Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Chuseok (Thanksgiving in Korea)


Ok mom I'm going to tell about the week now!! So, Tuesday we had zone leader council! It was really good President gave a really good training!! Then we had combined district meeting on Wednesday and all the A.P.s came! There are 3 of them now! Ha they gave some of the training on Tuesday too and district meeting is when we train the rest of the zone so it put a little bit of pressure on! ha it went really good though! and the A.P.s said that we did a really good job too! After that we went on splits with Elder Bailey! We had a sweet day planned out but a couple of our appointments ended up canceling but it still turned out to be a really good day! We had English class that night as well and it went really good! One of the single adults in our ward went on vacation to Thailand and she brought us back some souvenirs! It was really nice of her! On Thursday we went on splits again, this time with another companionship from our zone! it went really good we had a great day and met some really really good new people on the street! it was awesome!! we had a lot of time to get out and talk to people and we ended up talking to 52 people that day!! pretty cool! on friday we met an investigator that owns a really good restaurant by our church! She makes this stuff called 김치찜 (kimchi cheim) it's one of my favorite foods! I will take you there when you come here for sure! anyways she fed us for free and then we taught her!! It went pretty good we're really excited to go back this friday and teach her again!! Saturday we started off the holiday weekend right!!! We taught another investigator saturday morning, she is doing really good as well! her name is 김아름 (Kim Ah Rum) she is progressing really good as well! I got a call right when we finished from my favorite members from my greenie area!! They wanted to come to my area and visit us!! So we went to a park and rented bikes and rode bikes around for a while! it was so fun I missed them a lot! They are the family with the three little girls!:) Sunday was the first day of the holiday so people were all leaving the city!! there weren't very many people at church either haha! A member from the english branch introduced two girls to us though so we are going to start meeting them that was really cool!!!  Monday was the day we had the conference! The main day of the holiday! It was really fun!! We had a huge lunch and then afterwards we all played volleyball and basketball at our church! it was a really fun day!! then at 7 a member invited us over to her house and fed us! it was so good! it's like thanksgiving day! but Korean style of course! lots of kimchi;)  Yesterday was the last day of the holiday and the town was still a ghost town!! ha Bishop invited us over to his house and we ate with them! having an American Bishop is great! we ate Tacos! it was super good!! it's good to have everyone back in town today though! it's like the whole city just paused for 3 days and now everything is just back to normal! pretty intense holiday! I can't believe that it is my 2nd one I have had in Korea, time flies. Well I love you all! thanks for your support! Zack, stay off the twinkies while your down for 6 months! Mad Had, keep smashing people! Pud Master you too!!

Elder Frei
p.s. I'm about to send a package home it's got some good stuff in it!

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