Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas caroling in the subway.

Elder Eisenhower and Elder Frei.

Elder Reyes and Elder Frei.

Elder Frei and Elder Olsen.

Korea Seoul Mission Christmas Conference.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

HMMM I don't really know what to say in this weeks email! Ha I feel like I can just tell you everything I have to say next week!! I'll give you a quick investigator update! We taught Brother Jeong the 2nd lesson, he is doing really good! he has no religious background at all so it's really weird to teach him! there are so many words that we have to explain to him . It's pretty funny. Steve came to church again, we are going to see him a few times this week! we met a new investigator his english name is Paul. He just moved back from Canada and is really good!! he has a lot of potential!! He almost got baptized in Canada but didn't have enough time I guess! he came to the party and to church also!! we went on splits on wednesday, I went with Elder McCausland he is from Laverkin, Utah haha so that was way fun to get to know him a little better I'm probably the only person in our mission who knows where Laverkin is so he probably liked that!! Last night we ate at a members house that is in the english branch! it was way good. Ha they gave us a ride home and on the way he crashed into the side of a wall pretty bad and messed up their car door!! it was pretty crazy but they just laughed about it. They are an awesome family I love them!!! hmm I guess I'll talk to you next week on the phone! 

Elder Frei

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 10, 2011

Well I'm going to write about the week a little bit I guess.. haha so let's see Tuesday we had zone leader council and we received an awesome training on studying and how we can always improve ourselves through our study. It was so good and the spirit of the meeting was SO amazing. President gave a few awesome talks to I love him so much. Wednesday we had combined district meeting where we conveyed the training and then after that we went on splits with my 2nd area Boeng Cheon. I went with Elder Greer who is in his first transfer! ha it was fun to be with a new Elder again it had been a while for me since I had done that! it's always a good experience for me to look back and see how much I have learned and grown while i've been on my mission!! (i'm not saying elder Greer isn't an awesome missionary cause he is!) he actually was super impressive and willing to do anything I said!! Friday we met with Na Jeong Hee and taught him, he got a new job so he is going to be moving soon, I was so sad when he told me! I've gotten so close with him ha I don't want him to leave. And he hasn't even got baptized yet!! haha he totally knows the church is true he just thinks he needs to be perfect before he joins!! I already told you about most of the weekend so I wont talk about that again but it was amazing. Also, Sunday I heard some really really good talks!! the one I wanna talk about was on how to be happier and enjoy the Holy Ghost more in our lives!! He started and just said don't sin as much. I loved the way he worded it, we all are sinners everyone knows that, we sin SO much. He just stressed that we can become better people continually if  we repent and rely on the Savior and do our best to sin less and less, read The Book of Mormon and have sincere prayers. I loved it so much and I could feel the spirit so strong the whole time. I really reflected on it and thought about how it relates to being a missionary, there are so many rules that it is almost impossible to keep every single one 100 percent of the time, like starting this at a certain time or not doing this or being home at this time just little things like that, I came to the conclusion that maybe they are there to show and remind us how weak we truly are and how much we need the Savior in our lives. We all need Christ's atonement in our lives, I'm so grateful for it and I hope we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas! I love you all thank you so much for your support.

Elder Frei

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We had the best saturday ever this week!! Our investigator that is in the army took us to dinner and we ate steak, and also we got to go to Body Worlds!! We
stopped by a museum and it was there! ha so he was like we have to go
to this. This is a one time opportunity so we went and checked it out
and it was super awesome!

The lady we're teaching (Ser Bee) has abaptismal date for Christmas day!! so hopefully that all works out!!:) we have another investigator that should have a baptismal date soon!! I think this might be my last transfer in Yeong Deong Po
though.. I hope not but it probably is!

So here is our week in a nutshell.. monday we made kimchi and that was way fun!! then after that we had dinner with a bunch of missionaries than came home changed and had family night with all the single adults!! it was way fun! Tuesday
we did a way fun finding activity with the rest of our district and it
went really good!!! after that we met with a member from the english
branch that is just putting in his papers, he is studying korean too!!
ha we taught him how to pray it was awesome!! it was really fun he is
a great kid we've got to know him pretty good he comes and helps us
teach every once in a while!! wednesday we had district meeting! it
was great. Then after that I went on splits with Elder Richards in
Sindorim! It was really fun he came to Korea with me! so that was good.
We met with a couple of recent converts that I did the baptismal
interview for like 5 months ago so it was a really awesome blessing to
be able to see how they have progressed in the gospel and that they
were doing good!! Thursday we did another finding activity with the
other district in the zone and that went good as well!! we found some
new investigators, we were doing it in my 2nd area! it's really weird
to think I was about to get transferred out of there an entire year
ago. Time is crazy. Friday we had a few lessons cancel on us but that
was ok, we met our investigator that I told you is moving. I was so
sad when he told us!! he was doing so good and has so much potential
to be baptized. I will be really sad to see him leave! but we taught
him and then a few members came to the church and we started teaching
them guitar so that was way fun!! Saturday was the day that we went to
the museum that was probably the most fun saturday of my whole
mission!! hahah we had sooo much fun!! the investigators name is
Steve, he is super cool we had a blast!!! we had 3 investigators at
church it was a great day!! it's really hard to be serving in two
wards haha we bounce back a forth it's pretty hard but it's fun..
makes for a pretty long day though that is for sure!! we go to the
church at about 9 and usually get home and 4 or 5 ha so we get plenty
of church in! We love it though. Hearing sacrament in english is
really weird still haha!! we have a really busy week this week. Lots
of meeting and trainings and then we are going on splits on wednesday!
it should be fun, I'm excited. Mom something you told me last week
really hit me hard about staying diligent until the end of my
mission, I really thought about it and how right you are.. I
only have about 5 months left of my entire life to be serving the Lord
full-time I really want to utilize this time and continue to grow and
bless as many other peoples lives as the Lord will let me! I really
really liked President Eyring's article in the Ensign this month, it's
about being grateful for our blessings! He tells everyone to ask the
Lord in prayer to be able to be led to someone that they can serve and
share the gospel! I love that. I do that every night and day. I love
randomly finding someone to serve and just helping them! it goes a lot
farther than we think. A couple of weeks ago a lady was pushing a baby
in a stroller and she got into the elevator with us, she had a really
big box with her and I could tell she wasn't going to be able to carry
it by herself so I asked her if I could take it for her and followed
her to her apartment with it and then went back to the elevator,
yesterday she was in the elevator with us again with her husband and
baby this time and she was like "this is the person that helped me
carry the books to the house" and he was like "oh thank you so much
for doing that' it actually took me a few minutes to realize what they
were talking about cause I almost forgot about it then it hit me and I
remembered!! Ha the things we do go a lot further than we think. I
love you all I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. I'm
grateful for Christ and The Book of Mormon and how much better we can
understand his atonement through it! I hope you all take the time to
reflect on your blessings throughout the holiday season and remember
Christ and all he has done for us! study about him and his life
through out the month of December, that is what I have been
challenging all of our members to do!! I love you all, have a great

