Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staying In Yeong Dong Po!!

How was Thanksgiving? Ours went really good!! Super fun.. So I got a package yesterday at church from Brother Southerland, ha he didn't know you were sending him one too and he only got the one that was to him because he wasn't expecting 2 and I guess they didn't come on the same time so he brought the one to him to the church haha I told him I thought it was actually for him and he was like no way!! open it and check!! I opened it and he looked in and saw all the good stuff and was like nooo thats for you ha I was like umm I don't think so, my mom wouldn't send me Thor I don't think!! and I pulled it out (you couldn't see it under the food but I knew it was in there.. haha then he was super shocked and couldn't believe that you sent him a package haha he wouldn't take all the stuff you sent he wanted me to have it but he took Thor and some andes because he can't get those on the base.. and he took the card and wrote our address down and said that he would write you hahaah he is so awesome his wife is great too!! it was pretty funny though. 
We are doing a service project today!! This time of the year everyone makes kimchee! so we are going to make it at the Seoul History Museum for a service project!! it should be super fun but we have to cut our email time short to get there on time!! I'm excited though. I'll take lots of pics!!! So, this week.. the baptism went perfect!! our new ward mission leader is so awesome he took care of the whole thing and had it planned out perfectly!!!!!! A member of the ward baptized him it was great!! ha he was going to have me do it because the member wasn't going to be able to make it but then he was able to so it was good that it happened how he wanted!! transfers happened! we stayed:) one more transfer in Yeong Deong Po here I come!! I never wanna leave still ha I feel like this is my home and I love it. Our other investigators are doing really good!!! we set a baptismal date with Ser Bi Lee! :) I set it for Dec 25th!  how sweet is that? she can get baptized on Christmas sunday!!! super awesome!! and, our Thanksgiving was way awesome!! we ate with a family named the Ences turns out we are most likely related somehow haha it was really good and really fun there were so many people there!!! 

Elder Frei

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