Sunday, December 18, 2011

HMMM I don't really know what to say in this weeks email! Ha I feel like I can just tell you everything I have to say next week!! I'll give you a quick investigator update! We taught Brother Jeong the 2nd lesson, he is doing really good! he has no religious background at all so it's really weird to teach him! there are so many words that we have to explain to him . It's pretty funny. Steve came to church again, we are going to see him a few times this week! we met a new investigator his english name is Paul. He just moved back from Canada and is really good!! he has a lot of potential!! He almost got baptized in Canada but didn't have enough time I guess! he came to the party and to church also!! we went on splits on wednesday, I went with Elder McCausland he is from Laverkin, Utah haha so that was way fun to get to know him a little better I'm probably the only person in our mission who knows where Laverkin is so he probably liked that!! Last night we ate at a members house that is in the english branch! it was way good. Ha they gave us a ride home and on the way he crashed into the side of a wall pretty bad and messed up their car door!! it was pretty crazy but they just laughed about it. They are an awesome family I love them!!! hmm I guess I'll talk to you next week on the phone! 

Elder Frei

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