Elder Frei

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staying In Yeong Dong Po!!

How was Thanksgiving? Ours went really good!! Super fun.. So I got a package yesterday at church from Brother Southerland, ha he didn't know you were sending him one too and he only got the one that was to him because he wasn't expecting 2 and I guess they didn't come on the same time so he brought the one to him to the church haha I told him I thought it was actually for him and he was like no way!! open it and check!! I opened it and he looked in and saw all the good stuff and was like nooo thats for you ha I was like umm I don't think so, my mom wouldn't send me Thor I don't think!! and I pulled it out (you couldn't see it under the food but I knew it was in there.. haha then he was super shocked and couldn't believe that you sent him a package haha he wouldn't take all the stuff you sent he wanted me to have it but he took Thor and some andes because he can't get those on the base.. and he took the card and wrote our address down and said that he would write you hahaah he is so awesome his wife is great too!! it was pretty funny though. 
We are doing a service project today!! This time of the year everyone makes kimchee! so we are going to make it at the Seoul History Museum for a service project!! it should be super fun but we have to cut our email time short to get there on time!! I'm excited though. I'll take lots of pics!!! So, this week.. the baptism went perfect!! our new ward mission leader is so awesome he took care of the whole thing and had it planned out perfectly!!!!!! A member of the ward baptized him it was great!! ha he was going to have me do it because the member wasn't going to be able to make it but then he was able to so it was good that it happened how he wanted!! transfers happened! we stayed:) one more transfer in Yeong Deong Po here I come!! I never wanna leave still ha I feel like this is my home and I love it. Our other investigators are doing really good!!! we set a baptismal date with Ser Bi Lee! :) I set it for Dec 25th!  how sweet is that? she can get baptized on Christmas sunday!!! super awesome!! and, our Thanksgiving was way awesome!! we ate with a family named the Ences turns out we are most likely related somehow haha it was really good and really fun there were so many people there!!! 

Elder Frei

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ok I'm going to tell you about our week really fast.. so as I told you we were inside a lot so Elder Reyes could get better, I think he is better now though so I'm excited for this week!!! Yesterday was stake conference all over the entire country!! They did a broadcast from Salt Lake and President Monson and Packer spoke and the Korean member of the 70. It was all about bringing back the less actives and the joys of missionary work so I loved it haha that is for sure. President was at our stakes conferences so I got to introduce our investigators that were there to him!! It was really good!! We met our investigator that is going to the English branch yesterday and taught him the plan of salvation, he already knew the whole thing though haha it's crazy how much Americans know about our church, way more than you would think and way more than the average Korean haah. On Saturday we met another investigator for the first time, it is a members boy friend he is way cool!! We cooked them lunch then taught him haha it was way fun they had a good time!! I'm excited to get to keep teaching him:) on Friday we met with Serbee Lee at our bishops house and had dinner together. She is so awesome she is doing really good!! I think she can get baptized next month very easily. We have 5 investigators that are all doing really, really good right now. We have maybe 15 investigators total. Right now is probably the most solid my investigator pool has ever been on my entire mission it's pretty crazy. I can't believe how much the Lord is blessing us right now. The baptism is this Saturday! Me and Elder Reyes are going to be singing and playing music at it haha so that should be pretty funny. We are eating Thanksgiving dinner with a family named the Ence’s this Thursday so I'm really excited for that! I'm sure it will be great. I got the letter grandma sent me tell her I said thanks and tell grandpa I said happy birthday!!!! (Frei) Oh also I asked grandma to tell me about how the Frei family first joined the church I want to know the story way bad. Can someone please look into that for me???? I would really appreciate that!! Today I put together a Thanksgiving basketball tournament. So that is what we are doing today. I love you all and I'm so grateful for all the support you all give me:)

Elder Frei

                                  Pepero day! November 11, it was huge this year!! (011 11 11)

My View

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chase didn't have much time to email tonight. He sent this to me. It is for his friends missionary newsletter. I was pretty shocked about the Korean culture and how you can only be friends with the people that you were born in the same year as. Wow! I don't think I have one friend that is born in the same year as me!

