Sunday, December 4, 2011

We had the best saturday ever this week!! Our investigator that is in the army took us to dinner and we ate steak, and also we got to go to Body Worlds!! We
stopped by a museum and it was there! ha so he was like we have to go
to this. This is a one time opportunity so we went and checked it out
and it was super awesome!

The lady we're teaching (Ser Bee) has abaptismal date for Christmas day!! so hopefully that all works out!!:) we have another investigator that should have a baptismal date soon!! I think this might be my last transfer in Yeong Deong Po
though.. I hope not but it probably is!

So here is our week in a nutshell.. monday we made kimchi and that was way fun!! then after that we had dinner with a bunch of missionaries than came home changed and had family night with all the single adults!! it was way fun! Tuesday
we did a way fun finding activity with the rest of our district and it
went really good!!! after that we met with a member from the english
branch that is just putting in his papers, he is studying korean too!!
ha we taught him how to pray it was awesome!! it was really fun he is
a great kid we've got to know him pretty good he comes and helps us
teach every once in a while!! wednesday we had district meeting! it
was great. Then after that I went on splits with Elder Richards in
Sindorim! It was really fun he came to Korea with me! so that was good.
We met with a couple of recent converts that I did the baptismal
interview for like 5 months ago so it was a really awesome blessing to
be able to see how they have progressed in the gospel and that they
were doing good!! Thursday we did another finding activity with the
other district in the zone and that went good as well!! we found some
new investigators, we were doing it in my 2nd area! it's really weird
to think I was about to get transferred out of there an entire year
ago. Time is crazy. Friday we had a few lessons cancel on us but that
was ok, we met our investigator that I told you is moving. I was so
sad when he told us!! he was doing so good and has so much potential
to be baptized. I will be really sad to see him leave! but we taught
him and then a few members came to the church and we started teaching
them guitar so that was way fun!! Saturday was the day that we went to
the museum that was probably the most fun saturday of my whole
mission!! hahah we had sooo much fun!! the investigators name is
Steve, he is super cool we had a blast!!! we had 3 investigators at
church it was a great day!! it's really hard to be serving in two
wards haha we bounce back a forth it's pretty hard but it's fun..
makes for a pretty long day though that is for sure!! we go to the
church at about 9 and usually get home and 4 or 5 ha so we get plenty
of church in! We love it though. Hearing sacrament in english is
really weird still haha!! we have a really busy week this week. Lots
of meeting and trainings and then we are going on splits on wednesday!
it should be fun, I'm excited. Mom something you told me last week
really hit me hard about staying diligent until the end of my
mission, I really thought about it and how right you are.. I
only have about 5 months left of my entire life to be serving the Lord
full-time I really want to utilize this time and continue to grow and
bless as many other peoples lives as the Lord will let me! I really
really liked President Eyring's article in the Ensign this month, it's
about being grateful for our blessings! He tells everyone to ask the
Lord in prayer to be able to be led to someone that they can serve and
share the gospel! I love that. I do that every night and day. I love
randomly finding someone to serve and just helping them! it goes a lot
farther than we think. A couple of weeks ago a lady was pushing a baby
in a stroller and she got into the elevator with us, she had a really
big box with her and I could tell she wasn't going to be able to carry
it by herself so I asked her if I could take it for her and followed
her to her apartment with it and then went back to the elevator,
yesterday she was in the elevator with us again with her husband and
baby this time and she was like "this is the person that helped me
carry the books to the house" and he was like "oh thank you so much
for doing that' it actually took me a few minutes to realize what they
were talking about cause I almost forgot about it then it hit me and I
remembered!! Ha the things we do go a lot further than we think. I
love you all I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. I'm
grateful for Christ and The Book of Mormon and how much better we can
understand his atonement through it! I hope you all take the time to
reflect on your blessings throughout the holiday season and remember
Christ and all he has done for us! study about him and his life
through out the month of December, that is what I have been
challenging all of our members to do!! I love you all, have a great

Elder Frei

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