Sunday, January 30, 2011

Craziest Week Ever!!!

Haha Mad Had wants that phone? I still have it somewhere I think hahaha I miss Prime Time!! I got the package you sent me!! Thanks! I liked the newspaper clippings!! Transfer day was so crazy mom!! So I got called on transfer night and President says you will go to 부평 and you will be training!!! I just said WHAT? cause I'm way young to train and I was getting sent to a new area!! That never ever happens!!! So I figured I would get a Korean for sure when I trained! Because there were four of them and 16 Americans that came in!! But, I got an American!! His name is Elder Murdock!He is from Texas and his family owns a cattle ranch outside of Dallas!!It's so crazy that I am training!! I can't believe it! Now I have to talk all the time, it's crazy I've gotten way better at Korean just since Tuesday though! Ha because I have to be talking all the time now. So it's really good I will get super good by the end of this transfer for sure!! So now we are here in Boo-Pyeong it's clear down in the south west end of the mission it's not in Seoul but my area is really good and tons of people live here!! We have everything here it's awesome!! Our ward is the best!!! I love our Bishop and ward mission leader! His daughter got home from her mission on Tuesday and she served with Elder Bishoff!! so crazy!!!! I asked her just for fun and she was so shocked that I knew him haha it was funny!! haha mom, I found a word for you in Korean that describes you perfectly!!! it's  염려하다 it is perfect for you,  all in one word!! It fits you perfectly :) haha I don't know when the transfer dates are it is something like that though!! Well I have to get going soon!! I love you hope you have a great week!!

Elder Frei

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It sounds like life is pretty  normal back at home! I can't believe how fast time flies it's crazy! Transfer calls are tonight, I might train but I don't know! That would be crazy.. 20 new people are coming in so anything can happen! This week was a little slow for missionary work! All of our investigators have been super busy lately! We pushed the baptism back a couple of weeks for our investigator so we should have 3 in February! I'm way excited for those! Yesterday I saw a lot of miracles! I did a special fast for one of our investigators that will probably get baptized in February well I'm not really sure actually.. she had cancer a while ago and now it has come back and is spreading throughout her body, so I fasted for her and at church a lady came inside and found us and said "my daughter wants to go to your church" I thought I misunderstood! ha but I didn't!! I was so shocked! so we talked to her and gave her our number then she left!! Later that night we got some info on another family that wants to meet with us and really likes the church!! It was so amazing! It goes to show you that when you show faith the Lord will make things work out! and the Lord works in mysterious ways! (we have been having a really hard time finding new investigators lately) so that was pretty amazing to be a part of! also my companion is on crutches now! ha we stopped to play around with them for a couple minutes and my companion sprained his ankle! So now we can't really walk very much cause there is snow everywhere and the sidewalks are all slippery (it snowed all day yesterday) and it's still super cold! What is it like at home right now? Well that's about all that has happened this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
I never described a 목욕탕 to you! The public bathhouse! They are my favorite!!! So you go in and it is like a locker room then you go inside of the place and there is all of this way cool stuff like hot pools, medium cold and freezing! It's suppose to be good for your skin and body to go from hot to cold or something! Then there are a bunch of different types of saunas that you can sit in that are all different they are super relaxing its perfect for a stressed out missionary!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mother! and family! and everyone else! Hello! Mom I do have a few things I kinda want in that package and you can just send it to the same address as usual.. that book I want is called "A companion to your study of the Book of Mormon" and it is by Daniel H. Ludlow also I want the "History of the Church" but I don't know how big that is.. one other thing I kinda want is a digital picture frame with pictures from home and of the family and stuff! that would be way, way cool! oh and you should start making my brothers send me emails cause they are super lazy and my mission is almost 1/3 of the way over and I'm not getting very much from them! other than that nothing :) I loved the letters I use to get all the time too! This week was crazy with the transfer but it's all back to normal now! My new comp is Elder Vezzani! He is from Georgia and he goes home in March! So he doesn't have to much time! We might not be together for to long though one of us might move next week. But I'm not sure! As far as the missionary work goes, all of our investigators have gotten supper busy lately! We still have a baptism date for this Saturday but it will probably end up happening next month sometime cause she has been super busy! Also we have a couple that will be baptized next month as well.. it's really sad though because the wife has had breast cancer for  a while but it went away and now it has come back and is spreading over her body.. it's really sad were going to go down to her house this week a few times and try to do anything we can to help her out like clean her house or just anything! She is awesome and they have the cutest little girl ever! Also we have a member in our ward who’s family lives in Santa Clara! California though! hahah when I told him I was from Santa Clara, Utah he was super shocked! He goes to America a lot for business so he said if he goes in February he will try to come see you all! That would be sweet he is super cool!! hmmm.. I'm going on splits tomorrow with a missionary that has only been here for like 8 weeks or something like that so that should be super fun I'm way excited! he is way cool too! I still can't believe that you are going to Curacao! We better be going when I get home! I love you all! Oh ya mom, those Chinese characters are way cool huh? they are intense.. I'm glad hunter likes the bag! ha in Korean the verb always comes at the end of the sentence! it's pretty much just the opposite of English haha! that's cool that sister Ellis wrote to her grandparents about me she seems like a very good missionary (i think all sister missionaries are perfect) and she seems to be doing really good with Korean for how long she has been her! I think she is pretty smart!