Friend news letter

Hey everyone! It seems like it's always time to write again for the newsletter! time goes by so fast out here. Thanks so much to everyone that makes the newsletter possible I love reading it! I'm also grateful for all of my friends that write in it. Ha in Korea you can only be friends with people that were born in the same year as you! I was born in 1991 so if you were born in 1990 we wouldn't be friends in the Korean culture haha. So, I'm really glad that isn't that case in America. Conference was so awesome this time around! Ha we had an investigator watching it with us on sunday and the focus point was the Book of Mormon, after the first few talks I asked him what he thought and he just kinda looked at me and was like "I think I better get one of those books in Korean" it was hilarious. I'm really grateful to be able to hear the prophet and apostles guidance through conference. I really loved the talk about using time effectively. I hope you are all striving to become "masters managers of time" and continue to strive to draw nearer to the Lord! Time truly does fly on wings of lightning and no we can not have it back! ha the song holds true. We're all starting to wind down the time that we have left! I hope everyone continues to serve with all their heart, and maintain that same passion we had when we first got into the mission field! I have learned to look to the newer missionaries when I feel like I need an example of how to do this work energetically! They are so awesome! I love you all and I am extremely grateful to call you all my friends!

Elder Frei

A missionary couple that served in Seoul. They just came home.

Chase's zone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Just Got Chase's Release Date! May 12, 2012!

October 30, 2011

Well, I'll tell you about this week, we were both kinda sick so not a whole lot has been going on, Elder Reyes has been pretty bad for a week straight I was just sick over the weekend but I feel ok now. I really wish this recorder would work so I could send you the stuff I recorded there is a pretty funny story on there I'll try to get it fixed somewhere and then I'll try to send it again probably.. I'm way mad that it isn't working super annoying!! so we did some pretty fun stuff this week, we got to help a member move and stuff the whole experience is on the recorder haha so I wont tell it and there is a really funny story with one of our investigators.. but yesterday at church we had one of our investigators come and we got to teach her the first lesson it went really good she is really receptive of our message! ha she thought that The Book of Mormon replaced The new Testament or something and when she was going home from church two weeks ago someone gave her a new testament on the side of the road ( just a church handing them out) and she thought she didn't need it so she just tossed it but then she was like wow that is amazing that that happened the day after I went to church for the first time ha I need one of those! haah so it was really funny she is awesome. ha then the last few days of this week we were finally able to get some rest so Elder Reyes could get feeling better!! last night the AP's called us and were in our area so we went and did a finding activity together it was really fun! I can't believe that Elder Bailey goes home in like 3 weeks so crazy. we have been really good friends the whole time I've been in Korea it's going to be so much different without him. We're going to be with the AP's all day today so I'm excited for that!!  There is a missionary couple that has been serving in the english branch but they are going home next week so we went and listened to there talks yesterday.. it was crazy to hear a sacrament meeting in english for the first time in 18 months haha that is for sure!! well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!  We had President interviews on saturday I talked to him about my release date.. It is may 11th! just over 6 months from now!!!!! crazy... were going to play soccer later today i'm excited like the whole mission is going so it should be way fun:)

I Love you all,

Love, Elder Frei

Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Months Left In Korea

October 22, 2011

Recording From Elder Frei

This week has been super busy!!  On pday we played basketball. We pretty much played all day long. It was a lot of fun. Then we had family home evening.

On tuesday we had specialized training so all of the zone leaders and district leaders went. A lot of interesting things happened at the meeting. 

On wednesday we had combined district meeting. We gave the training to all of our zone. We have a lot of good missionaries in our zone. The AP's came to our district meeting as well. They come to every single one. We went street boarding last night. We talked to some cool people like usual. We have had a lot of meetings and helping missionaries in our zone take care of problems and stuff. It has been good. We had english class last night. We taught them some slang words. They just can't understand it. They cant understand American speek. They just can't understand everyday conversation because we use a lot  of slang. It was funny to try to explain some slang words to them. 

Today has been a good day. We have tried to try some new things to meet new people. We found an old guitar at the church and we are fixing it up. Elder Reyes is going to teach guitar lessons. He is going to teach me as well. So I am going to be super sick at the guitar!! I am going to teach some members and their kids basketball. So it should be pretty cool. We will see how that goes. HMMMMMMMM 
Oh the guy that was going to get baptized on saturday is going to wait for another week and a half. The reason why is that his parents are getting baptized in a different city. So they are going down there for that. And then they will come back and he will be baptized. We are excited for that. The lady that we met at church has been reading about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and the church history. She has been talking to us about what great men they are. She wants to become like them. We are meeting with her on Sunday. 

Today we went street boarding with Elder Doman and his companion. We were walking to the cross walk and there are tons of people. It is the elections in Seoul and there was a lady campaigning. She is doing really good. She is picked to win. They were having a big rally. When we showed up everyone was following the lady and this guy came up to me and said you have to shake her hand. I didn't even really know who she was. The guy yelled at the lady that there was a (Chase used the Korean word for foreigner) foreigner here and he wants to shake your hand. So the lady came over to me and shook my hand. It was super funny. So I probably shook the next Governor of Korea's hand. We have been doing a lot of stuff with that set of missionaries. Elder Doman is from Pleasant Grove. He serves right next to us. And we have been doing a lot of stuff together. He played football at BYU. We have a lot in common. We are really close.

