Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Just Got Chase's Release Date! May 12, 2012!

October 30, 2011

Well, I'll tell you about this week, we were both kinda sick so not a whole lot has been going on, Elder Reyes has been pretty bad for a week straight I was just sick over the weekend but I feel ok now. I really wish this recorder would work so I could send you the stuff I recorded there is a pretty funny story on there I'll try to get it fixed somewhere and then I'll try to send it again probably.. I'm way mad that it isn't working super annoying!! so we did some pretty fun stuff this week, we got to help a member move and stuff the whole experience is on the recorder haha so I wont tell it and there is a really funny story with one of our investigators.. but yesterday at church we had one of our investigators come and we got to teach her the first lesson it went really good she is really receptive of our message! ha she thought that The Book of Mormon replaced The new Testament or something and when she was going home from church two weeks ago someone gave her a new testament on the side of the road ( just a church handing them out) and she thought she didn't need it so she just tossed it but then she was like wow that is amazing that that happened the day after I went to church for the first time ha I need one of those! haah so it was really funny she is awesome. ha then the last few days of this week we were finally able to get some rest so Elder Reyes could get feeling better!! last night the AP's called us and were in our area so we went and did a finding activity together it was really fun! I can't believe that Elder Bailey goes home in like 3 weeks so crazy. we have been really good friends the whole time I've been in Korea it's going to be so much different without him. We're going to be with the AP's all day today so I'm excited for that!!  There is a missionary couple that has been serving in the english branch but they are going home next week so we went and listened to there talks yesterday.. it was crazy to hear a sacrament meeting in english for the first time in 18 months haha that is for sure!! well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!  We had President interviews on saturday I talked to him about my release date.. It is may 11th! just over 6 months from now!!!!! crazy... were going to play soccer later today i'm excited like the whole mission is going so it should be way fun:)

I Love you all,

Love, Elder Frei

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