Sunday, October 17, 2010

That text thing is through the lds mail email!(I received a text from Chase last Sunday evening!! It freaked me out! I wasn't sure if it was Zack hacking one of his accounts or if it was really Chase) I guess it only works to verizon so I was seeing if it worked! It's like you getting on at the same time as me! I can't believe I get to talk to you in two months! That's aweseome! The past two months have flown by for sure! Can you believe I'll have been out 7 months on Christmas? Wow. I got the letter from you the had the week of sept 20-27 in it! It was awesome! Except for Dixie played CV in the article so it wasn't that good but the other teams were sweet to look at! Thanks I really enjoyed it! Anyways I'll try to answer most of your questions real fast!(I asked him what they were going to do all day today) I'm going to go buy everyone Christmas presents and get it all sent home!(I told him that I had just sent a package and what was in it) I'm so excited for that package to get here I can't wait!!!!(I asked him what they did all day(
So lets see here, what do i do all day? Missionary work of course! If we're not teaching were either trying to find less active members or new investigators!! it's fun :) right now we have like 7 investigators! there doing good! the language is coming fast! I've learned sooo much I can't even begin to tell you! I'll just show you on Christmas! haha we meet with members a lot especially recent converts! I'm really close with two of them and I'm really close to Bishops family, our ward mission leader, and one of the ward missionaries! she is awesome she just got engaged actually! ha we have zone conference once every other transfer! they are the best but sometimes long!(I asked him to tell me more about his companion and this was all I got, at least I know that he has an awesome one) I love my comp! He will come over for sure when he gets back haha he lives so close! Have you contacted Elder Christensen??(I asked him what Sundays were like for him) Sundays are just a normal day for us! We try to find as much as possible because everyone is home! and yes I got picutres printed for you! it cost so much money I was so mad! but o well!(I asked him where they had to go to use computers so that they could email home) we just email from libraries usually! ha ok! have a great week! I love you all!I have the best family!

Love, Elder Frei

Chase & Elder Fisher with some new converts. Chase said that he and Elder Fisher Love this family!
And that the family loves having them over.

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