Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures from Korea

Hey mom!
Sorry to disappoint you on Monday and just a few days after your birthday!!!! How was your birthday?? I forgot to tell you my pday was on Tuesday this week!!! So sorry! And happy birthday last week!

I bought a translator about a month ago, I think! I love it so much! It's a must have I carry it with me everywhere I go! That would be way sweet if you had interns live at our house for a while if you do it! That's sweet I could communicate with them in Korean! haha

My week was ok! We worked really hard but we didnt see the success we hoped for! That's ok though!! Missionary work is hard! So this week we have been doing different stuff and we have two new investigators! They are pretty sweet and way nice to us! Oh have you tried to contact Elder Christensen yet?? You need to get him down to the house!! hmm this is probably my last week in my greenie area and then I'll be transfered out next wednesday! I'm kinda sad and kinda excited because it's just another step!!! By the time I leave my next area I'll have been a missionary for a long time! haha but I hope my next comp is as sweet as my first two!!I've gotten super lucky! I think getting a native would be sweet especially becuase I could learn so much Korean from them now! The halloween party was way fun haha everyone told me I would be a pretty girl! It was so funny!! ha what was Haden for Halloween? Oh I'm almost done with that package now! I'll probably be shipping it next week sometime!!! I saw the deer pictures they looked pretty sweet!! That's awesome! We have zone conference tomorrow so that should be way fun! ha mom I talked to Elder Jorgensen a lot today cause we all went to lunch after the temple! It's crazy he only has 5 weeks left now.. remember when we saw his mom and he had barely been out for a year????? what the?? where did that time go? I couldn't believe him when he told me he was going home that soon. Also one of my new missionary friends is elder Hier! He has like 7 months left so he will actually be here for a while!! haha has anyone else got their calls yet or anything??? I heard the cowboys are doing terrible this year! that's to bad.. well were going to that museum so I gotta hurry!!! I love you! Hhope everyone has a good week!!


Elder Frei

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