Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey mom!!

I got all of the birthday packages!! I've never been so excited to see muscle milk, protein bars, and a new set of Jordan clothes!! especially after using the same clothes everyday for almost a year!!! haha and all of the candy is great!! I don't know if I'll ever eat it all though!! haah the first thing I opened had grandmas jerky right on top and I knew it was all going to be great from there on!!! haha this week has been so awesome!!! we saw so many miracles this week it was so ridiculous!! all of the hard work we have been putting in is finally starting to show!!! visiting the temple last week was so great! we had a really good p day!! ha we went and ate Taco Bell for the 2nd time I've been in Korea! it's not really like Taco Bell but it's the closest we can get to Mexican food!! haha! but this week we found 6 new investigators!! so amazing!! we are super busy now that is for sure!! one of them is a girl and her mom, she went to high school in the Philippines and now she wants to go to BYU so she wants to learn about the church! I think she will get baptized before the end of this month!!! she is coming to conference with us this weekend! she is way cool! we watch conference a week after you get to! I can't believe this is already my 2nd conference in Korea! and I left right after one! time flies!! but also this week we met another guy that is a film director! ha he is pretty sweet too! he will be fun to get to know!! then we also met a high school kid and started meeting with him and his two friends!! they really like us a lot and are going to start coming to church with us!! also this week one of our investigators committed to being baptized! I don't think he will be completely ready to get baptized for a while still though. but he has come a long way!!! Ha I have some good stories for you this week as well!! so Saturday we were supposed to go play basketball with the three high school kids but they ended up not being able to so we just went to the park to try to play with some people!! we walked in and I looked at the far court and saw a kid dunk it! it was the first time I have seen a Korean that could dunk so I had to play against him!! I walked over to their court and we ended up playing against him and his friend!! it turns out that he plays for Korean Air College, but he's not super good we won really easily still but it was probably the best game I've had with Koreans!! it was way fun so were going to try to play next week he really liked us a lot!!! haha and I'm finally getting back in to shape again from the long winter of not being able to do anything!! I started running a few times a week and it has been helping a lot!! But, this week we also had a training on Thursday, it was all about getting referrals from our wards and becoming friends with all of your ward members and stuff! it was super good and I liked it a lot and learned a lot!! Our ward loves us though so that is super good! in Korea if the people don't like you there not introducing any of their friends to the missionaries!! haha but the girl and her mom were referrals :) haha so after church yesterday I was talking to one of my favorite families in the ward and I told the mom that it was my birthday on Tuesday! ha she wanted us to come over so they could feed us but her husband was going to be gone so she said she would buy me a cake and told me to come pick it up! (there family is super rich) but anyways I wasn't really thinking about it when I told her and I forgot that she is super good friends with everyone in the ward! so, everyone in the whole ward knows it's my birthday now! haha it's so funny.. But we met with Bishop and his family last night because I had some ideas of stuff to do to help with missionary work in the ward, and at church we set the appointment and the wife was like oh but we don't have any food  right now so we wont be able to eat! I was like that's fine we just want to talk to Bishop!! so we ate dinner and then went over there! when we got there she had prepared this huge meal! we ate duck! which is super expensive.. it's about 50 dollars for one duck! I've only ate it one other time the whole time I've been in Korea!! but it was super good!! haha we had been sitting and talking and eating for a really long time and my legs are totally use to sitting cross legged on the floor and eating now but for some reason they both fell completely asleep and I didn't even notice!!! ha so we got done and I went to stand up and I couldn't even feel my legs when I did!!! it looked so funny!! haha it was super funny too I was laughing so hard and so was Bishop!! Ha when we left he was like hey it's your birthday on Tuesday so I want to take you to a meat buffet!! haha so were going to eat with Bishop and his son tomorrow too!! our ward is awesome!! today we are going in to Seoul to play soccer with a bunch of people so it should be super fun!!! I love missionary work!! I love being able so see these miracles! this week has strengthened my testimony so much that when we continue to be obedient and do what we are suppose to do we will see the blessings we are promised for them!!!! I hope you all have a great week I love you all!!

Love, Elder Frei

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