Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staying In Yeong Dong Po!!

How was Thanksgiving? Ours went really good!! Super fun.. So I got a package yesterday at church from Brother Southerland, ha he didn't know you were sending him one too and he only got the one that was to him because he wasn't expecting 2 and I guess they didn't come on the same time so he brought the one to him to the church haha I told him I thought it was actually for him and he was like no way!! open it and check!! I opened it and he looked in and saw all the good stuff and was like nooo thats for you ha I was like umm I don't think so, my mom wouldn't send me Thor I don't think!! and I pulled it out (you couldn't see it under the food but I knew it was in there.. haha then he was super shocked and couldn't believe that you sent him a package haha he wouldn't take all the stuff you sent he wanted me to have it but he took Thor and some andes because he can't get those on the base.. and he took the card and wrote our address down and said that he would write you hahaah he is so awesome his wife is great too!! it was pretty funny though. 
We are doing a service project today!! This time of the year everyone makes kimchee! so we are going to make it at the Seoul History Museum for a service project!! it should be super fun but we have to cut our email time short to get there on time!! I'm excited though. I'll take lots of pics!!! So, this week.. the baptism went perfect!! our new ward mission leader is so awesome he took care of the whole thing and had it planned out perfectly!!!!!! A member of the ward baptized him it was great!! ha he was going to have me do it because the member wasn't going to be able to make it but then he was able to so it was good that it happened how he wanted!! transfers happened! we stayed:) one more transfer in Yeong Deong Po here I come!! I never wanna leave still ha I feel like this is my home and I love it. Our other investigators are doing really good!!! we set a baptismal date with Ser Bi Lee! :) I set it for Dec 25th!  how sweet is that? she can get baptized on Christmas sunday!!! super awesome!! and, our Thanksgiving was way awesome!! we ate with a family named the Ences turns out we are most likely related somehow haha it was really good and really fun there were so many people there!!! 

Elder Frei

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ok I'm going to tell you about our week really fast.. so as I told you we were inside a lot so Elder Reyes could get better, I think he is better now though so I'm excited for this week!!! Yesterday was stake conference all over the entire country!! They did a broadcast from Salt Lake and President Monson and Packer spoke and the Korean member of the 70. It was all about bringing back the less actives and the joys of missionary work so I loved it haha that is for sure. President was at our stakes conferences so I got to introduce our investigators that were there to him!! It was really good!! We met our investigator that is going to the English branch yesterday and taught him the plan of salvation, he already knew the whole thing though haha it's crazy how much Americans know about our church, way more than you would think and way more than the average Korean haah. On Saturday we met another investigator for the first time, it is a members boy friend he is way cool!! We cooked them lunch then taught him haha it was way fun they had a good time!! I'm excited to get to keep teaching him:) on Friday we met with Serbee Lee at our bishops house and had dinner together. She is so awesome she is doing really good!! I think she can get baptized next month very easily. We have 5 investigators that are all doing really, really good right now. We have maybe 15 investigators total. Right now is probably the most solid my investigator pool has ever been on my entire mission it's pretty crazy. I can't believe how much the Lord is blessing us right now. The baptism is this Saturday! Me and Elder Reyes are going to be singing and playing music at it haha so that should be pretty funny. We are eating Thanksgiving dinner with a family named the Ence’s this Thursday so I'm really excited for that! I'm sure it will be great. I got the letter grandma sent me tell her I said thanks and tell grandpa I said happy birthday!!!! (Frei) Oh also I asked grandma to tell me about how the Frei family first joined the church I want to know the story way bad. Can someone please look into that for me???? I would really appreciate that!! Today I put together a Thanksgiving basketball tournament. So that is what we are doing today. I love you all and I'm so grateful for all the support you all give me:)

Elder Frei

                                  Pepero day! November 11, it was huge this year!! (011 11 11)

My View

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chase didn't have much time to email tonight. He sent this to me. It is for his friends missionary newsletter. I was pretty shocked about the Korean culture and how you can only be friends with the people that you were born in the same year as. Wow! I don't think I have one friend that is born in the same year as me!

Friend news letter

Hey everyone! It seems like it's always time to write again for the newsletter! time goes by so fast out here. Thanks so much to everyone that makes the newsletter possible I love reading it! I'm also grateful for all of my friends that write in it. Ha in Korea you can only be friends with people that were born in the same year as you! I was born in 1991 so if you were born in 1990 we wouldn't be friends in the Korean culture haha. So, I'm really glad that isn't that case in America. Conference was so awesome this time around! Ha we had an investigator watching it with us on sunday and the focus point was the Book of Mormon, after the first few talks I asked him what he thought and he just kinda looked at me and was like "I think I better get one of those books in Korean" it was hilarious. I'm really grateful to be able to hear the prophet and apostles guidance through conference. I really loved the talk about using time effectively. I hope you are all striving to become "masters managers of time" and continue to strive to draw nearer to the Lord! Time truly does fly on wings of lightning and no we can not have it back! ha the song holds true. We're all starting to wind down the time that we have left! I hope everyone continues to serve with all their heart, and maintain that same passion we had when we first got into the mission field! I have learned to look to the newer missionaries when I feel like I need an example of how to do this work energetically! They are so awesome! I love you all and I am extremely grateful to call you all my friends!

Elder Frei

A missionary couple that served in Seoul. They just came home.

Chase's zone.