Monday, September 26, 2011

September 18, 2011
We don't have a lot of time to email today so I'm going to tell you about the rest of the week from Wednesday on! Actually there wasn't a whole lot that went on cause it's only been like 4 days since I emailed you!! But yesterday we did meet one of our new investigators!!! He is 29 and just moved back from America like 2 months ago!! He went to Boise State and then BYU for a summer semester! He is super cool and loves basketball so were going to play with him! He really likes the church too! I think he will get baptized really fast!! His name is 나정희. (Na Jong Hee) he came to church yesterday and then to a fireside last night! It was really good cause he got to meet a bunch of members from other wards at the fireside it was perfect!! Also I got to see my two favorite members from my last area! And the daughter of one of my ward mission leaders! She has her mission call and is serving in the Temple Square mission! She's way excited ha she wants to write me, I told her I would come visit her when I get home! She leaves in January! Ha on Saturday we were going to visit a member, we were going up the escalator when this lady just started talking to us and asked us where we were going! Ha then she asked me if I could play any instruments! I said the piano but just a little bit! Then she was like do you want to learn how to play one? haha I just said yes then she was like what do you want to learn? haha I was kinda joking and said the Ocarina! haha then she was like ok I'll teach you how to play it! Then she asked me if I had one, I said no! Ha she was like then you need to buy one I'll sell you one for 50 bucks they are usually 150! ha I was just like I'm a missionary so I don't really have any money! haha then she thought about it and was just like give me 30 bucks, I'll teach you for a month, and give you a ocarina for free! haha then she showed us a spot where she wanted to meet us the next week and left! haha it was super funny! I might go back but I haven't decided yet.. haha she said she would listen to what we had to teach and come to church with us so maybe it would be worth it! It would be a really funny experience. Haha one more funny thing, yesterday we were eating lunch and two sisters from our ward called us and were at the church and said they were super hungry and asked us to bring them some food! haha they were all going somewhere so they didn't have time to go home after church to eat! i was like ok but we don't really have any food! because we shop on Mondays so Sundays we are usually out of everything! and we definitely were this week haha. We ended up making them a couple of sandwiches, some snacks, and taking a thing of milk to them! ha they were really grateful but it was really funny! To repay us they want to take us to dinner on Tuesday to a Thai restaurant so that should be really fun! hmm one more thing, we were meeting one of our investigators that wants to get baptized but has a really bad word of wisdom problem! We have been helping him lower the amounts that he drinks so that he can stop, I don't know that it has been to effective so the last time we taught him we just asked him about baptism and if he would be able to quit drinking. He told us that it would be really hard and then just joking said maybe if I get a girlfriend I will stop. haha.. It went silent for a little bit then I just looked right at him and said I know the Lord wants you to stop drinking and follow the word of wisdom so you can get baptized! After that he committed to stop drinking in 1 month! It was pretty amazing now that I think about it!  So hopefully he can do it cause if he does he will get baptized for sure! I love you all so much thank you for your support! I have the best family ever. The gospel is true. I love doing this work and always trying to find ways to help others come unto Christ! I love the knowledge of the gospel I've been able to obtain during my mission and I'm so grateful for it! I love you all!
Elder Frei

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