Sunday, June 19, 2011

쉬원섭섭한 편지를 받았네

쉬원섭섭한 편지를 받았네 "The email I got was bitter sweet"

I really don't even know what to say about Zack. That is terrible. You’re the only one I have heard anything from so far. Wow that makes me super sad.. I'm just going to try to skip talking about that, that makes me super sad for him. When I get back we will be busting butt together and playing together though!
Ha sounds like a pretty sweet Fathers day I totally forgot about Fathers day, they don't do it over here! And the English branch did some stuff for it so I saw a little baggie that said happy Fathers day! Ha and I was like what? It's Fathers day it was way funny..

I got the package from you with the D&C study book in it thank you so much! It looks like it will be really good and thank you a ton for the pictures I love it so much! :) Oh next time you send me a package (don't rush it or anything) but send me a big thing of low fat peanut butter :) that would be great!! and I want some like simple meal ideas that I can use to gain some healthy weight! Could you look into that? maybe find a book or print/email me some from the internet? I think I weigh around 175 right now so I want to try to put on like 10 pounds or something that would be nice haha.

Haha that is a really funny story mom I love hearing stuff like that!!! :) So I’ll tell you a little bit about my week!! So Monday we went screen golfing for p day that was fun but super hard and then after that we had family night at the church with the single adults and that was good! We got a new investigator from it! We are having it tonight at the Bishops house so that will be really fun too I'm excited!! Then on Tuesday we went and visited a couple of companionships in their studies! That was pretty fun but we didn't really get to study from it so I didn't like it a whole lot haha I love my study time every morning! We have a lot of investigators right now, things are going great! We picked up 5 new people just in this last week!!! It was awesome!! Wednesday we had district meeting and that went good! After that we taught and investigator and she brought me some kimche because I told her that I would give her a cookie recipe! so I told her the recipe and she was writing it down, the last thing was chocolate and she is trying to learn English but isn’t very good and I said put as much in as you want! Haha and on her paper she wrote "I want that chocolate" haha I almost died laughing!! Then on Thursday we had a leadership training meeting! It was really good! ha it was crazy to go to a meeting with all the other zone leaders and stuff! There are like 6 zone leaders going home the end of July transfer so there will be a bunch of them even younger than me! Ha our mission is so young it is crazy!! On Friday a lady that goes to the English branch introduced us to someone she teaches English to and that was way funny! Her son just came over here from America and he is Zack’s age.. It's really weird that he was a senior he seemed so young I couldn't believe it!! so that was a fun day! We just had a super busy week bouncing back and forth from meeting to teaching people, we were so busy we didn't really have time for a whole lot of other things haha. Saturday and Sunday were the best days though by far! Saturday we did a finding activity (in my old area when I was with Elder Hoffman) there are so many people there it is awesome!! and also that day we were supposed to do our investigator that got baptized interview! So we wanted to meet him at the church at 2 then do it then he wanted us to go somewhere with him but I didn't know where cause my comp set up the appointment! ha so he calls me at like 1 and is like I'm at the church where are you guys?? We were like 30 minutes away so he was like I'll just come get you the lecture starts at 3! Haha and I didn't know anything about a lecture!! So we end up like an hour train ride away from our house listening to a Nuskin lecture with our investigator!! Haha it was super funny!!!! We did what we had to do to get his interview done though! We went to the church afterwards and got it done! So we had a baptism on Sunday!! It went perfect! Elder Vanhoff baptized him! It was a good experience for him for sure!! Ha our investigator is 78 he is the funniest little old guy ever! Also we had a less active come out that we found! She lives in Germany but is here for the summer! She is way cool I'm excited to get to know her I told her she had to teach me some German! ha she is good with languages! She asked me if I knew what our last name meant in German (in Korean) I answered her (in Korean) then she said yep "Free" in English haha it was funny like all three languages haha, this week was probably one of the best weeks on my mission! I don't think I have been as happy as I am right now for a long time!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Frei

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