Monday, May 16, 2011

                                 This is Chase's apartment building. He lives on the tenth floor.

                                                                        The subway.

                                                              Splits with Elder Bailey.

                                                                One of his favorite families.

Raw, live octopus. This must be why he is so small.

Hey mom!!!! I'm sure you are about to go to bed maybe.. haha I forget no one sleeps at our house but we are a little late emailing today!! My favorite member in the ward just took us to go eat live octopus!!! It was the most fun ever!!! And we had such a good week here!! I have a lot to tell you about :)

Where is Jared Wyson going on his mission? That is super weird he is exactly a year behind me! Crazy! It was good to hear from you though! And thanks for the pictures I loved them!! We have had an awesome week here in Buepyeong! And we started this week off great so far today!! haha but before I start I wanted to ask you for a couple of things!! I could use a few more toothbrushes (with dads name on them) (gotta represent) and I could really use a new pair of running/athletic shoes! I've been wearing the same shoes everyday for a year and they are getting all ripped up! But I have to be able to run and play basketball in them.. so if you could get me a nice pair of those that would be awesome!!!!! (size 12) just in case you forgot! There was something else but I don't remember! I will have to let you know.. I'm really excited for the packages though!! I love getting mail that is for sure! I hope you wrote some letters and sent some pics because that is the best part! I love getting pics in the emails too!! It's great to see what is going on back at home!! That was really cool about your aha moment haha they show that in the finding faith in Christ video and I totally have that part memorized in Korean.. haha I love learning good stuff like that! Lately I have been studying and trying to develop the attribute of charity! It has been super good!! I've been doing it for about three weeks so now I'm into super deep stuff and have to dig super deep into stuff to keep learning!! It has been so good I've learned so much.. it's funny that the keys to develop all of those attributes are right in front of us, but they don't come until we put forth the effort to do so!! Anyways, this past week was arguably the best week we have had since I got to this area!! We got to call home on Monday and then Tuesday was p day! We were supposed to have a huge stake sports day but it rained super hard the night before and day of so they canceled it! So we ended up having a barbecue in the church instead! It was so good we ate duck, and a bunch of other really good Korean meats!!! It was really fun to just hang out with the ward! It helped to get to talk to a lot of them outside of the church setting I felt like it really helped our relationships with a lot of them!! Then on Wednesday we made banana bread and took it to my favorite family in the ward! I wrote on a sticky note hart john 6:36 "Jesus is the bread of life" and gave it to her! haha when she got it she looked at it and was like "WOW you write better than my husband!" haha and then told her little kid that he had to study hard like me haha it was super funny, then she gave this lotion for my face cause she is worried about me getting wrinkles, I think it's because I always look super tired haha and she gave me some polo cologne that her husband didn't want so I have cologne for the first time in a year! haha it was so funny.. we have a new investigator. ha he wants to take us to China town on Wednesday, it is pretty close to our area! It is where the Chinese Korean food 짜장면 originated! (ja jang meon) so that will be fun!! Then on Thursday I went on splits with Elder Bailey my zone leader, and we are really close so, and it was like the best split ever!! ha we played basketball with some kids and it turns out that one of them lived in Mexico for 6 years so he talked to us in some Spanish and we could both communicate with him still in Spanish it was pretty funny (we both had taken Spanish) ha then that night we met one of their investigators and she was from Chili!!! but she has lived in Korea for like 15 years so she is super good at Korean so we taught in Korean but sometimes she would throw random Spanish words in that she didn't know in Korean and we could always figure it out. It was way funny! She was really cool!! We've been meeting tons of cool people on the streets lately too! Things are really really starting to pick up here!!! Also, yesterday we had 3 investigators at church!! One of them was a new woman that is really cool, she is about 40 and not married but she is way nice! She will be fun to teach! Also, after church we met with our investigator and taught her and we have a baptismal date! It is for the 29th of this month!! So that is super exciting! It went really good!!! :) It was a super good week!!! I took a ton of pictures for you of stuff too so I will attach them in another email!! Then today the member I talked about earlier and our ward mission leaders wife took us to eat live octopus!!!! It was so insane they brought out the plate and it was still wiggling all over the place! I got a couple of funny pics and a video of it! It was so fun, I love the ward here so much!! haha they really liked it too because now they want to take us to eat dog! haha well that's about all for this week!! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!


Elder Frei

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