Monday, June 27, 2011

I am writing Uncle Kent an email for the Priests!! I'll send it to you too.. It's about preparing so serve a mission!!

I don't have a lot to say but I think that the most important thing you need to do to prepare to serve the Lord is to know his gospel and how to teach it!! And that is easy to do! You've all heard it a million times but it truly is the small and simple things that will lead us to be prepared, no matter what it is!! I think that daily scripture study is one of the biggest keys, and you need to know preach my gospel!! The most important thing is probably your relationship with our Heavenly Father and the Savior! and that comes through prayer! those 3 things can prepare you well. and they are so simple! do them everyday!!

I love preaching this gospel, I love living in Korea, and I love learning more and more each day of my mission! I promise you that as you prepare to serve the Lord "more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced" (PMG) I have found the true meaning of happiness on my mission and I promise you can too! I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and we are all SO blessed to be a part of it!! D&C 103:9 "they were set to be a light unto the world, and to be the saviors of men" I love this scripture! We as members of the church truly are the standard to the world. And as missionaries we are called to be the "Saviors of men" to all who will receive Christ’s restored gospel! I hope you all can prepare well for the best decision you will ever make in you lives!
Elder Frei

This week was another awesome week here in Korea!! It went so good!! I went on splits with the AP's this week too and that was awesome! I don't know if I told you yet but Elder Bailey is an AP and the other one is my favorite Korean in the mission!! I was on splits with the Korean! I got to go to the AP's area and I ended up being with president and his wife for the whole day it was a great experience to get to be with them and feel of their spirit! They are the best people ever and always so happy! I love being able to learn from them!!! Also on Tuesday we went on splits with a companionship in our zone and I went with Elder Doman, he is way cool! He played football at BYU so we had a lot to talk about! Haha that was super fun! Ha he hasn't been out very long it's always weird to be with young missionaries cause I still feel like I am one! but ya so the typhoon season is back again it came a lot earlier than last year!! It has rained for 5 days straight which makes it hard to do some things but we still had a great week!! On Saturday we came to the church and our bishop had us ref some ward ball games haha that was pretty funny!! Then afterwards we went to lunch with Kristy and another member!! We ate Mexican food it was soo good I missed it so much I still do haha! We have been seeing a lot of really good things! We are teaching all the time it has been so much fun! We have some really cool people that we are teaching! We’re hoping to have another baptism really soon!! He is marrying one of the members in our ward on the 16th so we will get to go see the wedding! I'm excited for that!! Me and Elder Vanhoff are having the time of our lives!! We have another good week ahead of us then the week after that we have tons of meetings coming up so that will be fun! They are all trainings so they should be awesome!! I can't believe that June is almost over! Where did this month go?? I hope you all have a great week! I Love you!


Elder Frei

Sunday, June 19, 2011

쉬원섭섭한 편지를 받았네

쉬원섭섭한 편지를 받았네 "The email I got was bitter sweet"

I really don't even know what to say about Zack. That is terrible. You’re the only one I have heard anything from so far. Wow that makes me super sad.. I'm just going to try to skip talking about that, that makes me super sad for him. When I get back we will be busting butt together and playing together though!
Ha sounds like a pretty sweet Fathers day I totally forgot about Fathers day, they don't do it over here! And the English branch did some stuff for it so I saw a little baggie that said happy Fathers day! Ha and I was like what? It's Fathers day it was way funny..

I got the package from you with the D&C study book in it thank you so much! It looks like it will be really good and thank you a ton for the pictures I love it so much! :) Oh next time you send me a package (don't rush it or anything) but send me a big thing of low fat peanut butter :) that would be great!! and I want some like simple meal ideas that I can use to gain some healthy weight! Could you look into that? maybe find a book or print/email me some from the internet? I think I weigh around 175 right now so I want to try to put on like 10 pounds or something that would be nice haha.

