Monday, May 9, 2011

Call from Elder Frei!

We got to talk to Chase today! He sounded great. He loves South Korea. He is still in Boo Cheong. He said that the members are great there and he loves this area. He talked about how much his testimony has grown and is so grateful to be a missionary. He still has is funny sense of humor. I asked him to start writing longer emails:) and to send more pictures. What a great Mothers day. Next year on Mothers day we will be in Seoul South Korea to pick him up!!!!!!!

Elder Frei and Elder Murdock making Korean food.

 Yes he looks a little bit thinner. He has lost forty pounds.

Elder Frei and Elder Hafen.

The first squatter Chase used in Korea.

Hey mom!!! I can't believe that the Mothers day phone call is over already!! ahh that's ok the next one will come just as fast! I don't have a whole lot to tell you except for what you asked about!! so ya all of the males in Korea have to serve in the military for two years each!! So it is a pretty big sacrifice for them to go on missions because after that they've given up four years of there lives!! but a lot of them still do it it's pretty amazing!! a lot of the Korean missionaries are usually older than Americans though because they will go to the army first and then come on their missions when they are like 23 or 24 sometimes 25. It's pretty crazy!! haha I can't believe that I have lost 40 pounds.. I have to say a lot of that is straight muscle weight haha but I'll get it back some day.. I'm going to try to start eating a lot more protein and working out see if I can't put some of it back on!! haha I'll try to remember to send Bad Had the phone home, if he can still remember that almost after a year it must be pretty important!! haha that is so funny. I'll see if I can find it later today or something! I love that kid. Well it was so good to get to talk to you all and I love you all so much!! I'm excited for the next phase of my mission! I'm getting to the point that there aren't very many missionaries older than me anymore!! after July there really wont be very many at all. Those will be some weird days!! but, I love you all. have a great week. I was so happy to get to hear all of your voices. I have the best family ever!!! I challenge those of you who haven't been writing me (Zack) haha to write me better from now until Christmas! this is the big gap in between phone calls and then after that one I'm really on the down hill!! well I love you all! 


Elder Frei 
Chase told us that tomorrow is his P-day but they were doing all of their emails today. It is Buddhas birthday tomorrow and everything is closed. I guess it is a huge week long celebration in Seoul.  


Buddha's birthday in South Korea is celebrated with a week-long festival that usually ends on the same day as Vesak Puja in other parts of Asia. Buddha's Birthday is the biggest Buddhist holiday in Korea. Throughout South Korea, city streets and temples are decorated with lanterns for the week-long celebration. In the evening of the first day, a gala lantern parade stretches for miles through the heart of Seoul.

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