin hard! i love all of you! you never realize how greatfull you are for such an awesome family like ours until you leave it and realize your not coming back to it!
mom, i saw Ian on the very first day and gave him a huge hug and said this is from your mom!!! i've only seen him a couple other times beside that though. kyler is in my building with me and on the same floor!!!!! it's so sweet! i see both of them everyday! clint grecko is also on my same floor so i talk to him all the time too!! Elder Bishoff from monroe is here and in my zone!! he's way cool and is always helping me with the language cause he's been here for six weeks!
Elder Frei
p.s. i'm going to write home and send you some picutres because i don't have time to hook up my camera!