Friday, October 7, 2011

일석이조이다. ( kill two birds with one stone)

Chase with President Lee, and Elder Van Hoff

The sign says, "repent and believe".

Chase with Elder Van Hoff.

Hmm guess I'll tell you about the week then! So tuesday was sweet, I love the temple. I think I say that every time I go, but the spirit there is so incredible and we can learn so much! All while allowing someone else to receive the necessary ordinances to receive eternal salvation. 일석이조이다. ( kill two birds with one stone) ha that is a Chinese based proverb I love those things they are really fun! Afterwards we went and ate mexican food cause it was elder Van Hoffs year in country mark so we had to celebrate of course!! Ha after that we went shopping at one of the main markets and I ended up buying some weights. I bought two 15 pound dumb bells so those were super fun to carry all the way home, but they were totally worth it that is for sure!! Wednesday we had district meeting, it went really good! afterwards I went on splits with Elder Rowe, he is one of the district leaders in our zone! It was a good day we had a lot of fun! It's always fun to see someone else's area as well and try to help and inspire them! Thursday and friday were pretty normal days, a lot of our investigators haven't been able to meet lately but that's ok it will all work out! saturday was a fun day though! a member put on this lecture about laughter and the importance of laughing everyday and stuff like that! it was really funny he made everyone laugh all the time and do all this really awkward stuff! we both thought it was super funny! I thought he was crazy when he started laughing the first time!( he kinda stomped his feet and danced around, it was kinda like a scary movie for a little bit) haha then after that we were out talking to people on the street and we met this kid that was working at a little shop but he was just practicing juggling outside while he waited for people ha it was awesome! he showed us how to do it and then we talked to him and he is way cool and text us all the time now and wants to meet so that should be really fun! After that bishop invited us and a few members to his house! (one of them was our new ward mission leader that just got called, we are really excited for that) and a few other single adults! we walked up to his house together and on the way to one of the members we were just like hey do you wanna proselyte with us? and she was just like sure! haha it was amazing! so we talked to people with her all the way to his house it was amazing. Some of the members in our ward our so awesome! I love this ward so much! Sunday was a really good fast sunday! I bore my testimony about prophets and apostles and related it to how I was really excited to listen to conference and learn how I can be better or things I can change in my own life! I didn't think it was that good but like every member told me they liked it a lot afterwards! it was kinda cool. yesterday was p-day and that holiday, I don't know what people do on that holiday, nothing too exciting I don't think haha but we all got together at our church and played basketball and threw a football around it was a blast! we had a ton of people there!  I hope that Im going to stay in Yeong Deong Po I love it here I could stay here until the end of my mission!! Well, I love you all and i'm glad you all enjoyed the package! Have a great week!!

Elder Frei

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