Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chase didn't have much time to email tonight. He sent this to me. It is for his friends missionary newsletter. I was pretty shocked about the Korean culture and how you can only be friends with the people that you were born in the same year as. Wow! I don't think I have one friend that is born in the same year as me!

Friend news letter

Hey everyone! It seems like it's always time to write again for the newsletter! time goes by so fast out here. Thanks so much to everyone that makes the newsletter possible I love reading it! I'm also grateful for all of my friends that write in it. Ha in Korea you can only be friends with people that were born in the same year as you! I was born in 1991 so if you were born in 1990 we wouldn't be friends in the Korean culture haha. So, I'm really glad that isn't that case in America. Conference was so awesome this time around! Ha we had an investigator watching it with us on sunday and the focus point was the Book of Mormon, after the first few talks I asked him what he thought and he just kinda looked at me and was like "I think I better get one of those books in Korean" it was hilarious. I'm really grateful to be able to hear the prophet and apostles guidance through conference. I really loved the talk about using time effectively. I hope you are all striving to become "masters managers of time" and continue to strive to draw nearer to the Lord! Time truly does fly on wings of lightning and no we can not have it back! ha the song holds true. We're all starting to wind down the time that we have left! I hope everyone continues to serve with all their heart, and maintain that same passion we had when we first got into the mission field! I have learned to look to the newer missionaries when I feel like I need an example of how to do this work energetically! They are so awesome! I love you all and I am extremely grateful to call you all my friends!

Elder Frei

A missionary couple that served in Seoul. They just came home.

Chase's zone.

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