Elder Reyes has been real sick today. So we have had to stay in the house. So I just started calling tons of people. I invited them to this activity that we have in this place called Dong Juak. A lot of the missionaries from our zone came. Our recent convert came with us. We ended up being forty five minutes late because we we got off at the wrong subway stop. So after we found our investigator we went to the activity. It was fun. All of our ward was there. And all of the other wards were there from the stake. It was cool to talk to all of the recent converts. I have been in Yeong Dong Po long enough that I know all of the leaders from the stake. It is cool to see all of them. I also have done a lot  of the new baptism interviews for recent converts and met tons of investigators and I just feel like I know everyone in the seven wards that we have. It was pretty cool. When that was over eight of the missionaries from the zone went to a park close by and played basketball and tried to meet new people. Hopefully we got some new investigators for the missionaries in that area. Tomorrow is Sunday and our new investigator is coming with us. Our investigator Nong Jun He  the one that lived in America is coming and another one is coming. So we should have about three. Good things are happening with us and in our zone. 

I just want you all to know that I love you and I love Korea. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned on my mission. One of the things that I have learned is the overall  happiness that the gospel brings to your life. There are so many people in Korea that could benefit from it. But they just can't see it. They think that worldly things is what brings happiness but that is not true. That is not what brings happiness it is really through the gospel and through keeping the commandments that we are able to find it. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. And to be able to see those blessings and to be out here sharing it with people. Sharing Christ's true gospel with them. I am really grateful. Nobody wants to listen about the Book of Mormon. They think that the Bible is all they need. Well, I love you and I hope you had a great week. It is crazy that I only have six months left on my mission. Mom is probably getting pretty excited.

Today we went and watched a member run in a race. There ended up being 2 million people. We estimated about ten thousand people and that seemed pretty high. But there was two million. It was unreal. 

My new companion  Elder Reyes played in a band before his mission. He toured Europe and America. He is super awesome at the guitar and singing. He taught me this song on the guitar so I want to play it for you. I only know one verse. Chase played a song on the guitar and sang it. It was a Jack Johnson song. It was really good. Maybe next week I will have the whole song learned. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16, 2011

These words were taken from the voice recorder that Chase sent to us. 

Hey everyone! We played soccer today for pday. It was really fun. We played Koreans vs Americans. We won the main game and then the Koreans kicked our butts. We are super sore from soccer today. Tonight we are going to meet with our ward missionary leader to talk about our investigators. Tonight are transfer calls and we are pretty positive that we won't stay together. We are pretty sad about that but it has been an awesome four and a half months.

Our apartment is on the 23rd floor. It's not bad. An awesome view every night.

The subway is not that cool mom. The next time I ride it mom I will talk about it.

Tonight was a really good night. We had the meeting with our ward mission leader and then family home evening. We talked about conference and what we liked. We had a investigator there and it was really good for him.

We just got transfer calls. I am staying in Yeong Dong Po. Elder Van Hoff is transferring to Sin Dong with a Korean missionary. My new companion is Elder Reyes.

We just came down to the subway. It is crazy down here. People are crazy. There are nine subway lines. We pretty much ride it everyday. They have had to put up gates in front of the entrances because students were committing suicide by jumping in front of them.

There are mosquitos everywhere. We have to spray bug spray on us and put a fan by us when we sleep so that they don't eat us alive. I don't know how they get 230 ft in the air to our apartment. Tomorrow is transfers. We have to get up really early and go to Dong Dae Moon. 

It is wednesday. Today was transfer day. I have a devastating story to tell you about the travel there. We were riding on the subway and we had all of Elder Van Hoff's bags and we got to our stop and got off and got up to the street and I went to take my camera out of my backpack to take some photos and my backpack was not on my back. I left it on the subway!! The camera card had all of my photos from last december. I hope that someone will turn it in. People don't really steal stuff in Korea. We will see. My new companions name is Elder Reyes. He is a baller. He is from Los Angeles. I was in the MTC with Elder Reyes. It is going to be an awesome transfer. We cleaned our apartment today it looks brand new. I would send you a picture but I can't. We had english class tonight it was great. A girl in our english class told us that her hobby was licking cats. HAHA I don't know? 

We are at our church to make an english flyer. We just got done helping a member with her english paper for school. We corrected every single sentence that she wrote. She is really good at english but writing it is different. Today was a great day. Still don't have my bag and camera. Elder Reyes is an awesome cook. He made the best omelet today. We are going to visit bishop tonight. 

Today was a great day. We had weekly planning meeting. We have a lot going on. That is always good. We then went and taught our investigator that owns the restaurant. She always feeds us this really good stuff called Kim te che. She has been really sick. After that we went to the church and made flyers. And then, this will make mom really happy…….WE FOUND MY BACKPACK. Everything was left in it.!!! We visited another investigator. I have been eating a lot and I am finally gaining some weight. 

