Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, I already told you a lot of what happened this week! But I'll add some more stuff right now! Tuesday after the temple we went shopping and to the military base! Ha we ate real American food it was incredible! I never thought a subway sandwich could taste so good  in my life! haha and I bought two gatorades that aren't lemon lime flavored! WOW! haha then I bought some ties.. I like plaid ties a lot right now they are my thing haha then we went and visited my favorite family from my greenie area!! They are doing awesome and it was super great to see them it had almost been 4 months since I had last seen them!! I love them so much!! Then friday night a member took us out to eat! it was really good! ha we ate raw crab and some other really good stuff! they are a sweet family they like me a lot! They want to come to America sometime within the next few years and I told them I would take them around and show them stuff!! That is two families in this area that want me to do that for them! haha :) we had a lot of time to find new investigators this week and we found a lot of really cool new people so i'm really excited to see what happens from that!! haha a family moved out of our ward so they wanted to take us to a buffet but they ended up not being able to go so they reserved it for us! ha we went there on friday, it was pretty good but I couldn't even eat very much! My stomach is way smaller than it use to be it was super weird haha I felt horrible after!! It was a pretty rainy week over here but it is finally starting to heat up which is really good!! i'm excited for summer haha it will be really hot again before too long!! 

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