Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictures from Elder Frei in Korea!

I got an email from Elder Frei today with these pictures attached :D I'm not surprised at all to see the shirt and can.... are you? ;)

View of Korea
Korean ties from the flea market... 5 for $8! ;)
Korean Mountain Dew.... I don't think Chase has changed at all ;)
hahahah.... if Chase were a shirt... I think he's found his match!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

You ate what?


P day is Monday haha, but we ran into some problems emailing yesterday! a couple took me and elder Christinsen up to Seoul Tower! you can see the entire city! it is way way way bigger than I ever had imagined!!!! wow. but after that we came back and it was around 5 so we came to a place to email and it was closed on Mondays! so we had to go to another spot and it turns out that they closed at 6! which is right when we got there!!! so we had to come Tuesday so I don't have too much time! This past week was awesome though! I still can't really understand anyone but I do learn a lot every week! I pick up a bunch of words every day then I can hear them when people use them in conversations and stuff! This past week we had a lot going on! We found 6 new investigators! and we were super super busy teaching and everything! On Wednesday we had zone conference! it was pretty sweet! I got to meet a bunch of the elders and stuff, All of the new missionaries had to bear their testimony, I did mine in Korean and I said some pretty cool stuff! I talked about miracles and how they are a gift from God! Everyone was pretty impressed that I could do it so that was way good! ha oh it has rained here like every single day for over a week now! I guess a typhoon hit the coast or something so we got all of the rain from it! It was raining harder than I had ever seen it rain before! We had a waterfall coming off of our roof! The worst part was we were outside when it was going on so we got totally drenched! (even with umbrellas) it was insane! I'm going to send some pictures with this email! I've already taken so many haha there is so much sweet stuff! Yesterday during p day I found some nikes for like 3 bucks but they didn't have my size! ha and I found socks that had a nike swoosh on them but the logo said "nice" haha everyone uses English but they are all horrible at it! It's so funny! Oh ya when you send me packages I need a few things in each of them, Toothpaste, those little bleach pens tide to go or whatever, Face cleaner, And deodorant! I brush my teeth like three times a day. I found out why all the Koreans are always doing it. It's because the food smells terrible! haha but it's way good! I’'m still getting use to all of it though that's for sure! ha this past week I ate pig intestines!!!! it was a little bit weird but I ate all of them haha I'm way use to kimchi now though haha I never thought I would be! oh and on Sunday we went to that same couples that took us to the tower and they fed us this like baby chicken (all of it but the head) in a bowl of soup with tons of other stuff in it! It was ok, haha it's suppose to give you stamina to make it through the summer! They told us that Koreans eat it three times a year during the summer! Well that's all I have for this week! If you want to know about anything let me know and I’ll tell you! Oh I still haven't got that letter yet I think it takes 13 days from US to Korea and 9 from Korea to US. I’'ll tell you when I do, but your suppose to just send stuff to the mission house and then they give it to me. I don't know why but o well! I love you! Have a good week! I can't wait to get those football clippings and stuff! Go Mad Had! your the man. How is Zack doing in football now?

Love, Elder Frei

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living in So Deh Moon!

Mother! and family! :)

