Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hurray for Tuesdays!!!!!!

I got those packages on Friday I think!!!!! They were all so awesome!! Thanks!! The shoes are exactly what I wanted they're perfect!! Ha I forgot to bring the letter with me that asked questions but I think I remember most of them.. I've lost probably like 10 pounds. The food isn't horrible I just don't eat very much of it that often. Sometimes its really good though!!! umm I thought of a few more things I need that you could mail or drop off on Mitch's wedding, oh ya I leave on the 16th which was three weeks from yesterday everyone thinks I only have two weeks left! but I have just under three now! it's pretty crazy!!! anyways I guess they don't have deodorant or toothpaste over there so get a couple of big tubes of it and like 8 sticks of ban deodorant that's my favorite kind. I think it's for girls but it works the best! also I need another sd card for my camera!!! and when you come up for the wedding you should try to find so kimchi so we can all eat it! that would be sweeet! The temple opened up yesterday so we get to go today at 330 I think!! I'm pretty excited to finally get to go back!!! oh and we get to host tomorrow because I guess over 500 new elders come in!! so we should get to do it for our last 3 Wednesdays here!!!!! I'm super excited for it!! it should be pretty sweet!! did Andrew get his call?? did any of my other friends? tell Haden that I wrote him a letter and he should get it tomorrow! we should get our travel plans in about a week!! I'm super excited for those!! that will get everyone so pumped to finally leave because it still seems pretty unreal that we will ever leave the mtc!!! about leaving, one thing that I heard was really good to have was one of those cheap pay as you go phones and put a couple hundred minutes on it and send it to me so when I'm in the airport I don't have to spend time looking for a pay phone or anything! let me know what you think?? how's everyone doing?? Hayley told me about gabe. i'm still pretty sad about it. I loved him so much. I'm sure Haden and Pud took it bad. He was such a great dog.. Don't worry I cried with you all about it. I was really excited to see him when I got home but life goes on. This week was pretty normal, we taught the 2nd lesson on Saturday and I didn't use any notes or anything!!! It was crazy!! I didn't think I would be able to do it!!! It turns out that our fake investigator was something Gubler!! I can't remember her first name but she has almost been home a year and she served in Seoul! after we got done teaching she asked me if a knew grandma and grandpa! I guess she knew they had a grandson that was going to Seoul!!! so that was pretty awesome!! I can't remember what else you asked me so I'll write a letter home if a left anything out!! only two p days left after today!!! that is so crazy I'm so excited to get to Korea!! oh yeah I got a letter from elder Bishoff this last week! he said it's so much more fun once you get out of the mtc and he said to be prepared to sweat more than i ever have in my entire life!! haha. we miss most of the summer but i guess were getting there in the hottest part of the entire year!! so it should get pretty interesting!! they have these awesome dress pants that are super thin that you can buy for like 10 bucks a pair and they are super nice!! Korea is so awesome! ha I can't wait! that's about all I have for this week, I can't wait to hear back from everyone! let me know what you think about that phone and don't forget about the ban and toothpaste! I love you all! tell Mitch to write me back!!!! I'm writing Blair a letter today and sending it home so make sure you get it to him for me!

Love, Elder Frei  

 Dad, good luck with your hunt! when does it start? I'm excited to see how it goes! I'm sure you'll get a big one! How is Zack doing in sports? When does he start practicing? Hopefully he has a good year! and hopefully he's not still slow ;) Maybe he'll learn how to tackle someone this year!! haha jk that's funny that Mitch and Scott lost to Bishoff's brothers team.. Bishoff is a baller. I'm sure they got all the calls, none of them are as good as Scott or Mitch! I don't remember who else you said played with them though!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Message from Chase

Chase emailed me and Hayley wondering why we hadn't written him back. I guess some of his letters he sent last Tuesday still have not been delivered. He said that he was not very happy with the postal service. (Just thought someone might want to know if they haven't heard from him.)

Another letter From Elder Frei :)

Hello family!! This week has been awesome! The new missionaries came in on Wednesday (to our zone) and they are awesome! I really like a lot of them!! wow. less than four weeks left now!! crazy crazy! I can't wait to get out of the mtc, I love it here but it is so repetitive and I hate the food!! it gets old!! Blairs wedding is on the 22 right?? I need an invite!! Why haven't I got one yet?? When you come up I have a few things I need that you could drop off for me! (at the byu place) I decided I want my electric razor, sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't have time to shave so please bring that, also my yoyo broke!!!! it's fun to play with at nights, if you can get me another one I would like that!! this week has been pretty normal, it flew by though!! were learning the 2nd lesson in korean now, it's pretty tough but it gets easier every day! after tomorrow I only have one Wednesday left until iI get to usher!! I'm excited for that!! it should be fun!! what's going on at home?? school is starting up in a few weeks right?? like three?? how is Zack doing in football?? when is his first game?? is he starting??

oh ya my ankle is slowly getting better and better. maybe it will be normal by the time I leave. I can run now and stuff with my brace on but it's still just weak. it's really nice to be able to run though!!!! I took a funny picture of Sunday with two of my favorite elders, elder Farrell and Hatch. Hatch just got here, they are both Jewish and they call me German so I'm in the middle of them it was funny. I love them.
I was suppose to tell you more about elder Babcock i think, he is awesome. were a lot alike. We get a long very well were like brothers I guess!! but anyways I have a pretty good story to tell I guess, we all sit around the jung box at night and tell stories and it is really awesome I started the tradition like a month ago. We included some of the new Elders and I guess it made one of  them decide not to go home, just because I invited him and included him with us! Now he loves us all. It was way awesome

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you think that these two will stand out in Korea?

