Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello everyone!
This week in Seoul was great! Today I have lived in Korea for 1 year! I can't believe it! It has been a good time for me to really reflect on the past year and see how much I have grown! (as a missionary, the korean language, and as a person) I'm so grateful to be here serving the Lord at this point in my life and I'm looking forward to all that I will continue to learn throughout the rest of  my mission!! Tuesday was temple day! I love the temple so much! I love being in the Lords house and being able to receive personal revelation there! When I got into the Celestial room, President Lee was standing there and came up to me and shook my hand and said "Welcome"......"to the celestial Kingdom" in English haha it was soooo funny you have to know President Lee to understand though I think! He is always super happy and has a huge smile on his face! I love him so much. After the temple we went to the military base with Elder Pulsipher and ate lunch! After that we found a GNC and I bought some stuff there!! it was soo good to see the inside of a GNC again haah that is a site that I missed way too much! haha now I am trying to gain weight! It's really hard but I'm eating as much as I can all the time so hopefully it will work! Korean food isn't exactly weight gaining food! Anyways after that me and Elder Vanhoff went to the Korean War History Museum and checked that out! It was awesome we had a lot of fun! Wednesday we had district meeting and then we went on splits! I was with a greenie named Elder Ward! he is really cool! We had a lot of fun. It made me feel like a really old missionary cause he will go home a full year after me! I couldn't believe it I still feel like I'm a young missionary! But we got to help a member move so that was super fun! then we had English class and that was good too! on Thursday we went to dinner with Daniel for the last time! he left for America on Friday! He is in California.. we are like best friends. haha we got a call from him at 7 in the morning on Sunday from him telling us that he had just landed! He was so excited. It is his life dream to become an American citizen. haha you might get to meet him sometime! that was really hard to say goodbye to him I'm going to miss him a lot. We saw him at least 4 times a week and he helped us all the time. Also that night we met a new investigator as well! he decided he's not going to study with us anymore already but that's ok! Friday we met our recent convert that we baptized last transfer, he is doing really good. I love him! also, we went and visited a member we call "Kobe" he played basketball with us in the morning which we haven't been able to do for a long time now, partly because Kobe had to get surgery on his ankle! his achilles tendon was like 90% of the way ripped so it will take him like 28 weeks to recover! crazy long time!!! Sunday was really good! we had 3 investigators at church! one of them was a new investigator! he is also i midgit! ha he is way funny though he will be a good investigator i think!! haha oh i forgot something on Saturday we were proselyting and we walked by this claw machine game and I looked to see what was in it, it was stocked full of live lobster in a tub of water!! it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! so I had to play it and on my last try I pulled one out and it dropped it and got stuck on the edge then eventually fell back into the water! ha I was so mad.. it was hilarious though! also we helped these two ladies carry this huge thing of cucumbers across a bridge haha it was super fun! Koreans never want to let you help them so I just walked up to them and said hey I'll carry that! they were both like no were good don't worry so then I just took it from them haha it was super funny but they were really greatful because they were dying haha! yesterday to celebrate we all got together and went to a buffet and then played basketball it was super fun!! Well I hope everyone has a good week I love you all!!
Elder Frei

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