Monday, November 8, 2010

What's up with the elk?? Why did we shoot an elk from the ranch? I'm confused! I didn't even know about it! And for that package I don't really know what I miss! I miss so much stuff that I don't even realize it until I think about it! Some reeses puffs would be way sweet! A real football, some of those chunky soup things with beef in them, a cake mix and icing, I'll keep thinking! Pretty much anything American I miss haha.. I definately don't keep up on politics at all but that's way cool! I learned the Korean word for politics a few days ago haha it's 정 치 I remember weird words sometimes! Ha one of my investigators that we just met with for the first time taught me a sweet Korean saying, it's kind of like no pain no gain!! It's sweet! He taught me the Chinese characters for it to but those are way hard to draw! I might be getting transferred to a new area because this transfer is over! Crazy!! I find out tonight so I'll let you know when I find out! I'm going to back up all my pictures today! Oh another thing you could send me is a memory card with more space if you can find a cheap one on Black Friday! Like 8g or more then I can store all my pics on that card and send my other one home! I can't believe Tuscano is home! Ha tell him he can take 2 of my shirts because he gave me two of his when he left! I'm excited to hear that elk story it sounds pretty sweet! Who shot it? and why? Yesterday we had no appointments so we found all day and we ended up walking all the way around our area! We figured out it was over 15 miles!!! We were tired after haha it was cool though! Plus it was fast Sunday so it was pretty epic! Ha were going bowling today for Pday and I need to buy a few more things for the package then I'm going to send it Tuesday I think! Well that's all I have for this week!

I love you all!!

Elder Frei

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