Lots of MTC pictures!!

Elder Frei is doing awesome!! check out some of his happenings at the MTC :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another update

Mom, I tried to get on right at 12. I was in my p-day clothes so I could only go to the laundry room to email. (everywhere else you have to be in missionary attire) almost all of the computers are down in the entire mtc!!!!! I was so mad!! but I'll get on at 12 next week for sure!!! how was your week?? what's going on back at home?? my week was awesome!! it was by far the best week so far in the mtc!!! Sunday i gave a talk in Korean in sacrament meeting!! the branch presidents wife (who is Korean) told me that she understood every word that i said to her!! it was awesome cause i thought i was butchering most of what i was saying!! This week was a very good week. i realized why i would come to miss the mtc! it's because here you have a lot of people that you become so close to, in the field it's just you and your companion!! but that's ok!! Me and Elder Babcock decided that were going to room together when we get back from Korea!! he's awesome! I'm not sure if I told you about him yet! that's about all that happened this week really.. except on Saturday we taught the first lesson in Korean!!! it went pretty good!!  Love, Elder Frei

Sunday, July 11, 2010

MTC Update from Elder Frei

how was the fourth?? the tie that i got is so funny looking. it's black and has all these colorful peace signs on it! it's funny! saying good bye to them was pretty hard!! especially Elder Bishoff, cause i liked him the best he was like a brother to me! and he is one of the four elders not going to Seoul so i know i wont see him until we get home!! less than six weeks left in the mtc! so happy about it. i emailed you what i wanted in the newsletter! did you not get it?? oh and did you look for any of those slip on shoes?? i found out a few days ago that we get to take a carry on and a backpack on board so i shouldn't have to send so much stuff home! it still seems like i'll never leave the mtc but it's kinda not that far away! the next district comes in a week from tomorrow. so we are officially the older district. this week is tough because we can only speak Korean during classes and all of the teachers speak only Korean.. if's really frustrating and discouraging but it's slowly getting better. on Saturday we teach our first lesson in all Korean. (they have been in English so far) but i think that it will be fine! i memorized the first vision in Korean! it's pretty crazy that i did! Gift of tongues!! i got the 4th package on the 3rd i think!!!! it was an awesome package!!!! thank you so much :) :) i loved it! i we started having jung parties (jung is a korean concept that is how you know when your close to someone. it's hard to explain) every night so i take my huge box of food in there and everyone eats it and we tell stories!! it's awesome!! I've gotten to know some elders in the other district very well the last few nights!! Hayley will like this.. one of them (Elder Farell) has a picture of him with serena and dan from gossip girl!! i guess his family knows them way good because they live in new york! ha he said they spend Christmas in midway and they are always there! he invited me to go with him when we get back!!! hahaha
So when are the weddings?? send me there wedding invitations! i want to see them for sure!! I'm excited for both of them that is awesome! oh and thanks for getting that ring to me!! it's awesome to have!!

Ha about the Korean natives, they were playing with one of the elders from the older districts belly. it was so funny! but before they left we were all talking one night and i said Elder Lee Flex for us!! and when i said that i flexed for him and he went crazy when he saw my arm! he felt it for like five minutes!!! (like i said they are super super touchy) he couldn't get over it!

Dad, that sucks that your deer got shot!! I’m sure that there are plenty more up there though!!! when does the hunt start? it's not too far away!! so you fixed up the yo?? does it still squeak?? it was pretty bad! Zack is probably ripping it up!!  that's funny about prime and pud master!! maybe they'll be able to shoot like me when i get home! (probably not)

Pud! thanks for the letter and the drawing! i loved it! keep writing me!! how is your summer??
 oh and mom, tell lib when he turns is his papers i'll send him some shoes and jerseys!!!

one thing that i finally realized this past few weeks is why i was injured twice while i got my call. and they were both the two worst injuries of my life! i realized that is was so that i would be able to humble myself and understand how much i need heavenly fathers help! when i first got here i was thinking i can do this! it can't be that hard, i thought i could do it all by myself. that lasted about two days. my prayers have been answered in so many ways in the short time that i have been here. it is so crazy! every time I need something to help me out or anything else it always seems to happen and i'm always just like wow. did that really just happen?? it's crazy! i know that i must be so humble in order to learn this language and to excel in Korea!! because it is so hard to learn this language and they are the most humble people ever!! i can't wait to get over there!!!