Sunday, October 24, 2010



This past week was way fun!!! Oh I got the package last Tuesday!!! That was by far the fastest anything has ever gotten here!!! It only took like 12 days or something like that!!! I was so pumped! It was perfect I took all that stuff on the "campout" and didn't have to buy anything! Except for these sweet Korean pants that were ten bucks that are so warm ha they're so cool! But everything was perfect in the package and I already made French toast and peaches and cream! It was way good!!! I usually make a shake every morning so its way nice to be able to mix it up a little bit!! Oh I have a favor! Ha I couldn't remember the English word for favor for a second there! Cause in Korean it's like a request ?? Ha that was funny I stared at the screen for a while trying to figure out what it was called! Anyways I want a picture of all of our guns! Koreans think it's crazy cause they don't have any cause it's against the law! Oh and could you also send some of the four wheelers and the other toys and stuff?? So this weekend we went on what we thought was camping haha it's a little bit different in Korea though! We thought we were going out to the woods and like really go camping and we were super pumped for it! That's not what happened but it was still way fun! Ha so we left Friday night and drove for like 3 hours to where we were sleeping, it turned out to be a bunch of apartment things! ha we were so shocked!!! but the bathroom in it was like 5 times the size of ours and I was way shocked then I thought about it and realized it was still a way small bathroom compared to any of ours!! haha so we woke up the next morning and drove to this ranch! We went to the top of this sweet mountain and we could see the east sea(Sea of Japan )or whatever it is called! I got some sweet pictures I'll try to send them! It was way fun then we hiked down the mountain and drove back that took a long time to get back once we hit the city cause traffic was horrible! I can't believe it's the last week of October already! what the? months zoom by! 2 more and I'll be calling home! crazy!!!!!! hmm we have a Halloween party this weekend! ha it should be pretty cool! I'm dressing up as a girl! I'll send you a picture maybe :) I hope everything is going good at home and I hope someone could actually hit something on the deer hunt besides dad ( I've seen you all shoot) I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei


TELL ME ABOUT WHO YOU ARE TEACHING?  We found two new investigators, we have two that could get baptized anytime they just don't think they are ready yet! It's hard.. It takes a lot of faith!! Ha what else do you want to know?

HOW IS THE LANGUAGE COMING? It's hard but I've learned a lot! Everyone here thinks I'm great at Korean. I'm pretty close with the people that started their missions in January.. but they can understand more than me! I'm trying to be humble though so forget I said that first part.

WHO DID YOU GO CAMPING WITH?  We went camping with our whole stake.

WHAT ARE YOU AND YOUR COMPANION DOING ON YOUR P*DAY? We have to go clean a church right now then after we might go bowling if we have time left.. P-day is short ahah.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

That text thing is through the lds mail email!(I received a text from Chase last Sunday evening!! It freaked me out! I wasn't sure if it was Zack hacking one of his accounts or if it was really Chase) I guess it only works to verizon so I was seeing if it worked! It's like you getting on at the same time as me! I can't believe I get to talk to you in two months! That's aweseome! The past two months have flown by for sure! Can you believe I'll have been out 7 months on Christmas? Wow. I got the letter from you the had the week of sept 20-27 in it! It was awesome! Except for Dixie played CV in the article so it wasn't that good but the other teams were sweet to look at! Thanks I really enjoyed it! Anyways I'll try to answer most of your questions real fast!(I asked him what they were going to do all day today) I'm going to go buy everyone Christmas presents and get it all sent home!(I told him that I had just sent a package and what was in it) I'm so excited for that package to get here I can't wait!!!!(I asked him what they did all day(
So lets see here, what do i do all day? Missionary work of course! If we're not teaching were either trying to find less active members or new investigators!! it's fun :) right now we have like 7 investigators! there doing good! the language is coming fast! I've learned sooo much I can't even begin to tell you! I'll just show you on Christmas! haha we meet with members a lot especially recent converts! I'm really close with two of them and I'm really close to Bishops family, our ward mission leader, and one of the ward missionaries! she is awesome she just got engaged actually! ha we have zone conference once every other transfer! they are the best but sometimes long!(I asked him to tell me more about his companion and this was all I got, at least I know that he has an awesome one) I love my comp! He will come over for sure when he gets back haha he lives so close! Have you contacted Elder Christensen??(I asked him what Sundays were like for him) Sundays are just a normal day for us! We try to find as much as possible because everyone is home! and yes I got picutres printed for you! it cost so much money I was so mad! but o well!(I asked him where they had to go to use computers so that they could email home) we just email from libraries usually! ha ok! have a great week! I love you all!I have the best family!

Love, Elder Frei

Chase & Elder Fisher with some new converts. Chase said that he and Elder Fisher Love this family!
And that the family loves having them over.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's up with Dixie losing to SC?

