Monday, June 6, 2011

I’m going to be a zone leader in 영등포 Yeong Deong Po!

Hey mom!! Sorry we didn't have time to email yesterday!!! Ha I was with the Ward all day! We went out to this island in the Daejon mission and had a picnic and did all this fun stuff it was so awesome!! It was suppose to get over at 3 so we thought we would be home in time to email but it took all day and we barely even made it home on time! It was super fun though. It was the best way I could of possibly spent my p day because now I'm getting transferred! I'm super sad! I already have two meal appointments today to say goodbye to my favorite people and I have tons of others to visit!!

I’m going to be a zone leader in 영등포 Yeong Deong Po! And I'm moving back to Seoul!! Ha it's right where you said that Kristy Hunt was staying!! I'm SO excited you have no idea!!!!

I got the hump day package from you!!!!!!!!! I loved it, it was super good. Tell Aunt Dee thanks for the jerky and I love her!! I was a little worried about the shoes you would send me.. Ha the 1st ones I had were all black and I was really sick of only having black shoes! You made a perfect choice they are exactly what I wanted :) and the v necks are awesome!!! Haha they fit good which is kinda sad.. but anyways I wore one on the trip yesterday with the ward and it's amazing how burnt your chest can get in one day after not seeing the sun for a whole year! I got a pretty fun picture of it! I'm excited for the really long letter!

Oh my gosh mom I'm dying laughing right now that is the funniest story I have ever heard! I miss Haden so mucn!! Wow that is great. haha oh I sent a package home this week, it had some of my random stuff I didn't need anymore and just a few other things, a shirt for Haden and some pokemon cards and then some random Buddhist things!

Well I have to get going! But I love you! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for all the support! If you send something with Kristy just send something that you wouldn’t be able to send in a package or something that I can’t get in Korea!


Elder Frei

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