Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Months Left In Korea

October 22, 2011

Recording From Elder Frei

This week has been super busy!!  On pday we played basketball. We pretty much played all day long. It was a lot of fun. Then we had family home evening.

On tuesday we had specialized training so all of the zone leaders and district leaders went. A lot of interesting things happened at the meeting. 

On wednesday we had combined district meeting. We gave the training to all of our zone. We have a lot of good missionaries in our zone. The AP's came to our district meeting as well. They come to every single one. We went street boarding last night. We talked to some cool people like usual. We have had a lot of meetings and helping missionaries in our zone take care of problems and stuff. It has been good. We had english class last night. We taught them some slang words. They just can't understand it. They cant understand American speek. They just can't understand everyday conversation because we use a lot  of slang. It was funny to try to explain some slang words to them. 

Today has been a good day. We have tried to try some new things to meet new people. We found an old guitar at the church and we are fixing it up. Elder Reyes is going to teach guitar lessons. He is going to teach me as well. So I am going to be super sick at the guitar!! I am going to teach some members and their kids basketball. So it should be pretty cool. We will see how that goes. HMMMMMMMM 
Oh the guy that was going to get baptized on saturday is going to wait for another week and a half. The reason why is that his parents are getting baptized in a different city. So they are going down there for that. And then they will come back and he will be baptized. We are excited for that. The lady that we met at church has been reading about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and the church history. She has been talking to us about what great men they are. She wants to become like them. We are meeting with her on Sunday. 

Today we went street boarding with Elder Doman and his companion. We were walking to the cross walk and there are tons of people. It is the elections in Seoul and there was a lady campaigning. She is doing really good. She is picked to win. They were having a big rally. When we showed up everyone was following the lady and this guy came up to me and said you have to shake her hand. I didn't even really know who she was. The guy yelled at the lady that there was a (Chase used the Korean word for foreigner) foreigner here and he wants to shake your hand. So the lady came over to me and shook my hand. It was super funny. So I probably shook the next Governor of Korea's hand. We have been doing a lot of stuff with that set of missionaries. Elder Doman is from Pleasant Grove. He serves right next to us. And we have been doing a lot of stuff together. He played football at BYU. We have a lot in common. We are really close.

Elder Reyes has been real sick today. So we have had to stay in the house. So I just started calling tons of people. I invited them to this activity that we have in this place called Dong Juak. A lot of the missionaries from our zone came. Our recent convert came with us. We ended up being forty five minutes late because we we got off at the wrong subway stop. So after we found our investigator we went to the activity. It was fun. All of our ward was there. And all of the other wards were there from the stake. It was cool to talk to all of the recent converts. I have been in Yeong Dong Po long enough that I know all of the leaders from the stake. It is cool to see all of them. I also have done a lot  of the new baptism interviews for recent converts and met tons of investigators and I just feel like I know everyone in the seven wards that we have. It was pretty cool. When that was over eight of the missionaries from the zone went to a park close by and played basketball and tried to meet new people. Hopefully we got some new investigators for the missionaries in that area. Tomorrow is Sunday and our new investigator is coming with us. Our investigator Nong Jun He  the one that lived in America is coming and another one is coming. So we should have about three. Good things are happening with us and in our zone. 

I just want you all to know that I love you and I love Korea. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned on my mission. One of the things that I have learned is the overall  happiness that the gospel brings to your life. There are so many people in Korea that could benefit from it. But they just can't see it. They think that worldly things is what brings happiness but that is not true. That is not what brings happiness it is really through the gospel and through keeping the commandments that we are able to find it. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. And to be able to see those blessings and to be out here sharing it with people. Sharing Christ's true gospel with them. I am really grateful. Nobody wants to listen about the Book of Mormon. They think that the Bible is all they need. Well, I love you and I hope you had a great week. It is crazy that I only have six months left on my mission. Mom is probably getting pretty excited.

Today we went and watched a member run in a race. There ended up being 2 million people. We estimated about ten thousand people and that seemed pretty high. But there was two million. It was unreal. 

My new companion  Elder Reyes played in a band before his mission. He toured Europe and America. He is super awesome at the guitar and singing. He taught me this song on the guitar so I want to play it for you. I only know one verse. Chase played a song on the guitar and sang it. It was a Jack Johnson song. It was really good. Maybe next week I will have the whole song learned. 

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