Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another short but sweet email from Elder Free :)

Elder Frei & Elder Murdock with a family from the ward.

Hi mom!

We're going to the temple tomorrow but after our zone is going to the DMZ! So we got permission to email today!!! This week was a pretty good week!! We found two new investigators so that is really good! I'm excited!! ha people keep telling me I'm super good at Korean now!! I got told I sounded like I had been in Korea 5 years and 6 years in one week! haha it was pretty sweet! ha then yesterday a recent convert from my greenie area called me and he always tries to talk in English to me, I answered in Korean and he didn't think it was missionaries, then I told him we were missionaries and he said will you give the phone to Elder Free? (that was all in korean) then I answered in English and said this is Elder Free!! ha he was so shocked it was super funny!! The new area is great I love it!! I hope I get to stay here way longer than one transfer!! The girl from my last area still hasn't got baptized but a different investigator did so that is cool! The other one should soon though!! My companion is doing good! It's still really weird that I'm training everyone ask me tons of questions in classes at church and my ward always makes me talk and teach and stuff! ha it's pretty funny but I like it!! Who is Zack going down to Phoenix to play with? That is cool. Is he playing tight end then or what? That is sweet that Haden is tearing it up this year!! I can't wait to see how good he is when I get back!! So far I am just going to send Mike and Adam some ties and a couple other things that are different in Korea! Boots emailed me! He sounds like he is doing good! He leaves pretty soon right? That is so weird. I hit my six months in Korea mark  on Wednesday. Can you believe that? Insane!!! It's been a while now! So weird!! Ovard is way close to his year mark now too that is super weird too haha it goes by so fast!! Well I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all!

Elder Frei

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