Wow I feel like so much has happened since I last emailed! Wow! Life is sounding pretty good back at home! Prime I'm happy for you :) your the best! mom I haven't got anymore mail from you yet but maybe I will on Wednesday! ha that's cool about Jonathan's call and I finally heard about boots! What does he think about that? Does his mission border Alex's? I just thought about that.. Spanish will be good. The last two days we have got to watch conference! it was so amazing! I hope everyone watched it! If you didn't, do! there were some super good talks I learned so much from them! mom our investigator ? ? ? came to conference with us and he really liked it! he is ready to get baptized I think we will really get a date with him this Friday!  what up with dixie losing to sc?? they better smash them next year! sounds like Zack had a pretty good play though! when does Jonathan leave for his mission?? I'm excited for him that's awesome! it's crazy that when boots leaves I'll have been out for 7 months! Can you believe that? that will be insane haha! I still feel like I just got to Korea I don't know if that feeling will ever leave ha I'll let you know when it does! time flies out here! Every time  that a weeks over I can't believe it! today we are going to go to Costco and then a museum! I'm way excited I'll let you know how it goes! oh mom tell Hurst to email me! have Zack call him for me or something?? and tell Chunner to email me too when you see him or Jamie I want to keep in touch with both of them!!! in the next package you send me can you send me under armour for when it gets cold?? like the cold gear stuff that you wear for sports?? and the leggings of them too? I've heard it's going to be a pretty nasty winter this year! ha oh last week one of our appointments canceled so we went up to a college and there were these guys playing basketball so we walked over to them and they passed me the ball so I shot it and made it from pretty far away haha they were all shocked so I backed up and shot it and made it again ha I did it one more time and then they were like ok let's play! ha we were in our church clothes of course but we  still said ok! ha the first game we won 10-1 so they called one of their friends that was better and made him come to the school! we played again and won 10-2! ha it was funny! they play make it take it so we always had the ball haha! by the time the 2nd game had finished we had like 15 people watching our game! it was way funny! afterwards we gave them our numbers and talked about why we were here and stuff so it was pretty sweet! well that's all i have for this week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Frei

My First Letter From Chase

I finally got a letter from Chase since he has been in Seoul. Here are a few things that Chase wrote about:

Today it has been raining non-stop, like crazy!! The streets are all flooded! They had to sand bag all of the subway entrances so that water wouldn't go down them! This transfer has gone by so fast! The weeks come and go like they never happened! In our mission we have this thing called "Pass Off" that you have to finish before you can become a senior companion! I have been working on it super hard this whole transfer and I have caught up to most of the people who got here one transfer before ( 6 weeks) me! I was pretty shocked when I found that out! Tomorrow is our big soccer game. If it doesn't get canceled because of the rain! I'm very excited for that.I have been playing a lot of ping pong, I use a Korean style paddle. They are legit. I am getting way good at it! Korea has awesome fruit! It is all Huge! I love all of it! Today was the first day off for the holiday. Here is what happened to us  in one night! First we had to take off our shoes and wade through water to get through a hallway in the subway station because it was flooded! Then, on the subway a bum was sitting on the floor playing his guitar! He kept yelling at me to give him money! Everyone on the subway was laughing! It was hilarious! Then, we were walking to meet up with some Elders for dinner and we turned around a dark corner and this girl was just sitting in a chair in the dark! We both noticed that she was a prostitute so we ran away as fast as we could! Ha pretty crazy Huh? Today was Che-suk (Thanksgiving). We had a sports day and our zone worked everybody. Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee! It was super fun and I got to see my buddies from the MTC!! We are going to our bishops house to eat with their family. They are so nice. I love them! Tomorrow we have training from 9-4! So long! That is OK it will be good. We just got back from our Bishops house. It was amazing. We ate this really good meat, it is a kind of beef. I seriously Love Koreans they are the best. I think it is because they are all so humble. A random stranger would give you his shirt off of his back! Or his umbrella so that you could stay dry. In one day we had four umbrella's given to us! Tell Haden how proud I am of him and that I love him!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Companion From Snow Canyon !


 Hello! Um where is Boots going on his mission? Is anyone going to tell me??? I got the package you sent last Tuesday!!! It was awesome! I've never like candy corn so much in my life! It was way good! I'm probably good on toothpaste and deodorant for a while so don't worry about it, I'll let you know when I start running low! How was the cabin? How is everything going at home?? How is Pud liking football? There weren't any pics of him playing? I liked the sequence you sent me of Zack haha that's good he's playing though I heard he had a good game against Cedar? Oh next time you send me a package can you send me a couple of things?? I need: mapaline, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg and the recipe for peaches and cream because the peaches over here are SO good!!!! Tell Prime Time I got his note and that he better talk to me on Christmas! ha I can't believe he is getting baptized this Saturday! WOW! I'm happy for him! haha so, this is pretty crazy, I'm still in the same area but my new comp is Elder Fisher!!!! from Kayenta!!! he graduated from SC one year before me!!!!! I played baseball with his brother Alex on the giants!!! dad will remember him! haha it's insane!!!! he's way tight we like a lot of the same stuff and we get along way good!! Lotte world was pretty sweet last week! ha it was weird to go to an amusement park as a missionary! It was super fun but I don't how much I want to go back ha plus the rides weren't near as good as American theme parks ha! Oh mom, call Elder Christensen and he will come down to the house sometime! He promised me he would so make sure that he does! He is awesome. I can't believe someone that I served with is home right now. So crazy!! Well that's it for this week! I'll try to attach some pics in another email! Love you guys!!!!

Love, Elder Frei