Haha that is a really funny story mom I love hearing stuff like that!!! :) So I’ll tell you a little bit about my week!! So Monday we went screen golfing for p day that was fun but super hard and then after that we had family night at the church with the single adults and that was good! We got a new investigator from it! We are having it tonight at the Bishops house so that will be really fun too I'm excited!! Then on Tuesday we went and visited a couple of companionships in their studies! That was pretty fun but we didn't really get to study from it so I didn't like it a whole lot haha I love my study time every morning! We have a lot of investigators right now, things are going great! We picked up 5 new people just in this last week!!! It was awesome!! Wednesday we had district meeting and that went good! After that we taught and investigator and she brought me some kimche because I told her that I would give her a cookie recipe! so I told her the recipe and she was writing it down, the last thing was chocolate and she is trying to learn English but isn’t very good and I said put as much in as you want! Haha and on her paper she wrote "I want that chocolate" haha I almost died laughing!! Then on Thursday we had a leadership training meeting! It was really good! ha it was crazy to go to a meeting with all the other zone leaders and stuff! There are like 6 zone leaders going home the end of July transfer so there will be a bunch of them even younger than me! Ha our mission is so young it is crazy!! On Friday a lady that goes to the English branch introduced us to someone she teaches English to and that was way funny! Her son just came over here from America and he is Zack’s age.. It's really weird that he was a senior he seemed so young I couldn't believe it!! so that was a fun day! We just had a super busy week bouncing back and forth from meeting to teaching people, we were so busy we didn't really have time for a whole lot of other things haha. Saturday and Sunday were the best days though by far! Saturday we did a finding activity (in my old area when I was with Elder Hoffman) there are so many people there it is awesome!! and also that day we were supposed to do our investigator that got baptized interview! So we wanted to meet him at the church at 2 then do it then he wanted us to go somewhere with him but I didn't know where cause my comp set up the appointment! ha so he calls me at like 1 and is like I'm at the church where are you guys?? We were like 30 minutes away so he was like I'll just come get you the lecture starts at 3! Haha and I didn't know anything about a lecture!! So we end up like an hour train ride away from our house listening to a Nuskin lecture with our investigator!! Haha it was super funny!!!! We did what we had to do to get his interview done though! We went to the church afterwards and got it done! So we had a baptism on Sunday!! It went perfect! Elder Vanhoff baptized him! It was a good experience for him for sure!! Ha our investigator is 78 he is the funniest little old guy ever! Also we had a less active come out that we found! She lives in Germany but is here for the summer! She is way cool I'm excited to get to know her I told her she had to teach me some German! ha she is good with languages! She asked me if I knew what our last name meant in German (in Korean) I answered her (in Korean) then she said yep "Free" in English haha it was funny like all three languages haha, this week was probably one of the best weeks on my mission! I don't think I have been as happy as I am right now for a long time!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Frei

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Companion is like serving with Knox and Ovard

Haha yes! I'm so glad that Hafen came and visited you! What did he have to say?? He is so awesome I love him so much! That would be cool to get an email from Elder Bessey too I miss those guys! Ha I totally saw Kristy yesterday she came to my ward! It was so crazy to see her!! She gave me the package you sent with her thanks a ton I liked it a lot!! I used the icy hot and the usher today haha it's always good to get stuff you haven't used for over a year I love it! Thank you so much. I liked the pictures too they were awesome!! That is cool that Zack gets to go to that camp! It's good to have good friends. Ha I'm definitely going to stay in shape while I’m in this area!! I love it here so much I could already stay here the rest of my mission and be totally happy with it!! The work is going good and were seeing tons of miracles! My comp is the best we are exactly the same! His name is Elder Vanhoff! We were in the MTC at the same time and we were way close then but we had served really far away from each other our whole missions. We are having so much fun! He is a stud! He played baseball for SUU before he came..  Ha it's kinda funny though I decided he is like a mix between Knox and Ovard he reminds me of both of them it's like serving with a best friend for sure!! haha

