Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Companion is like serving with Knox and Ovard

Haha yes! I'm so glad that Hafen came and visited you! What did he have to say?? He is so awesome I love him so much! That would be cool to get an email from Elder Bessey too I miss those guys! Ha I totally saw Kristy yesterday she came to my ward! It was so crazy to see her!! She gave me the package you sent with her thanks a ton I liked it a lot!! I used the icy hot and the usher today haha it's always good to get stuff you haven't used for over a year I love it! Thank you so much. I liked the pictures too they were awesome!! That is cool that Zack gets to go to that camp! It's good to have good friends. Ha I'm definitely going to stay in shape while I’m in this area!! I love it here so much I could already stay here the rest of my mission and be totally happy with it!! The work is going good and were seeing tons of miracles! My comp is the best we are exactly the same! His name is Elder Vanhoff! We were in the MTC at the same time and we were way close then but we had served really far away from each other our whole missions. We are having so much fun! He is a stud! He played baseball for SUU before he came..  Ha it's kinda funny though I decided he is like a mix between Knox and Ovard he reminds me of both of them it's like serving with a best friend for sure!! haha

돼지던클리이러게말하면오해하겠지? Haha does that come through in Korean? and yes we have a baptism next week!! I'm really excited! maybe two actually! Things are going really, really good for us right now I love it!! So, I’ll tell you about my week now!!! Haha so on Tuesday I packed and said good bye to everyone in my old area! I miss it a lot already it's kinda sad to say goodbye to everyone but that's ok! The family that I loved so much fed us this really good meal on Tuesday night and it was awesome! I wrote them a really long letter telling them how grateful I was for them and the chance to meet them! Haha I will stay in touch with them though, the mom already called me and made sure that I made it to my new area safely and said she was going to send me some socks because a bunch of mine had holes in them and she is always worried about me ahah she is like my Korean mom it's pretty funny!! Then Wednesday was transfers so we had to do all that stuff but it all went just fine!! We got to the area and got to work it was good being back in Seoul, Seoul is so great!! Mom we are staying in this area when you come to pick me up just so you know! I already decided haha this is where we want to stay I promise!! Haha anyways! Thursday morning we woke up and went and played basketball with our bishop Birc!! haha we play twice every week with them!! It is so awesome I'm so excited I had so much fun!! My bishop is an American actually!!!! Haha he is super sweet he has lived in Korea for ten years and is the regional manager of all of the subways in Korea so ya he's pretty well off I guess you could say! It's been awesome to get to know him a little bit! The rest of the bishopric is super cool too! haha one of them is way funny we call him Kobe they are the best!! Then I got to meet all of our investigators throughout the week and we found of couple more really good ones as well!! ha then we were visiting a member and when we walked out of her apartment we noticed a gym in the bottom of it and it was right by our house so the next morning we woke up and went and worked out in a gym for the first time in a year! haha it was awesome!!! Saturday we were really busy and Sunday we didn't even have time to eat we had so much stuff going on!! The life of a zone leader is super busy, way more busy than I was before but I like it a lot it is fun!! This week we have a bunch of extra meetings and we go on splits with other missionaries a lot and just have a lot of responsibility but it will be really fun I think! I'm really excited:) our ward is super awesome I'm really excited to get to meet them all!! I gave a talk on Sunday and it was good! It was short because there were other speakers but I talked about charity because I have been studying it a lot lately, then I bore my testimony! That was my week I guess! ha I know I forgot a bunch of stuff but I can't think of anything else right now!!

I love you!!

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