Sunday, January 23, 2011

It sounds like life is pretty  normal back at home! I can't believe how fast time flies it's crazy! Transfer calls are tonight, I might train but I don't know! That would be crazy.. 20 new people are coming in so anything can happen! This week was a little slow for missionary work! All of our investigators have been super busy lately! We pushed the baptism back a couple of weeks for our investigator so we should have 3 in February! I'm way excited for those! Yesterday I saw a lot of miracles! I did a special fast for one of our investigators that will probably get baptized in February well I'm not really sure actually.. she had cancer a while ago and now it has come back and is spreading throughout her body, so I fasted for her and at church a lady came inside and found us and said "my daughter wants to go to your church" I thought I misunderstood! ha but I didn't!! I was so shocked! so we talked to her and gave her our number then she left!! Later that night we got some info on another family that wants to meet with us and really likes the church!! It was so amazing! It goes to show you that when you show faith the Lord will make things work out! and the Lord works in mysterious ways! (we have been having a really hard time finding new investigators lately) so that was pretty amazing to be a part of! also my companion is on crutches now! ha we stopped to play around with them for a couple minutes and my companion sprained his ankle! So now we can't really walk very much cause there is snow everywhere and the sidewalks are all slippery (it snowed all day yesterday) and it's still super cold! What is it like at home right now? Well that's about all that has happened this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
I never described a 목욕탕 to you! The public bathhouse! They are my favorite!!! So you go in and it is like a locker room then you go inside of the place and there is all of this way cool stuff like hot pools, medium cold and freezing! It's suppose to be good for your skin and body to go from hot to cold or something! Then there are a bunch of different types of saunas that you can sit in that are all different they are super relaxing its perfect for a stressed out missionary!!

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