Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 10, 2011

Well I'm going to write about the week a little bit I guess.. haha so let's see Tuesday we had zone leader council and we received an awesome training on studying and how we can always improve ourselves through our study. It was so good and the spirit of the meeting was SO amazing. President gave a few awesome talks to I love him so much. Wednesday we had combined district meeting where we conveyed the training and then after that we went on splits with my 2nd area Boeng Cheon. I went with Elder Greer who is in his first transfer! ha it was fun to be with a new Elder again it had been a while for me since I had done that! it's always a good experience for me to look back and see how much I have learned and grown while i've been on my mission!! (i'm not saying elder Greer isn't an awesome missionary cause he is!) he actually was super impressive and willing to do anything I said!! Friday we met with Na Jeong Hee and taught him, he got a new job so he is going to be moving soon, I was so sad when he told me! I've gotten so close with him ha I don't want him to leave. And he hasn't even got baptized yet!! haha he totally knows the church is true he just thinks he needs to be perfect before he joins!! I already told you about most of the weekend so I wont talk about that again but it was amazing. Also, Sunday I heard some really really good talks!! the one I wanna talk about was on how to be happier and enjoy the Holy Ghost more in our lives!! He started and just said don't sin as much. I loved the way he worded it, we all are sinners everyone knows that, we sin SO much. He just stressed that we can become better people continually if  we repent and rely on the Savior and do our best to sin less and less, read The Book of Mormon and have sincere prayers. I loved it so much and I could feel the spirit so strong the whole time. I really reflected on it and thought about how it relates to being a missionary, there are so many rules that it is almost impossible to keep every single one 100 percent of the time, like starting this at a certain time or not doing this or being home at this time just little things like that, I came to the conclusion that maybe they are there to show and remind us how weak we truly are and how much we need the Savior in our lives. We all need Christ's atonement in our lives, I'm so grateful for it and I hope we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas! I love you all thank you so much for your support.

Elder Frei

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