Monday, August 22, 2011

That's good that Dixie won their game! What was the score??? This week

wasn't too exciting but it was pretty fun!! Today were going shopping

at one of the really big markets! It's going to be sweet I'm excited I

haven't been there for like 7 months probably haha!! So I'll tell you

about our week really fast!! Tuesday after we emailed we went and got

my visa renewed so now I can live in Korea until next august!! haha

and then after that we went to this way good buffet(it was my year in

country mark) so we decided we had to go big!! That was way fun! Right

after that we met an investigator! Kim Jae Deok.  I

think I told you about him!! We taught him a good lesson about baptism

and he accepted an invitation to be baptized! We are thinking it will

happen next week! I couldn't think of a better way to spend my year in

country mark!! Haha Wednesday we had district meeting, it was really

really good!! Afterwards we went and ate this stuff called 돈까스 it's

this fried pork stuff, it's way good! But the reason we went to this

place is cause they have a contest with this super super spicy one and

if you can eat it within 10 minutes you get six months free! haha we

only tried a sample of it! I was ok, it was super super hot I couldn't

have eaten anymore, but some of the Elders were dying haha it was

hilarious!! then like two days later we were at a restaurant we eat at

often and we walked in and Elder Vanhoff went to the bathroom so I

ordered for us and I ordered it spicy! haha they made it super super

hot and I thought Elder Van Hoff was going to die! We got the funniest

video ever! I wish I could send it to you it is priceless!! On

Thursday I went on splits. I got to go back to my 2nd area! It was

super fun. We met a member that had like a 3 month old baby when I was

first there and now he is like 15 months old so it was super weird to

see him again haha!! It made me realize I've lived in Korea for a

while now! I was on splits with Elder Park. He is Korean! It was

really fun. They talk a lot of English because all the Koreans have

young American companions that aren't that good at Korean yet so we

talked Korean the entire time! It was fun! I loved it. Saturday we

went and played basketball with some people, some old guy volunteered

to ref our game haha it was super funny.. We killed the people we

played of course! haha they are Korean. And afterwards the guy the

reffed came up to me and was complimenting me and stuff and gave me

his business card and told me to come play with their club haha he was

a coach of some place it was super funny.. Church was awesome.

Yesterday, we had a new investigator there with us! Ha he was in the

hospital kinda close to the church and we met him in there on Friday,

in Korea you can just leave the hospital and come back whenever you

want so on Sunday he came to church for a while then went back to the

hospital haha it was funny! (Korea has nationalized health care so

it's not expensive to stay in the hospital, so people just check in

and stay for a way long time when they are hurt! ha they will go

outside with their hospital clothes on and walk around everywhere.

Sometimes you even see someone walking around pulling an IV stand

behind them with the IV stuck in their arm ha it's pretty crazy!! This

week is the last week of the transfer! I can't believe how fast it has

gone by!! We’re hoping we get to stay together for 3 transfers!! So

pray for us! Haha we are so happy still!! I hope you all have a great

week!! The gospel true! Right now I am going back through some of the

old conferences and reviewing the talks! They are so good. I love

reading anything that the apostles or prophet has written. We can all

benefit so much from it!!


Elder Frei

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