Love, Elder Frei

Friday, January 14, 2011

No Pain No Gain /Suffering Before Happiness Comes

In Chase's letter he ended with this saying. He had some extra time while his companion was packing for the emergency transfer. I love getting his letters! This one was pretty personal and this was the first time that I sensed a little bit of homesickness and missing his family and friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Pictures

Pictures From Chase

 Chase sent his thumb drive home. Here are some pictures that were on it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First investigator that got baptized yesterday!!!!!!! :):):):)

Makes you think of A Christmas Story!

Eating live Octopus!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! mine was pretty good! I'm getting my new companion later tonight so I will let you know how it is going next week! This week we were pretty busy getting my companions stuff all moved because he has lived in this area for almost 7 months now! long time! ha yesterday I got to go to my first investigators baptism! It was really awesome to be there to congratulate him! and everyone from my greenie ward still remembers me and loves me! they were all so excited to see me! I took all the kids some candy haha they loved it! Mom I got some pictures with him so I will attach them! also our investigator in Gimpo is doing really good still!! She loves to play the piano so we play sometimes before lessons it is really fun haha she has taught me some cool little songs and stuff! she is a really great person I'm super excited for her. She loves the ward and really enjoys church! ha mom you asked about my soccer skills, they have gotten so much better just since I moved here because we have the huge soccer stadium so we get to play quite a bit it's way fun! I learned how to curve the ball from this super good guy that coaches and all this other sutff! It was way fun! Today for p-day we are gong to a bath house at the world cup stadium! We're going to meet up with some other missionaries so it will be super fun! Then after that were going to go into Seoul and change companions then come back! So, it should be a very interesting week! I hope the family is still reading the Book of Mormon! and I hope you restart it when you finish! So far on my mission every time I restart it I learn so much more every time!! Oh mom I was going to ask you if you could send me a new study guide for it! Also did you ever send me the sheet music for November Rain?? We have a new mission address that you are suppose to send the packages to... the letters and envelopes are still the same but I lost the paper so I'll tell you next week.. I'm sure the one you sent will make it fine though! well I hope everyone has a good week!
Love, Elder Frei

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey mom, I don't have much time to email now. Today was p-day but I spent it visiting recent converts in my greenie area!! So now I don't have time. I think I will be able to email you tomorrow but it will be pretty late! I love you,


Elder Frei

Mother, Mother, Mother, I'm glad that you are concerned for me :) don't worry! (걱정하지마) I even said it in Korean!! haha.. So this week has been very interesting to say the least!! Today we had an area Quorum of the Seventy visit us and have a conference with us! It was very good and I learned a lot! The thing he stressed the most was not learning from him but from what the spirit said through him! It was super good! Also, my companion is going to be emergency transferred to help out a missionary that is really struggling! so, I will get a new companion next week and be taking over my area.. after being here for 3 weeks! so things could get a little interesting but, President knows what he is doing!!! Also I told President today that my first investigator from my greenie area was going to get baptized on Sunday! he told me I should go!!! so I'm super pumped to get to see that!!!! also, we set a baptism date for our investigator 정희은! it is for January 22 right now!! She has progressed so much! We met her for the first time my first week here! We have taught here really good it has a been an awesome experience! Also we started meeting with the family that we found in the middle of the road haha! They are awesome and they love us!! Their son is super, super good at soccer so we have played with him once, it was really fun. He has plans to go to a really big sports school in a few months!! Well, that's about all!! I heard that Blake and Bree had their baby?? Thanks for the update! :( I heard through my companion who has a cousin that served with Blake on his mission!! small world right? You'll have to tell him that! well, have a great week I'm sure mine will be pretty interesting! I love you all!


Elder Frei