My p days are on Mondays, however it got switched to Tuesday just this week because like 5 zones went to the temple today. It was way cool! So where to begin, Korea is SO awesome. I have so much to tell you now it's crazy!! The plane ride was super long, but we made it haha we flew over Japan I got to see it cause Korean air has cameras and each person has an individual tv that you can watch them on it was sweet!!! When we got to the airport we met our mission presidents and then we took a bus for like 2 hours, after that we walked to the mission home, on the way there I watched a drunk guy get thrown out of a taxi and smashed into the concrete! It was crazy I thought he was dead for sure! haha anyways we got to the mission home and spent the night and then the next morning we had a training meeting then we met our new companions!!!!!!! My trainer is Elder Christensen! he is super awesome I love him! he's just like me we get along super good! he is in his last transfer though so he goes home in October! he is fluent in Korean though so it's pretty sweet to see how I will be able to communicate within like a year!! so after that we went to our apartment! it's pretty sweet. It's like 20 yards away form the church ha it's way awesome! My area is called so deh moon which means big west gate! It's really awesome but it's a huge area! We have over 1 million people just in our area! Crazy! Korean is so hard to understand, it's going to be a while before I can understand people but that’s ok! I’ve already gotten a lot better just in the past week. I learned so much it's insane!! ha the food here is pretty crazy. It's really weird but I'm getting use to it! ha I eat kimchi all the time and squid and I ate tons of raw fish today! so I'm adjusting pretty good because I hated fish before I got here, especially sushi! ha one thing that I don't really like yet is this soup that is just sea weeds haha. every time I taste it I feel like I jumped into the ocean and accidently swallowed water! but, add sea weed to that! but I'll probably end of liking it! ha that's all of that stuff now I'll tell you about missionary work!!!
First of all, I have seen so many miracles since I've been here. it has been so humbling. my trainer is awesome. We work super hard and do everything just like we should. I love it! Most companionships have maybe 1 or 2 investigators, we have 17! It's so crazy. Just in the past 4 days we've gotten 6 new investigators!! They are all really interested in the church! We have talked about baptism with three of them and they all said that they wanted to!! and another one told us he knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! Also, we have given away 10 Book of Mormons just since I've been here! Which is SO many!
A few days ago we were out "street boarding" we have these posters and we just try to talk to people and get them to come talk to us. and we'd been there for about an hour and a half. Which was how long we had planned to do it for we were just about to be done but then we were both just like let's do one more! So I said hello to him and asked him if he wanted to here what we were talking about! He said yes, which was surprising because it was like my 2nd or 3rd day and I could barely even say that in Korean, then Elder Christensen taught him and he  said " I want one of that book" so of course we gave him one and then he asked if we could teach him more right then. So we talked about our life’s purpose and a few other things. After we were done we gave him our number, he got ours from us, and then he was like what if this doesn't work? I need your email! So he gave him his email as well! It was crazy! ha and it all happened just because we decided to do one more contact! I have had many other similar things happen but I’m not going to share them all! ha I don't have enough time! but, I will tell you the craziest thing that happened the whole week! We were teaching one of our investigators that said he wants to get baptized and we were almost done and we had given him an awesome lesson. He asked Elder Christensen a questions about baptism and following Christ and out of nowhere in my head the words "straight and narrow" came to me. It kept repeating so I thought I think I need to find this scripture and share it with him, as I thought that I flipped open my Book of Mormon and to my surprise, I turned exactly to the page that the scripture was on!!! and I wasn't even sure where it was at!!!! I was like ok I definitely have to share this now! so, I said I have a scripture I would like to share! I said where it was and then I reached across the table and grabbed the top of his Book of Mormon and flipped it open! It landed exactly on the verse that I was going to share. At this point I was kind of just in shock!!! It was the craziest thing ever!! I shared the scripture with him, and it answered his question perfectly!!! It was so amazing!! I've definitly been humbled, with all of the many miracles and people the lord is intrusting me with and also with learning Korean. It is extremely challenging but I know that I will learn it with time!!! I had an awesome week! ha it felt like 1 day of the mtc so that's pretty awesome!! Korea is awesome! I love it so much! Everything is going really good! I love you all!
Elder Frei
I'm going to try to send some pictures I'll see if it will work

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Korean Language

we got a package from Elder Frei today of all the stuff he couldn't take with him to Korea, and we found this: 

It's amazing how the missionaries are blessed with the gift of tongues.  The bottom picture is the English translation of Elder Frei's Korean message :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Korea Is Awesome !


It was awesome to talk to you all today! I made it here safely, it was a long flight but were all here!!! I don't have very much time so I’ll email you on Monday! I love you all! Korea is awesome! I've been awake for almost 30 straight hours so hopefully I don't have jet lag to bad!!! I love you all!

Elder Frei

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flying to Korea

Elder Frei is making the long flight to Korea today!  The family got to talk to him for a bit while he was in a layover and he sounds happy, excited, a little nervous, and awesome!! He has such a strong spirit - it touches everyone around him :)  We won't be able to hear from him for a while, because it sounds like he'll be very busy for the first few days.  Good luck Elder Frei! We love you so much!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Week In The MTC !!!!!