Today is Sunday and just got home from church. The first thing that happened we had a meeting with all of the church leaders to talk about our investigators. Our recent convert came he comes every week he is awesome. He pulled out the hymn book to sing and he propped it up on the bench he looked like he had been coming to the ward for twenty years he just fits right in. It was so cool. I took a picture of him and sent it to Elder Van Hoff. Then Elder Reyes gave his (it is funny on the recording he always has to ask his companion how you say something in english) introduction talk. He did awesome. We were just talking to all of the members after church and one of the members came and introduced this lady to us that had just walked in. She had gone to the english ward. But she doesn't speak english. So we talked with her for about an hour about our church and got to know her. The english branch had cooked lunch so we got to eat english food and drink root beer! It was awesome. We are going to meet her again next sunday for church. She has already started reading The Book of Mormon. And had some spiritual experiences with the reading. The stories she read brought her to tears. So we are excited to meet with her. Then we were walking down stairs to the second floor where priesthood is held and when we turned the corner and there was the member that had just got married when I first got to Yeong Dong Po. She stopped us and asked us, "Hey what does my husband have to do to get baptized? He has had all of the lessons". So we talked and I told her that all he has to do is get his interview. She wanted to know when we could do that and I told her whenever she wanted to. She told us that he is really busy next week and the week after that. She said what about this week. So it is looking like we are going to have a baptism this coming saturday. We are super excited for that. It was an awesome day at church. Hopefully it will all work out and we will have a baptism this saturday. So that was our awesome day at church. The Lord is amazing. You never know when he is going to bless you. 

The rest of sunday was pretty sweet. After lunch we went out and talked to a bunch of people. We found a few that want to meet again. After that we met with a member that needed help translating some stuff and help with and english paper. We helped her and pretty much had to rewrite everything. We visited our new ward mission leader. His name is Ochun Doke. He is sweet. I love him. He has the cutest little girl. She is so funny. When we first started meeting with him she was really shy and now she loves us. She just stares at us too. 

We have been on  the phone with our zone checking on them and to see how their week went. Everyone is doing pretty good. My new companion Elder Reyes is the best. It is going to be super fun. We are expecting a baptism in six days, we love our area, our house is super clean, we now have a 5 inch dvd player for watching preach my gospel training dvd's. One weird thing about Korea that we hate in the fall is these trees that drop fruit everywhere. When the fruit breaks it smells just like poo. It is the worst smell ever!!!!!! Koreans go around everywhere to pick them up and make tea out of it. Yuck! Gross! They are everywhere and the smell is so bad. Well, I only have over six months on my mission, pretty crazy, so if everyone wants to start writing and emailing me it would probably be a good time to start. Just Saying! I love you all and I will write you next week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok mom, I'll tell you about our week really quick! we are going to play soccer today to end off the transfer, were pretty positive that we won’t be comps next transfer were both really sad haha but anyways, so I emailed you last Tuesday so I'll start from Wednesday! We had a way good combined district meeting, it went really good! The training was on proselyting and talking to people on the street and stuff! I felt like it went really good. After that I went on splits with Elder Boyer who is an awesome missionary! I love him. We had a really good day and he was really grateful to get to serve with me for a day! haha Elder Van Hoff showed me some magic tricks that I am learning and I showed them to him and blew his mind it was super funny! I'm getting good! Then on Thursday we had pretty much our only normal day of the whole week! (we had conference and tons of meetings throughout the week that made it really busy) on Friday we taught our investigator that owns the really good restaurant, she hadn't really kept any of her commitments from the last time we met but this time she was really determined to start reading The Book of Mormon and do the things we asked her to do so I am really excited to meet her this week!!! Conference was super awesome! Wow it was so good. I absolutely loved it! One of our investigators came to both sessions on Sunday, the morning session the first 3 speakers all talked about The Book of Mormon!! Afterwards I asked him what he thought haha he looked at me with a blank stare for a couple of seconds then said, "I think I need one of those books in Korean" haha it was really funny.. he is so awesome 'm really excited to meet him, conference helped him a ton! Before he only wanted to meet us on Sundays at church and stuff but then yesterday before he left the church he was like hey do you guys have time that you could meet me during the week and teach me? it was so awesome!!! I was like ya of course! Then he text me later that night and was like hey can we meet tomorrow? ha he has a really good desire to learn about the gospel now so I am really excited to continue teaching him! Sunday night we had stake priesthood meeting, it is the meeting where the stake presidency, mission president, and ward mission leaders meet and discuss missionary work. They also have the zone leaders attend as well. It is such a great blessing to be able to spend a lot of time with the leaders of the church in Korea, they are all so humble and smart and wise I feel like I'm learning non top when I am with them they are constant teachers! they had a lot of new ideas to help the work move along so we are really excited for some of the things we planned that will be coming up!! After the meeting we went with Bishop Clark to a members house and gave a member a blessing, it was really awesome. Bishop is fluent in Korean but he talked to us about how whenever he gives a blessing he never thinks about anything that he is going to say! He told us how he always feels like the blessing is coming from another source, he is such an awesome bishop. He had me do the anointing and I started the prayer and all the words to it just came out of my mouth without a second thought it was a pretty crazy experience. The Lord really does work through us to accomplish what he needs done. I think my favorite quote from conference applies perfectly to that experience, "when the time for decision has arrived, the time for preparation is over." President Monson-

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Frei

Friday, October 7, 2011

일석이조이다. ( kill two birds with one stone)

Chase with President Lee, and Elder Van Hoff

The sign says, "repent and believe".

Chase with Elder Van Hoff.

