Sunday, April 24, 2011


Elder Frei & Elder Hafen

Elder Frei & Elder Olsen

Elder Frei with two ward members.

Yes transfers are this week!! I don't really feel like I will transfer! Maybe that is just because I don't want to transfer though! That would be really cool if I got to see Brother Ricks!! You'll have to make sure that he does it! Blair and Mitch both emailed me this week! Basketball was super fun last week!! I'll send you some pics! We took a lot because a lot of the people I like, a ton are going home! I’m going to miss them it's going to be weird without them here!! But they are the group that is 1 year ahead of me.. so you know what that means!!

This week was a good week!! we started teaching two new investigators!! I think they will be really good! They should get baptized fast.. I hope at least!! Our investigator that we have been teaching for a long time finally decided to start praying and he did it!! When he came to the church to meet us, after we could both tell that he had started praying!! He was just way happy! It was really really cool to see!! I think he will see how big of a difference it will make in his life!! haha other than those two things there wasn't a ton of new stuff this week!! I went on splits with Elder Hafen one last time! He goes home this week.. He is bringing one of my suits to the house for me when he come to St. George so that he has to meet you!! It will be sweet you will love him. haha we always talked about Cafe Rio and Costa Vitas because we both miss Mexican food so much! I almost can't believe that he is going home.. his parents are coming to pick him up and we have stake conference next week so I will get to see them that will be cool!! unless I get transferred haha.. It's good to hear from everyone I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Frei

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