August 10, 2010

MOM and family!
These past few days have honestly been the best of my entire mission thus far! I gave the best lesson ever on Saturday and just understood everything the sister was saying to me it was insane!!! I talked like the whole time. I'm so excited to leave I can't even begin to tell you!!! It's going to be so awesome! but I know it's going to be super hard and I wont understand anything but I feel prepared to do anything! so ya I got my travel plans :) :) :) best day ever!!!!!!!!
Here is what's going down! I leave the mtc Monday morning at like 600 I think, we fly out at 830 from SLC, so I'll probably call you from there for a little bit, how many minutes did you put on the phone??? Oh and I can only call immediate family.  So we get to L.A. at 9:30  and have a 3 hour layover, that's when I'll be able to call so make sure everyone is around!!!! After that we fly out at 1230 I think it's a 16 hour plane ride or 14 depending on the wind, and we are scheduled to arrive in Korea Tuesday night at 5:30. crazy right???? I'm so excited! I can't even remember what it is like to not be at the mtc, I feel like I have always lived here! It's going to be horrible to leave all of my new close friends that aren't going to Seoul! like elder Farrell and some of the younger district I like a ton!!! but were finally doing what we have been called to do so I'm super, super, super, excited!!!!!!! Mom, I can't find my patriarchal blessing so if there is one thing I need in a package it's that!!!! oh and I could use some return labels for my mission address if that's not to big of a problem?? I can't believe school is starting already! hopefully the pud master likes his new school, that's pretty cool! I'm going to be sending a package home of stuff I don't need, and also I heard that your not allowed to wear boots in Seoul so those ones we bought would be worthless! if I send them home trade them for those ones at Adrians that just stretch over your shoes so I can keep them dry!!! actually I think I will send them home so try to get those for me! I'm going up to the temple today around 3! So feel free to pass that message along to ANYONE that would like to know (cough, cough) Ha I loved that picture with the C full!!! that is insane! I think you were behind quite a ways when I got it too!!!!  I got a package from grandma Frei and Winn with cookies and popcorn balls they were delicious! I have so much extra food though!! oh ya tell Hurst to write me back!!! I'm way mad at him! I'm so excited to get to Korea! I hope I get an awesome trainer that isn't lazy :) just sayin! pray for me cause I started about a month ago (for my senior comp) other than what I said I don't really need anything else in packages that I can think of just be creative I guess if you really want to send me one!! I promise I don't need it though :) the next email I send I will be in Korea!! that is insane!!!!!!! well, that's all of I've got for you! seems pretty detailed! mom, I expect detailed dear elders back just so you know!!! I love you all! can't wait to talk to you !!! 6 days!!! I hope dad can be around when I call? or maybe I could call him at the office? When does his hunt start???? Love, Elder Frei

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Only one more P*day

Hello everyone!! This past week has been pretty much average except for a couple of things! Hosting was pretty awesome!!! We get to do it again tomorrow also, it was kinda sad though because it reminded me of when I left! But it was a good experience! I didn't host anyone I knew but I ran in to a bunch of people! one night after dinner I ran into Justin Ence!!! His visa got delayed so he came here!! I got a pic with him so I'll have to send it home!!! also, I got a picture with Haden Hawks cause he leaves this week!! oh and Jake Cannon  lives on the same floor as me! I see him all the time!! I'm excited to get that phone so I can talk to you! it's going to be so awesome!! I thought of  a few more things I could use.. in my bathroom in like the 2nd draw on the left side there should be some cartridge cleaner refills for my shaver cleaner, if you can't find them it's fine. one other thing that would be sweet is some pictures of my pots that I made! Just to I can show people! Chase has taken ceramics in college and high school and is very good! Koreans are very good a ceramics also. I've been working really hard, I'm so excited to get out of here! I only have 1 p day left here after today! wow I'm so excited haha! how was the past week back at home? i can't believe that Mitch gets married this weekend and that it is almost Hayleys birthday!! Her letter got sent back to me so I have 3 for her now! I'm sending them to the house so just give them to her! I'm excited to get some kimchi though! I've had it a few times while I've been here and it seems to get better and better every time! oh I forgot to tell you! I saw this kid that went to dixie that just graduated, he does service with me twice a week! I can't remember his name, Zack would know it he played basketball he's going to South America somewhere! It's good to get to see people that you know! it makes it seem more like home! ha but my district and my zone definately seems like my family and my brothers! I love them. we've all grown so close to each other over the past 2 months/ 9 weeks! I've learned so much from them, it's crazy though because it feels like I've always know some of them!!! and i know were going to be friends when we get back! when i pray and throughout the day I can feel every ones prays for me because I always feel comforted and so spiritually strengthened in such a short time! I've realized that I've already changed quite a bit! it's crazy! Ha and I forgot to tell Mitch when I wrote him back but  I’ve definitely lost some muscle! not a ton though! that's about all for this week! i love you all! have everyone write me!   DAD, thanks for the letter! i can't believe it flooded a little that's crazy! When is the Henries hunt? I can't wait to see what you get! that will be awesome! i can't believe that it's already time for that hunt! You'll have to tell the Ences that i ran into Justin a few times! he left for brazil today! but it was pretty sweet! I love you!  

Love, Elder Frei