Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't worry mom I take a lot of pictures!!!! And yes! The baptism will be on the 12th!!! I'm so excited for it!! hmm I'm pretty sure we call on Christmas in America and we call you! But I haven't heard much about North Korea for a while I think it's cooling down though haha yes the family we ate with was a couple they had an awesome family! They both served missions too! Another package mom?? wow! I'm really excited! Ii still haven't gotten them but hopefully soon!!! Ha I really miss Tuscano I haven't seen him in so long!! He is sweet though! Did he take any v-necks? I told you to give him some right? haha basketball was way fun last week!! I had a blast! So public bath houses.. I don't know how to explain them!! ha it's like a high school locker room but like a spa at the same time except for with old Koreans inside haha it's so much fun I love them.. it's way relaxing too! ha so this week was pretty interesting!! Ha I had to go to the emergency room because I got sick and my fever got over 103!! It was insane! I thought I was gong to explode! It turns out that the lady I got medicine from sold me the wrong stuff so it didn't work obviously! it was scary for a little bit though haha but that happened on Wednesday night so I'm better now but it lasted for like three days it was a really weird sickness!!! ha so I didn't get to do very much those three days that I was sick so that was no fun.. But yesterday we had some really good meetings with investigators they were way spiritual and one of the ladies we meet with every week like finally saw how much this could help her life and if it's all true she really needs to act! Ha it was just like wow! you finally get it haha she was like I just want to pray about this! ha which is all we want her to do! so it was way cool! we had a pretty good week though!! i can't believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away now! it's coming up fast! I'm excited to call home!!!! I love you all so much!!
Elder Frei

Chase and I emailed back and forth a couple of times. I was able to ask him a couple of questions.

I asked him if the Emergency Room was anything like the United States.
 Ha not really like America! I didn't have insurance or anything and it cost 50 bucks haha.

I asked him if the Korean that he got medicine from understood his Korean? I am not going to post that answer :) He told me that yes she understood him and that she just gave him the wrong stuff and some other not so nice words:) 

I asked him how much weight he has lost? Most missionaries that serve in Korea lose a lot of weight.
He said that he has lost about twenty five pounds!

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