Monday, August 8, 2011

Zone Conference

P Day

Seoul Forest

Ok mom here is this week! It was a pretty good week, we were really busy that is for sure!! Monday was p-day we went bowling it was really fun! I will try to send you a couple of pictures of it! Then after we had family night and we played Uno! haha the Koreans had so many rules it was so crazy.. it made it super hard but really fun! On Tuesday we went up by me greenie area for zone leaders council! It was really good. I love any opportunity to be around President and get to hear him train us directly on what the mission needs! He is so awesome. That was a really good meeting! Then on Wednesday we had district meeting with the whole zone so we did the training! It went really good! It was on opening your mouth and becoming a "preach my gospel" missionary! It was really good for our zone! Then afterwards we went on splits! I went with Elder Taylor! He is awesome. He is from Wyoming I think I told you about him when I was in Gimpo.. But we had a great split! He is a really good missionary we saw a lot of really good stuff ! We tried to eat this soup that a member told me to try and we got there and ordered it and it was suppose to have potatoes in it and we get like this random soup with a backbone in it haha it was really funny! But the soup was really good! On Thursday we split back and then we planned for the conference for Friday! We went to Seoul forest with half of the mission and had an awesome conference there!! We did activities that involved companionship unity and related a bunch of ways to missionary work. But most of all it helped me to really remember the atonement and the sacrifice that Christ made for me. And for all of us! I love the gospel so much I'm so grateful for all of the knowledge I have been able to acquire while I've been on my mission and I’m so glad that I still have as long as I do to continue to further my knowledge and become a better person and a better missionary! I love doing this work it's so rewarding! At the end of the conference we all wrote a note to ourselves for the end of our mission that we will read when we go home! We all chose one thing we were going to give up for the rest of our missions to become better missionaries! I chose to give up all doubts! It's really easy to doubt things, especially in missionary work so I promised the Lord I wouldn't doubt anymore for the rest of my mission. It has been awesome!! We came back on Friday from the conference and we were talking to people on the street and we found this really cool guy! We took him to the church and sat down and taught him the restoration! It was a really big miracle. That doesn't happen very often that someone will just come with you to the church and sit down and listen to you for an hour! He is great!! Then later that night we had a birthday party for one of the girls in our ward! We had an investigator and some less actives there too!! They are so awesome they all just want to help us.. I made a cake for her and used some of the icing you sent me and made those apples that the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory makes and gave them to her! Everyone was so shocked haha they had never seen anything like them before haha it was funny! On Saturday we met two now investigators! They are super funny. We were talking to them and one of them told me that I look like Prince Charles! haha it was super funny I was laughing so hard! I don't even know what he looks like but ya so I got Prince Charles and a Greek God within the last two weeks haha I told you about that one right? It was way funny!! That pretty much sums up my week! It is still super humid here! But that’s ok just another month and it will start to cool down!! :) I can't believe that school starts again in a week! When is Zack’s first football game?

I love you all!! Love,

Elder Frei

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