Monday, October 4, 2010

New Companion From Snow Canyon !


 Hello! Um where is Boots going on his mission? Is anyone going to tell me??? I got the package you sent last Tuesday!!! It was awesome! I've never like candy corn so much in my life! It was way good! I'm probably good on toothpaste and deodorant for a while so don't worry about it, I'll let you know when I start running low! How was the cabin? How is everything going at home?? How is Pud liking football? There weren't any pics of him playing? I liked the sequence you sent me of Zack haha that's good he's playing though I heard he had a good game against Cedar? Oh next time you send me a package can you send me a couple of things?? I need: mapaline, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg and the recipe for peaches and cream because the peaches over here are SO good!!!! Tell Prime Time I got his note and that he better talk to me on Christmas! ha I can't believe he is getting baptized this Saturday! WOW! I'm happy for him! haha so, this is pretty crazy, I'm still in the same area but my new comp is Elder Fisher!!!! from Kayenta!!! he graduated from SC one year before me!!!!! I played baseball with his brother Alex on the giants!!! dad will remember him! haha it's insane!!!! he's way tight we like a lot of the same stuff and we get along way good!! Lotte world was pretty sweet last week! ha it was weird to go to an amusement park as a missionary! It was super fun but I don't how much I want to go back ha plus the rides weren't near as good as American theme parks ha! Oh mom, call Elder Christensen and he will come down to the house sometime! He promised me he would so make sure that he does! He is awesome. I can't believe someone that I served with is home right now. So crazy!! Well that's it for this week! I'll try to attach some pics in another email! Love you guys!!!!

Love, Elder Frei

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