돼지던클리이러게말하면오해하겠지? Haha does that come through in Korean? and yes we have a baptism next week!! I'm really excited! maybe two actually! Things are going really, really good for us right now I love it!! So, I’ll tell you about my week now!!! Haha so on Tuesday I packed and said good bye to everyone in my old area! I miss it a lot already it's kinda sad to say goodbye to everyone but that's ok! The family that I loved so much fed us this really good meal on Tuesday night and it was awesome! I wrote them a really long letter telling them how grateful I was for them and the chance to meet them! Haha I will stay in touch with them though, the mom already called me and made sure that I made it to my new area safely and said she was going to send me some socks because a bunch of mine had holes in them and she is always worried about me ahah she is like my Korean mom it's pretty funny!! Then Wednesday was transfers so we had to do all that stuff but it all went just fine!! We got to the area and got to work it was good being back in Seoul, Seoul is so great!! Mom we are staying in this area when you come to pick me up just so you know! I already decided haha this is where we want to stay I promise!! Haha anyways! Thursday morning we woke up and went and played basketball with our bishop Birc!! haha we play twice every week with them!! It is so awesome I'm so excited I had so much fun!! My bishop is an American actually!!!! Haha he is super sweet he has lived in Korea for ten years and is the regional manager of all of the subways in Korea so ya he's pretty well off I guess you could say! It's been awesome to get to know him a little bit! The rest of the bishopric is super cool too! haha one of them is way funny we call him Kobe they are the best!! Then I got to meet all of our investigators throughout the week and we found of couple more really good ones as well!! ha then we were visiting a member and when we walked out of her apartment we noticed a gym in the bottom of it and it was right by our house so the next morning we woke up and went and worked out in a gym for the first time in a year! haha it was awesome!!! Saturday we were really busy and Sunday we didn't even have time to eat we had so much stuff going on!! The life of a zone leader is super busy, way more busy than I was before but I like it a lot it is fun!! This week we have a bunch of extra meetings and we go on splits with other missionaries a lot and just have a lot of responsibility but it will be really fun I think! I'm really excited:) our ward is super awesome I'm really excited to get to meet them all!! I gave a talk on Sunday and it was good! It was short because there were other speakers but I talked about charity because I have been studying it a lot lately, then I bore my testimony! That was my week I guess! ha I know I forgot a bunch of stuff but I can't think of anything else right now!!

I love you!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I’m going to be a zone leader in 영등포 Yeong Deong Po!

Hey mom!! Sorry we didn't have time to email yesterday!!! Ha I was with the Ward all day! We went out to this island in the Daejon mission and had a picnic and did all this fun stuff it was so awesome!! It was suppose to get over at 3 so we thought we would be home in time to email but it took all day and we barely even made it home on time! It was super fun though. It was the best way I could of possibly spent my p day because now I'm getting transferred! I'm super sad! I already have two meal appointments today to say goodbye to my favorite people and I have tons of others to visit!!

I’m going to be a zone leader in 영등포 Yeong Deong Po! And I'm moving back to Seoul!! Ha it's right where you said that Kristy Hunt was staying!! I'm SO excited you have no idea!!!!

I got the hump day package from you!!!!!!!!! I loved it, it was super good. Tell Aunt Dee thanks for the jerky and I love her!! I was a little worried about the shoes you would send me.. Ha the 1st ones I had were all black and I was really sick of only having black shoes! You made a perfect choice they are exactly what I wanted :) and the v necks are awesome!!! Haha they fit good which is kinda sad.. but anyways I wore one on the trip yesterday with the ward and it's amazing how burnt your chest can get in one day after not seeing the sun for a whole year! I got a pretty fun picture of it! I'm excited for the really long letter!

Oh my gosh mom I'm dying laughing right now that is the funniest story I have ever heard! I miss Haden so mucn!! Wow that is great. haha oh I sent a package home this week, it had some of my random stuff I didn't need anymore and just a few other things, a shirt for Haden and some pokemon cards and then some random Buddhist things!

Well I have to get going! But I love you! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for all the support! If you send something with Kristy just send something that you wouldn’t be able to send in a package or something that I can’t get in Korea!


Elder Frei