Monday, May 30, 2011

Awesome week in 부평 Bupyeong.

Hello family!
We had an awesome week in 부평 Bupyeong. The baptism was yesterday and it went really good!! Except for our investigator, was super nervous! Ha it was really good though! She asked me to baptize her! It was the first person I've ever baptized!! Such a great experience! The spirit was so strong it was unbelievable!! We worked really hard to see this success and it has been so fun here in this area! I have made some relationships that will last my entire life for sure! Bupyeong feels like home to me now! And all the ward members love us so much!! Ha we are going with a member tomorrow to a way nice buffet! The same one that took us to eat octopus a few weeks ago! She loves me so much it's so funny! We visited her last night and she promised me she would send me packages from Korea when I go home! It was super funny! I got both of the packages you sent me on Wednesday at zone conference!! The zone conference was great! We had doctors come and talk to us then President gave some awesome training!! I love the packages! Jerky and Grandmas homemade pecan rolls it can't get much better than that!! Tell her I got them and that they are super good!! And that I say thanks! Wednesday after zone conference I went on splits with Elder Park! He is a Korean and has been in the mission for about 8 weeks!! So, his English is still really really bad so we only talked in Korean for two days!! Ha I learned some really good slang words from him so that was really fun! He is such a good missionary I was really impressed with his desire! We didn't have any appointments so we found all day and talked to like 60 people in one day in an area with a small population! It was really fun! But it was good to get back to my area!! We had a lot of preparation to do for the baptism so that took some time this week, we made her a program and just made things nice so that she could remember her baptism well!! The last few days there have been a huge festival on the main road in our area! It was pretty crazy! We found a place selling whale meat! WHALE MEAT! Ha I really wanted to eat it but we were in a hurry to an appointment when we saw it and it cost 30 dollars for a little piece! I wonder why.. haha I asked them how they got it cause obviously you can’t just go kill a whale! They claim that they find dead whales but how you can drive around in the ocean and find a dead whale I have no idea! haha sketchy.. if I ever see it again I'm buying it for sure though!!! They said it was really delicious! Haha ah I can't believe I hit my 1 year mark as a missionary this week! Time goes by so fast! I don't think I'll ever be able to understand time as a missionary haha! That's how my week went!! I'm so happy! I love this work and that I'm able to be a part of it! It is so much fun! Korea is the best, speaking Korean is even better! I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Frei

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