Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok mom, I'll tell you about our week really quick! we are going to play soccer today to end off the transfer, were pretty positive that we won’t be comps next transfer were both really sad haha but anyways, so I emailed you last Tuesday so I'll start from Wednesday! We had a way good combined district meeting, it went really good! The training was on proselyting and talking to people on the street and stuff! I felt like it went really good. After that I went on splits with Elder Boyer who is an awesome missionary! I love him. We had a really good day and he was really grateful to get to serve with me for a day! haha Elder Van Hoff showed me some magic tricks that I am learning and I showed them to him and blew his mind it was super funny! I'm getting good! Then on Thursday we had pretty much our only normal day of the whole week! (we had conference and tons of meetings throughout the week that made it really busy) on Friday we taught our investigator that owns the really good restaurant, she hadn't really kept any of her commitments from the last time we met but this time she was really determined to start reading The Book of Mormon and do the things we asked her to do so I am really excited to meet her this week!!! Conference was super awesome! Wow it was so good. I absolutely loved it! One of our investigators came to both sessions on Sunday, the morning session the first 3 speakers all talked about The Book of Mormon!! Afterwards I asked him what he thought haha he looked at me with a blank stare for a couple of seconds then said, "I think I need one of those books in Korean" haha it was really funny.. he is so awesome 'm really excited to meet him, conference helped him a ton! Before he only wanted to meet us on Sundays at church and stuff but then yesterday before he left the church he was like hey do you guys have time that you could meet me during the week and teach me? it was so awesome!!! I was like ya of course! Then he text me later that night and was like hey can we meet tomorrow? ha he has a really good desire to learn about the gospel now so I am really excited to continue teaching him! Sunday night we had stake priesthood meeting, it is the meeting where the stake presidency, mission president, and ward mission leaders meet and discuss missionary work. They also have the zone leaders attend as well. It is such a great blessing to be able to spend a lot of time with the leaders of the church in Korea, they are all so humble and smart and wise I feel like I'm learning non top when I am with them they are constant teachers! they had a lot of new ideas to help the work move along so we are really excited for some of the things we planned that will be coming up!! After the meeting we went with Bishop Clark to a members house and gave a member a blessing, it was really awesome. Bishop is fluent in Korean but he talked to us about how whenever he gives a blessing he never thinks about anything that he is going to say! He told us how he always feels like the blessing is coming from another source, he is such an awesome bishop. He had me do the anointing and I started the prayer and all the words to it just came out of my mouth without a second thought it was a pretty crazy experience. The Lord really does work through us to accomplish what he needs done. I think my favorite quote from conference applies perfectly to that experience, "when the time for decision has arrived, the time for preparation is over." President Monson-

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Frei

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