Hmm guess I'll tell you about the week then! So tuesday was sweet, I love the temple. I think I say that every time I go, but the spirit there is so incredible and we can learn so much! All while allowing someone else to receive the necessary ordinances to receive eternal salvation. 일석이조이다. ( kill two birds with one stone) ha that is a Chinese based proverb I love those things they are really fun! Afterwards we went and ate mexican food cause it was elder Van Hoffs year in country mark so we had to celebrate of course!! Ha after that we went shopping at one of the main markets and I ended up buying some weights. I bought two 15 pound dumb bells so those were super fun to carry all the way home, but they were totally worth it that is for sure!! Wednesday we had district meeting, it went really good! afterwards I went on splits with Elder Rowe, he is one of the district leaders in our zone! It was a good day we had a lot of fun! It's always fun to see someone else's area as well and try to help and inspire them! Thursday and friday were pretty normal days, a lot of our investigators haven't been able to meet lately but that's ok it will all work out! saturday was a fun day though! a member put on this lecture about laughter and the importance of laughing everyday and stuff like that! it was really funny he made everyone laugh all the time and do all this really awkward stuff! we both thought it was super funny! I thought he was crazy when he started laughing the first time!( he kinda stomped his feet and danced around, it was kinda like a scary movie for a little bit) haha then after that we were out talking to people on the street and we met this kid that was working at a little shop but he was just practicing juggling outside while he waited for people ha it was awesome! he showed us how to do it and then we talked to him and he is way cool and text us all the time now and wants to meet so that should be really fun! After that bishop invited us and a few members to his house! (one of them was our new ward mission leader that just got called, we are really excited for that) and a few other single adults! we walked up to his house together and on the way to one of the members we were just like hey do you wanna proselyte with us? and she was just like sure! haha it was amazing! so we talked to people with her all the way to his house it was amazing. Some of the members in our ward our so awesome! I love this ward so much! Sunday was a really good fast sunday! I bore my testimony about prophets and apostles and related it to how I was really excited to listen to conference and learn how I can be better or things I can change in my own life! I didn't think it was that good but like every member told me they liked it a lot afterwards! it was kinda cool. yesterday was p-day and that holiday, I don't know what people do on that holiday, nothing too exciting I don't think haha but we all got together at our church and played basketball and threw a football around it was a blast! we had a ton of people there!  I hope that Im going to stay in Yeong Deong Po I love it here I could stay here until the end of my mission!! Well, I love you all and i'm glad you all enjoyed the package! Have a great week!!

Elder Frei

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 18, 2011
We don't have a lot of time to email today so I'm going to tell you about the rest of the week from Wednesday on! Actually there wasn't a whole lot that went on cause it's only been like 4 days since I emailed you!! But yesterday we did meet one of our new investigators!!! He is 29 and just moved back from America like 2 months ago!! He went to Boise State and then BYU for a summer semester! He is super cool and loves basketball so were going to play with him! He really likes the church too! I think he will get baptized really fast!! His name is 나정희. (Na Jong Hee) he came to church yesterday and then to a fireside last night! It was really good cause he got to meet a bunch of members from other wards at the fireside it was perfect!! Also I got to see my two favorite members from my last area! And the daughter of one of my ward mission leaders! She has her mission call and is serving in the Temple Square mission! She's way excited ha she wants to write me, I told her I would come visit her when I get home! She leaves in January! Ha on Saturday we were going to visit a member, we were going up the escalator when this lady just started talking to us and asked us where we were going! Ha then she asked me if I could play any instruments! I said the piano but just a little bit! Then she was like do you want to learn how to play one? haha I just said yes then she was like what do you want to learn? haha I was kinda joking and said the Ocarina! haha then she was like ok I'll teach you how to play it! Then she asked me if I had one, I said no! Ha she was like then you need to buy one I'll sell you one for 50 bucks they are usually 150! ha I was just like I'm a missionary so I don't really have any money! haha then she thought about it and was just like give me 30 bucks, I'll teach you for a month, and give you a ocarina for free! haha then she showed us a spot where she wanted to meet us the next week and left! haha it was super funny! I might go back but I haven't decided yet.. haha she said she would listen to what we had to teach and come to church with us so maybe it would be worth it! It would be a really funny experience. Haha one more funny thing, yesterday we were eating lunch and two sisters from our ward called us and were at the church and said they were super hungry and asked us to bring them some food! haha they were all going somewhere so they didn't have time to go home after church to eat! i was like ok but we don't really have any food! because we shop on Mondays so Sundays we are usually out of everything! and we definitely were this week haha. We ended up making them a couple of sandwiches, some snacks, and taking a thing of milk to them! ha they were really grateful but it was really funny! To repay us they want to take us to dinner on Tuesday to a Thai restaurant so that should be really fun! hmm one more thing, we were meeting one of our investigators that wants to get baptized but has a really bad word of wisdom problem! We have been helping him lower the amounts that he drinks so that he can stop, I don't know that it has been to effective so the last time we taught him we just asked him about baptism and if he would be able to quit drinking. He told us that it would be really hard and then just joking said maybe if I get a girlfriend I will stop. haha.. It went silent for a little bit then I just looked right at him and said I know the Lord wants you to stop drinking and follow the word of wisdom so you can get baptized! After that he committed to stop drinking in 1 month! It was pretty amazing now that I think about it!  So hopefully he can do it cause if he does he will get baptized for sure! I love you all so much thank you for your support! I have the best family ever. The gospel is true. I love doing this work and always trying to find ways to help others come unto Christ! I love the knowledge of the gospel I've been able to obtain during my mission and I'm so grateful for it! I love you all!
Elder Frei

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Chuseok (Thanksgiving in Korea)


