Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm A Senior Now

November 28, 2010

Hey mom! Everything is good still as far as North Korea goes.. I'll be honest we don't hear to much!
Wow Mom! long email!!! so.. good news!!! I was up at the office on Saturday and the package with the cadbury eggs and the Thanksgiving package were here!!! I was so pumped!! I can't believe they make  eggs for Christmas now! Of course right when I leave!! I'm eating good right now that is for sure!! Haha, the one with the thumb drive did not come yet, maybe it got lost on it's way here!!! It sounds like Thanksgiving was pretty good though that is sweet!! The temple is the best! Our church starts at 10 everywhere in Korea!! oh ya and they re built the church here it's super nice now :) it just got finished right before I got here! I'm really excited to get those packages mom! can I open them before Christmas or should I wait?? The TV sounds way sweet I can't wait to be watching football again I miss it a lot!!! It's ok though cause the cowboys are horrible this year anyways! Hurst got his call? that is awesome! he is coming over here by me! haha when does he leave??? he'll feel like a dirtbag when he gets in the MTC and realizes how sweet it is to get mail! (that's how I felt for not writing my friends) ha I'm excited for him though! Chunner told me he saw you that is cool!!! I told him I would send him something in the next package that I send! Dillion emails me sometimes but I haven't heard from Monks at all! I love getting the sports papers they are sweet to read and see what is going on! I can't believe I hit my six month mark. I feel like I got off of the plane yesterday still mom.. It's crazy how fast the time goes by!! 26 days and I'll be talking to you on the phone again!!! I'm so excited!!! I think we can talk to and hour and a half but I'm not sure exactly it might be shorter than that! today we are going up to this way nice church.. it is the nicest church in all of Asia! it has a full court basketball court so were going to play there! It cost 20 million to build this thing it's huge!! Oh we went and ate Thanksgiving dinner with some members in the military it was way cool they are really awesome! In our mission we have a pass off program that test your teaching and Korean and just helps you learn the language.. when you pass that with the aps you become a senior instead of a junior in the mission! I finished mine on Saturday so I'm a senior now! which is cool buy I might have to have a younger companion than me next transfer! which would be cool except for I still don't understand everything! haha maybe I'll get a Korean! I don't really know what else to write about!! I'm learning a lot and I love it so much. I love Korea and I love the people here. Most people don't realize what we have to offer them and it is sad! Everyone is interested in our gospel if you think about it, they just don't know it. because God loves us he wants us to return to him and that is through his restored gospel! If the people would just slow down and take a minute and listen they would realize it! It is awesome when you find a person that is truly prepared by the Lord. I have already learned more on my mission than I ever could have imagined and I'm so grateful for it! I wouldn't trade the time I've had in Korea for anything in the world. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Frei

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