Sunday, January 30, 2011

Craziest Week Ever!!!

Haha Mad Had wants that phone? I still have it somewhere I think hahaha I miss Prime Time!! I got the package you sent me!! Thanks! I liked the newspaper clippings!! Transfer day was so crazy mom!! So I got called on transfer night and President says you will go to 부평 and you will be training!!! I just said WHAT? cause I'm way young to train and I was getting sent to a new area!! That never ever happens!!! So I figured I would get a Korean for sure when I trained! Because there were four of them and 16 Americans that came in!! But, I got an American!! His name is Elder Murdock!He is from Texas and his family owns a cattle ranch outside of Dallas!!It's so crazy that I am training!! I can't believe it! Now I have to talk all the time, it's crazy I've gotten way better at Korean just since Tuesday though! Ha because I have to be talking all the time now. So it's really good I will get super good by the end of this transfer for sure!! So now we are here in Boo-Pyeong it's clear down in the south west end of the mission it's not in Seoul but my area is really good and tons of people live here!! We have everything here it's awesome!! Our ward is the best!!! I love our Bishop and ward mission leader! His daughter got home from her mission on Tuesday and she served with Elder Bishoff!! so crazy!!!! I asked her just for fun and she was so shocked that I knew him haha it was funny!! haha mom, I found a word for you in Korean that describes you perfectly!!! it's  염려하다 it is perfect for you,  all in one word!! It fits you perfectly :) haha I don't know when the transfer dates are it is something like that though!! Well I have to get going soon!! I love you hope you have a great week!!

Elder Frei

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