Ok mom I'm going to tell about the week now!! So, Tuesday we had zone leader council! It was really good President gave a really good training!! Then we had combined district meeting on Wednesday and all the A.P.s came! There are 3 of them now! Ha they gave some of the training on Tuesday too and district meeting is when we train the rest of the zone so it put a little bit of pressure on! ha it went really good though! and the A.P.s said that we did a really good job too! After that we went on splits with Elder Bailey! We had a sweet day planned out but a couple of our appointments ended up canceling but it still turned out to be a really good day! We had English class that night as well and it went really good! One of the single adults in our ward went on vacation to Thailand and she brought us back some souvenirs! It was really nice of her! On Thursday we went on splits again, this time with another companionship from our zone! it went really good we had a great day and met some really really good new people on the street! it was awesome!! we had a lot of time to get out and talk to people and we ended up talking to 52 people that day!! pretty cool! on friday we met an investigator that owns a really good restaurant by our church! She makes this stuff called 김치찜 (kimchi cheim) it's one of my favorite foods! I will take you there when you come here for sure! anyways she fed us for free and then we taught her!! It went pretty good we're really excited to go back this friday and teach her again!! Saturday we started off the holiday weekend right!!! We taught another investigator saturday morning, she is doing really good as well! her name is 김아름 (Kim Ah Rum) she is progressing really good as well! I got a call right when we finished from my favorite members from my greenie area!! They wanted to come to my area and visit us!! So we went to a park and rented bikes and rode bikes around for a while! it was so fun I missed them a lot! They are the family with the three little girls!:) Sunday was the first day of the holiday so people were all leaving the city!! there weren't very many people at church either haha! A member from the english branch introduced two girls to us though so we are going to start meeting them that was really cool!!!  Monday was the day we had the conference! The main day of the holiday! It was really fun!! We had a huge lunch and then afterwards we all played volleyball and basketball at our church! it was a really fun day!! then at 7 a member invited us over to her house and fed us! it was so good! it's like thanksgiving day! but Korean style of course! lots of kimchi;)  Yesterday was the last day of the holiday and the town was still a ghost town!! ha Bishop invited us over to his house and we ate with them! having an American Bishop is great! we ate Tacos! it was super good!! it's good to have everyone back in town today though! it's like the whole city just paused for 3 days and now everything is just back to normal! pretty intense holiday! I can't believe that it is my 2nd one I have had in Korea, time flies. Well I love you all! thanks for your support! Zack, stay off the twinkies while your down for 6 months! Mad Had, keep smashing people! Pud Master you too!!

Elder Frei
p.s. I'm about to send a package home it's got some good stuff in it!

Monday, August 29, 2011


First of all I want to start off by saying we had an AMAZING week and saw so many miracles!! We had 5 investigators at church yesterday! The most I've ever had on my whole mission!! Two of them were referrals from a less active family we have been working with that comes to church every week now!! Her son also is preparing to serve a mission! They are awesome!! She brought a family with her to church! And they are really interested in why there are so many churches and really want to know why!! They have so much interest I am super super excited to teach them!!! Also, Daniels sister came to church as well!!! We met with her afterwards and set a baptismal date with her for September 25th! So we were really excited about that too!! Also, we found 4 new investigators this week! I want to tell you the story of how we met one of them! So, during personal study on Friday morning I was reading the Book of Mormon when all of the sudden the idea came to me that I needed to mark a proselyting Book of Mormon (the one I would use when I talked to people on the street that day) I had never ever done this before so I thought it was kinda weird but then I just did it! I highlighted and marked with a tab the title page, last 2 paragraphs on the introduction, Alma 7 and Moroni 7 some of my favorite scriptures!! I didn't give it out all day proselyting and we had talked to a bunch of people! We had a lesson at 6:30 and taught it and still had an hour and half left in the day! So we decided to go visit a member but we got there and she wasn’t home!! All of the sudden another members name popped into my head! So I just said out loud "let’s go visit 조병갑" he is in the stake presidency and super awesome!! So we decided to do that! We got to his house and you have to buzz the person that you’re going to visit to get into the apartment, (it's kinda annoying) we were deciding on a scripture to share and a lady walked in and put in her password so we just followed her in and were standing inside then she told us to go back out and ring the person we came to visit and that we couldn't just walk in.. haha I started giving her an excuse why we did it and we weren't going to go back outside but then the door started to close and I just decided to go back out for some reason!! So we were outside again just about to ring the bell and this guy walks up to us and says in English "do you guys need something?" haha we were shocked and just kinda looked at him for a second! But then we got talking for a minute and he invited us up to his house and we got to teach him and it was super awesome!! He knew a few people that were LDS and we set up a time to go back and visit him so we are really excited for that!!! I was really really blown away by that experience!! Then we were walking home after and we passed this older guy and he just stared me down as we past! So I turned around and he was still just walking the other way looking at me!! Haha so we stopped and then he motioned for us to come talk to him!! We set up an appointment with him and met him the next day!!!! It was awesome! This was an amazing week!! I’m really grateful for everything that happened this week and feel really lucky to have been able to see so many amazing things!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Frei

Monday, August 22, 2011

That's good that Dixie won their game! What was the score??? This week

wasn't too exciting but it was pretty fun!! Today were going shopping

at one of the really big markets! It's going to be sweet I'm excited I

haven't been there for like 7 months probably haha!! So I'll tell you

about our week really fast!! Tuesday after we emailed we went and got

my visa renewed so now I can live in Korea until next august!! haha

and then after that we went to this way good buffet(it was my year in

country mark) so we decided we had to go big!! That was way fun! Right

after that we met an investigator! Kim Jae Deok.  I

think I told you about him!! We taught him a good lesson about baptism

and he accepted an invitation to be baptized! We are thinking it will

happen next week! I couldn't think of a better way to spend my year in

country mark!! Haha Wednesday we had district meeting, it was really

really good!! Afterwards we went and ate this stuff called 돈까스 it's

this fried pork stuff, it's way good! But the reason we went to this

place is cause they have a contest with this super super spicy one and

if you can eat it within 10 minutes you get six months free! haha we

only tried a sample of it! I was ok, it was super super hot I couldn't

have eaten anymore, but some of the Elders were dying haha it was

hilarious!! then like two days later we were at a restaurant we eat at

often and we walked in and Elder Vanhoff went to the bathroom so I

ordered for us and I ordered it spicy! haha they made it super super

hot and I thought Elder Van Hoff was going to die! We got the funniest

video ever! I wish I could send it to you it is priceless!! On

Thursday I went on splits. I got to go back to my 2nd area! It was

super fun. We met a member that had like a 3 month old baby when I was

first there and now he is like 15 months old so it was super weird to

see him again haha!! It made me realize I've lived in Korea for a

while now! I was on splits with Elder Park. He is Korean! It was

really fun. They talk a lot of English because all the Koreans have

young American companions that aren't that good at Korean yet so we

talked Korean the entire time! It was fun! I loved it. Saturday we

went and played basketball with some people, some old guy volunteered

to ref our game haha it was super funny.. We killed the people we

played of course! haha they are Korean. And afterwards the guy the

reffed came up to me and was complimenting me and stuff and gave me

his business card and told me to come play with their club haha he was

a coach of some place it was super funny.. Church was awesome.

Yesterday, we had a new investigator there with us! Ha he was in the

hospital kinda close to the church and we met him in there on Friday,

in Korea you can just leave the hospital and come back whenever you

want so on Sunday he came to church for a while then went back to the

hospital haha it was funny! (Korea has nationalized health care so

it's not expensive to stay in the hospital, so people just check in

and stay for a way long time when they are hurt! ha they will go

outside with their hospital clothes on and walk around everywhere.

Sometimes you even see someone walking around pulling an IV stand

behind them with the IV stuck in their arm ha it's pretty crazy!! This

week is the last week of the transfer! I can't believe how fast it has

gone by!! We’re hoping we get to stay together for 3 transfers!! So

pray for us! Haha we are so happy still!! I hope you all have a great

week!! The gospel true! Right now I am going back through some of the

old conferences and reviewing the talks! They are so good. I love

reading anything that the apostles or prophet has written. We can all

benefit so much from it!!


Elder Frei

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello everyone!
This week in Seoul was great! Today I have lived in Korea for 1 year! I can't believe it! It has been a good time for me to really reflect on the past year and see how much I have grown! (as a missionary, the korean language, and as a person) I'm so grateful to be here serving the Lord at this point in my life and I'm looking forward to all that I will continue to learn throughout the rest of  my mission!! Tuesday was temple day! I love the temple so much! I love being in the Lords house and being able to receive personal revelation there! When I got into the Celestial room, President Lee was standing there and came up to me and shook my hand and said "Welcome"......"to the celestial Kingdom" in English haha it was soooo funny you have to know President Lee to understand though I think! He is always super happy and has a huge smile on his face! I love him so much. After the temple we went to the military base with Elder Pulsipher and ate lunch! After that we found a GNC and I bought some stuff there!! it was soo good to see the inside of a GNC again haah that is a site that I missed way too much! haha now I am trying to gain weight! It's really hard but I'm eating as much as I can all the time so hopefully it will work! Korean food isn't exactly weight gaining food! Anyways after that me and Elder Vanhoff went to the Korean War History Museum and checked that out! It was awesome we had a lot of fun! Wednesday we had district meeting and then we went on splits! I was with a greenie named Elder Ward! he is really cool! We had a lot of fun. It made me feel like a really old missionary cause he will go home a full year after me! I couldn't believe it I still feel like I'm a young missionary! But we got to help a member move so that was super fun! then we had English class and that was good too! on Thursday we went to dinner with Daniel for the last time! he left for America on Friday! He is in California.. we are like best friends. haha we got a call from him at 7 in the morning on Sunday from him telling us that he had just landed! He was so excited. It is his life dream to become an American citizen. haha you might get to meet him sometime! that was really hard to say goodbye to him I'm going to miss him a lot. We saw him at least 4 times a week and he helped us all the time. Also that night we met a new investigator as well! he decided he's not going to study with us anymore already but that's ok! Friday we met our recent convert that we baptized last transfer, he is doing really good. I love him! also, we went and visited a member we call "Kobe" he played basketball with us in the morning which we haven't been able to do for a long time now, partly because Kobe had to get surgery on his ankle! his achilles tendon was like 90% of the way ripped so it will take him like 28 weeks to recover! crazy long time!!! Sunday was really good! we had 3 investigators at church! one of them was a new investigator! he is also i midgit! ha he is way funny though he will be a good investigator i think!! haha oh i forgot something on Saturday we were proselyting and we walked by this claw machine game and I looked to see what was in it, it was stocked full of live lobster in a tub of water!! it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! so I had to play it and on my last try I pulled one out and it dropped it and got stuck on the edge then eventually fell back into the water! ha I was so mad.. it was hilarious though! also we helped these two ladies carry this huge thing of cucumbers across a bridge haha it was super fun! Koreans never want to let you help them so I just walked up to them and said hey I'll carry that! they were both like no were good don't worry so then I just took it from them haha it was super funny but they were really greatful because they were dying haha! yesterday to celebrate we all got together and went to a buffet and then played basketball it was super fun!! Well I hope everyone has a good week I love you all!!
Elder Frei